Friday, May 11, 2012

Europe Trip: Brussels, Belgium

The trip was during Easter break last month. It was a group and family trip. My family and other two family of our friend's. It's memorable journey. Some were good, some were bad. I'll share along the way, k. 

Actually, Hubby and i just planned to go to Keukenhof since last year but we had decided to visit other place as well since Dec. Hubby's colleague was doing his short Ph.D course  in Leuven, Belgium. He and his family visited us during Christmas break last year. So they invited us to visit them before they back Malaysia for good which was end of April. That's why we took this opportunity to visit him and his family and also made a trip together. The more, the merrier rite! ;)

We arrived at their home in Leuven around 6am. After some sleep and rest, we woke up for a breakfast. We had a nice chat and planned for the first visit while having a yummilicious Nasi Lemak. The kids forgot to eat when they met their long friends. But being kids, they still got quarreled on and off. Hihi. Nway, when all of us ready, we off for sightseeing. From their house, we walked 20 minutes to the train station. at Leuven station, we took train to Brussels. It's also 20 minutes and cozy journey compare to driving. It's a good decision since the drivers were still tired from long journey driving. Also, I guessed it could have taken more than 20 minutes if we go there by car. :P 

Nway, the train finally stopped at Brussels Centraal station. Before, hubby and i were almost mistakenly stopped at the wrong station. :P So please check carefully which station you're gonna stop at earlier or you might end up at the wrong station. You might not only waste your time but money too. 

Now, let the picture do the talking! ;)

I & I. My doter and friend's doter posed while daddies buying the train tix.
The trip's clan exc yours truly at Leuven stn. 
After 20 minutes journey, we had safely arrived. Daddies and mommies were beaming happily while the kids were sleepy :P
The first attraction was this impressive clock. If you see closely, there were band's men with musical instruments. at certain time, they will come out and play music. But we did not get the chance that day. :(
Here hubby posed near the citysightseeing bus! If you can afford, you can go sighseeing by bus. It's definitely energy-saving!
Oh my, i was not allowed to upload anymore pics!!! I'm running out space already. I wanted to make a collage but the collage software is not in this lappie..huhu so i cant try either it will work or not. So i guess i will continue in the next post. Hopefully, i still can upload photos otherwise i need to find other solution. if you guys have experienced this problem, please tell what to do k. TQ!


sitiezahim said...

more more more...hihihih...

Nadiah Sidek said...

teringat pula ada 3 trip yang saya tak tulis lagi. huhu..

dyana "his other half" said...

yeay, more stories please. hehe. hopefully u may upload more pictures here soon.

cd tak pernah lagi dapat that storage space issue. selalu baca je from others blog. tp tak pernah amik tau pun. huhu.

yatispeed said...

comelnya pergi holiday budak2 ni..apaknya pun hensem je ambik gambar gelak. rasa dah lama sangat tak gi holiday..last pun tahun lepas kat tioman. nanti la tengok dekat2 sini ke, nak gi jugak. tepu dah ni.

ummi_ziz said...


Honestly, susah nk cr free time skrg utk update blog ni huhu..malam2 bila ank2 dah tidur izu pon tidur smpi la ke pagi. Capek banget skrg ni :(

But insyaAllah ill try my best k. Hrp2 boleh upload pics lg la lepas ni.

ummi_ziz said...


Cepat2 la update lagi 3 tue, izu ni dpd trip thn lepas masa parents dtg smpi la citer tahun ni dah tak terkira banyaknya yg tak update lg. tataula bila dpt update tu..nasibla citer dah basi. Klu nak update, update je, blog kita kan..nti dah tua klu pjg umur boleh jd bhn bacaan. :D

ummi_ziz said...


Tu la..sbb izu ada picasa kot. Storage picasa combined dgn storage blog jadi tu yg penuh, the free storage pon very limited 1G je :(

Ok thanks. InsyaAllah will try again, hrp boleh upload lg la..:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Bestnya!!! Hopefully masalah upload photo Izu cepat2 boleh di solve so that Izu boleh posted more! Tak dapat pergi sana, tengok gambar Izu pun dah rasa seronok! :)

ummi_ziz said...


Budak2 sume comel..apaknya tu very excited dpt gambar dgn bas merah tu..sbb dan2 je bas tu stop turunkan penumpang dkt dgn dia jadi cpt2 izu amik gambar ;D

Haah kak pegila bcuti dkt2 dulu..klu izu pon tepu. Hihi. Tak sabar nak tunggu kakak dtg sini tak lama lg ;)

ummi_ziz said...


Hehe thanks! Yg tak bestnya i tade super power nk update al the stories quickly huhu..but i will try my best and i hope mulut u masin dear spy izu dpt upload gmbr lg. amin! And who knows one day nuurill pon bley tour Europe with your family rite. ;)