Sunday, May 8, 2011


Happy Mother's Day! (Hari ni baru betul kan..?;p)

Nway, how do you celebrate it? I bet most of you had planned something special for your moms, rite? ;) As for me and hubby, our moms are thousand miles away so we just give them a call. (Hadiah nanti ehh ;))

Glad to hear both moms were in the pink of health and enjoyed this special day even without us. huhu. (My mom went shopping at Melaka with my dad n sis while MIL had a weekend getaway at Tioman with the rest of the family. Huwaa i so want to go shopping and i need holiday too! (Tgl bbrp hari je lg. Sabo, sabo...:P)

My dear kids have no idea what today is..thus i dont get any wish, handmade cards or gifts fr them. :( (Hihi kunun sedey..;D) Tunggulah another 1-2 yrs, masa tu mungkin Zahin dh tau Mother's Day kot..;) But hubby did wish and thought of buying me something on behalf of our kids. ;) As usual, i said to him, don't be bothered. hehe. But still, he said he gonna buy me something at somewhere soon. (Where is that? itu biarla rahsia dulu..hihi gatal.)

Talking about a secret, hmm i have been keeping one. ;) Actually a week after i delivered Zafri, i've got a good news. Alhamdulillah! ^_^ Hubby and i are so over the moon now whenever we came across it. :D So Insya Allah, i'll share this secret later when i'm ready ok. :)

Till then, wassalam.


Anonymous said...

happy mothers day izu...
apa yg happy sgt tu?

hnyhar said...

i reckon that's a pure gift from Him as the baby zafri was born..rizq ma'al walad..

dyana "his other half" said...

happy mother's day to you too dear. cd smlm takde celebrate apa pun. tak habis2 kemas rumah lagi. tp hadiah dah dpt earlier. huhu.

cepat update secret tu tau. tak sabar lak cd nak tau. hehe.

Ninie Hanis said...

happy mother's day akak.takpe,blom dpt hadiah pun takpe,sbb mesti lebih bermakna mother's day kali ni dgn kehadiran baby zafri.:)

tak sabar nak tau rahsia...

ishamizu said...

Kak fa10

same goes to u too! Hee apa yg happy? nti sy share ye. ;)

ishamizu said...

Kak Nani

tu la rezeki anak, kn? alhamdulillah. :)

ishamizu said...


Hee it's ok tk ur time dear..yg penting best kan dok umah seniri. :)

:D ok nti later2 i reveal the secret k. :)

ishamizu said...


TQ for the wish. Betul, akk pon anggap baby Zafri hadiah Mother's day kalini. so precious gift fr Him. :)

Hehe malunya..biasa je secret ni.;)Nway tgh pk2 lg mcm mn nk share nti. hee.

yatispeed said...

izu..cepat reveal the secret..saspen nih! kakak terus sms hisham baca blog izu ni..hahaha..btw, baru balik tioman..nanti kakak upload the pics..

ishamizu said...


ehehe now u know. Nway, pandai kakak teka eh. ;)

Ok tk sbr nk tgk!! ^_^