Monday, October 26, 2015

Hotel Cowboy Melaka Swimming Pool


Well, this month is quite stressful for all of us. Since the haze keeps coming on and off, we decide to stay indoor most of the time and keep hydrated.

The kids complained that it was boring but what can i do. I admit its pretty boring. Huhu.

However, we took the kids out for swimming during the public holiday on awal Muharram. It's zahin's idea. Fortunately that day the haze in Melaka was not bad and the IPU was also low. So off we went.

The kids were over the moon as soon as they saw the swimming pool at Hotel Cowboy Melaka. It's our first time there. Excited much!

The hotel management kindly opens its swimming pools for public from 9am to 8pm daily. There are two swimming pools which are for adult and for kids. Ticket price for adult is RM11 per entry and RM6 for each children. Then you can swim for hours. So worth it! :)

We brought our own swimming attires (not too strict though) and floats from home. But mind you, foods are strictly not allowed. You can buy from the cafe at the hotel. There is a toilet and changing room at the swimming pool area itself. So convenient!

That day, only hubby took our kids into the swimming pool. I just checked the area out but all looked fine and safe.

To cut the story short, as a mummy i'm glad to share here that Zahin can swim now! That day she just did it shortly only in one session of training given by coach Babah and Mummy. Hurray, well done Along Zahin. Keep it up! ;)

As for Iris, she was still scared. So no pressure..we can try again next time in shaa Allah.

As for Zafri, he didnt want to be in the water without his float. So let alone swimming. Hehe. No worries, he's still 4 years old. Again, no pressure. :D

Hopefully both of them can counter their fear soon!

Swimming is good for Athmatic people. Hopefully by swimming, Zahin and Iris's Athma will subside as they grow up. Ameen..

Here are some tips that we used to teach Zahin how to swim on that blessed day of Awal Muharram:

1. Hold your breath, pinch your nose to help. Then be in the water as long you can.

2. Try to float your self and holding your breath at the same time. (Try this for a while until your kids could do it calmly.)

3. When you are already floating, then try paddle your hands and legs. (And without she knows it, she's swimming! ^^)

Both hubby and i never go to any formal swimming class. When i was a kid, my mom taught me how to swim. Only after i got married then i know how to swim but not for too long. I always short of breath. :D

So now we are trying to teach kids swimming ourself. If we could teach them until they can swim then we can save alot. No need to send them to a formal swimming class, right. In shaa Allah..


Be happy and be positive always! :)


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