Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Back! ;D

It's been a while i had ignored this blog. I have been very busy lately. I thought i will have plenty time to update after i finish all the assignments but i was wrong. Now I'm busy with something else! I'm gonna launch a business soon peeps and i will share about it insyaAllah!! Please pray for me k ;D

Right now, we're at a friend's house in Liverpool. We came yesterday. Actually we went to Portmeirion factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Since it's already near Manchester and Liverpool, we thought why not we visit our friends there. So here we are in Liverpool. We cant wait to go sightseeing tomorrow before heading back to London.

Well, i hope i can update this blog as regular as i can coz i still owe the story of our Europe trip last month. Last month? Time really flies uh..huhu..and i also need to potty train Iris as well. Huwaa it must be challenging with clingy baby around and the fully-carpeted flooring..tsk tsk.

Nway, wish me luck! :)

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sitiezahim said...

liverpool nye museum bes kan? sayang arituh kami tak lepas nak masuk yg dinasour sbb datang sejam before tutup..huhu

ms.nad said...

yes, time really flies... kejap je dah half year nad balik. nuha pun tak potty train lg nih, takde masa nak buat. tunggu cuti sem la nampak gayanya ;-p

ummi_ziz said...


Mmg best dear..!;) baru ni singgah Anfirld stadium lg tp tak msk museum just pegi store dia je hihi nway, dinasour tu apa, yg mana eh. Tak perasan plak izu aritu :)

ummi_ziz said...


Betullah kjp je masa berlalu..tup2 nti izu dh nk blk Msia..sob2!

Hihi mmg kene tgu cuti la..mcm pon tak start lg ingat nk cr potty pants dulu..rasa nmpk mcm Iris dh ready..:) insyaAllah Nuha pon boleh..;)

dyana "his other half" said...

yeay, ur back. cepat cerita pasal europe vacation :).

ummi_ziz said...


Aritu dh buat tau tp dia kata blog izu dh tlebih memori kapasiti utk upload gmbr ..tension je. I will try again n see how k..huhu (byk sgt gambar gitu la jadinya ;D)

Nadine said...

wah wah business apekah ittew??? can't wait!

ummi_ziz said...


Hihi biz biasa2 je kot sbg permulaan ni . Tgu ye! :))