Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Short Trip to Pulau Perhentian Kecil


Alhamdulillah my sister's wedding reception at Besut turned out well and successful on 19th September 2015. We wish her and her husband to well embrace the journey in their marriage with love, patience and happiness till Jannah. Ameen...

The next day, some of the relatives had to return to our hometown in Muar earlier than us because some of my cousins worked on Monday. We were really appreciate and would like to thank them for joining us as the bride and groom entourage from Muar to Besut. Mucho gracias! Xoxo. :D

After sending them off at 10a,m, my family sat down discussing on what to do and where to go that day.

So I had suggested all of us to go to Pulau Perhentian since we were already near to the jetty at Kuala Besut. The jetty was just 5 minutes driving from our homestay at Kg. Air Tawar, Besut. Too near, glad that we made it. :D

Actually, the plan was made in my mind earlier to celebrate our septemberian's birthday; Zahin (Sept 17), my husband (Sept 20) and my father (Sept 28). :D

Luckily, all of us had agreed and decided to go except the newlywed couple who had to help the groom's family on the post-wedding's clean-up session. :P

Enjoy the pics! (Sorry they were not in order and i had trouble to choose them. So many pics!! Hope i could share some more later ;D)

Fr left: hubby, mom, future sil, my 2nd bro, my 3rd bro, dad, and sil and her son Erizz. Sitting onthe floor fr left: Zahin, Zafri and  cousin, Izzrizz at Jetty Pulau Perhentian Kecil. Iris was clingy to me who took this pic :D

Here was Iris, Zahin, Zafri and Izzrizz looked a bit tanned after swimming, waiting for our boat to go back to the land.

Were over the moon selfie with my siblings n inlaws at the back  each with their 'peace' sign as soon as we arrived at Pulau Perhentian jetty. 

Family selfie in the crsytal clear water. Happy birthday Babah and along Zahin! xoxoxo :))

me n kids loving the gorgeous water! Seriously, we dont wanna getout fr it that day.  Tskk

too crystal clear to see the cute tiny fishes....excited ok!! heheh. Zahin je yg takut with the fishes :D

and this was our private spot at Shari La Beach Resort that day. Awesome!!

Iris darling berkepit je dgn Tok Mak in the boat otw to the island..hehehe

Anyway, the boat return tickets cost rm70 per adult and rm35 for child. In our group, only us and Zahin had tickets..the other four younger children got free fare. The boat embarked from Kuala Besut Jetty at 12.30pm and it took only 30 minutes to arrive at Pulau Perhentian Kecil. And other different smaller boat came at 4pm to fetch us. Too short rite...huhu. but in shaa Allah perhaps next time we will try to come again for overnights. :D

Nontheless, we really enjoyed the trip though it was a brief trip. We needed it so much! ^_^ But 
I might say the first boat that we rode in while going to the island was much bigger and preferable (ada bumbung and partial wall and life-jackets for lil ones) than the one that we rode during our return to the land. Anyway, we all survived, alhamdulillah. And yet we would love to go there again next time! Coz we forgot to buy any souvenirs such as FM as we were rushing to get to the jetty. Hehehe. 

Last but not least, happy belated birthday to our beloved Septemberians!!! Many happy returns and may Allah bless you three and all of us always. Looking forward to more trips in the future! Ameen! :)

Till then, Wassalam. 


Norma NML said...

bestnya..mmg ada dlm wishlist holiday ni..tunggu masa nk pergi je :)

ishamizu said...

Hehe you wont regret. Mmg cun sgt pulau perhentian kecil. Enjoy ur trip there k! :)