Friday, May 18, 2012


When i reminisce the day i had found out that i was pregnant for third baby, it makes me smile endlessly.

Allow me to go back to that day..shall we. :)

After i checked at home by using the self-pregnancy test kit and the result quickly showed the double lines, i was speechless with a smile. i took time before went out from the bathroom and had a mixture feeling!! Some of you know the feeling rite ;) then to know hubby and the Eins were waiting in front of the bathroom's door waiting for me and the result really touched my heart. So i spilled the news and handed the pregnancy kit to hubby and to my utter relief, he accepted it with delight which was awesome! while Zahin as if she's a fortune-teller had spontaneously uttered it's a baby boy inside ummi's tummy were a bit freaking me out Hihi.

Alhamdulillah, her doa and our doa were kindly granted by Him few months later when we had the scan test. We were so thankful and kept praying day and night. And finally the lil prince was brought into this world after nine beautiful and memorable months in London. It's such a blessing, indeed. :)

Ni lah budaknya. Dah pandai panjat kerusi macam gini. Lepas tu nangis sebab tak boleh turun. Hihi.Tangga rumah pon dia dah berjaya panjat sampai tingkat atas hokey...kes samada tlupe tutup safety guard ataupon along Zahin bukak..huhu..

Walker pon dia dan pandai masuk seniri tapi kaki dua-dua masuk dlm lubang yg sama..hmm stuck then mengamuk menjerit minta tolong sebab tak boleh keluar..hihihi

lil boss tgh tidur dan tgh test sofa baru..hehe. Sebelum ni kitrg ada satu je sofa tu pon org bagi. Pastu sofa tu plak single..selalu je kitrg berebut nak duduk satu sofa tu. tp as a gentleman, babah sll bagi ummi duduk sbb kesian kt umi yg nak susukan Zafri. Tapi skrg tdk perlu berebut lg ;)

Drinking milk until falling sleep like this. So innocent face kan..Bliss. Love it ;)

and if not sleeping, there he was. sangat tak reti duduk diam. haha.

The Eins called him Bam-Bam (bcoz he used to be so chubby and flabby ;p) or also London Boy or even Gu Jun Pyeol! Hihi. And now here he is already 1 year 1 month old and being so active, clingy and demanding! Hihi. but No matter how cheeky and notti he could be sometimes, he is the most charming prince and will always be loved dearly by us! :)

Happy 1 year 1 month old, Zafri! You've complemented us! Please be a good boy ok..!! Hihi.

Below is the video when he's trying to sing along the Twinkle Twinkle Lil star song with me. Hihi.


Nadiah Sidek said...

kuat memanjat ye zafri. boleh geng dengan kak safiyyah..dia kuat memanjat juga :p

ishamizu said...


Hehe boleh la geng klu jumpa :)

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Salam izu,
cepat jer kn masa berlalu...tup2 dh setahun sebulan dah....alhamdulillah.
To zhafri, be a good boy okeh!

ishamizu said...

Wsalam Dinie

Thank you! InsyaAllah Amin :)