Monday, June 18, 2012

Europe Trip: Sweet Brussels


The trip was one month ago but i still remember it clearly. Hubby and I thought that the trip to Brussels city is the second best after the Keukenhof trip. Reasons being are because we had covered most of the city attractions and we had indulged ourselves with its a must try waffle and chocolate!! I tell you the Belgian waffles and chocolates were so indulging, delicious and irresistible hence i didn't mind to be a sweet tooth at all. So unlike me ;D

We also managed to visit one of the chocolate factory called Neuhaus. Since we were rushing we did not bother about any factory tour but we just went to its shop to buy some chocolates. Luckily, there was a free chocolate tasting in the shop therefore we did not want to miss the once in a lifetime opportunity! Rezeki jangan ditolak ye tak :P so heaven eating all the chocolates except the non-Halal of course..Hmm yum yummm. While tasting all the super yummilicious chocolates, i also took the pictures of the chocolates in the shop. I was in love with its beautiful and creative packaging! Then we bought some chocolates..two shoe box sized to be exact! ;) Each box contained 4 layers of chocos!! Tapi tak sampai seminggu dah licin Uolll..dasyat betul and i'm still craving for it until today :P

Lastly, it's true that Brussels city has a quite number architectures and historical building. We had tried our best to take as many pictures as we can during the trip. Hope you will enjoy some of the pics below. ;) We also adore their pretty and fine laces, rugs and carpets but unfortunately we still cant afford them yet. Issokay, not that we urgently need it though. By the way, our friend still took us to a flea market hoping so that we could find and buy the cheaper ones but still no luck then. WE WERE ALREADY LATE. The flea market closed early that day. I guessed they were not meant for us yet..We'll try next time. Kalau panjang umur dan murah rezeki...kenelah pegi pagi-pagi ;) Nway, thank you Nora and Lokman for your kindness took us there..Susah-susah aje. :)

Hot waffle with chocolate and strawberry toppings. You can get it as low as 4.5o euro or 5euro depend on the shop you choose. But the cheapest waffle you can get is only 1 euro but it's plain waffle without any toppings.

While everyone got excited devouring the yummilicious waffles, Iris asked for an ice cream instead! so uncle Lokman had kindly treated the kids with vanilla ice creams. Well kids...

After the waffle and ice cream treat, we went looking for a souvenir. Among the souvenirs that have being a trend now is the fridge magnet! Wee honestly we were having a hard time in choosing them. Just take a look at above picture!! Don't u want to take all of them home? hehehehe.

Impressive building with a great architecture which i do not know the name. My bad. Frankly to say, I did not research deeply about this trip. I was too busy with assignments to do so and i just wanted to depend to others to bring me anywhere. But i hope, i will do my research thoroughly for the next trip. If God willing.

Our group photo at Grand Place. Aha i did some research about Brussels city when i wanted to update here. Hehe. But still forgive me if i got it wrong. I might confuse myself with other place because sometimes you can really tell the picture you see in the net compared when you saw it in the reality. But anyway, this place i just called it a grand square. Most of the building there were grandeur and great. I just cant take my eyes away from them and i took many pics there. It so worth it. If you come to Brussels, do not forget to take a lot of pictures at this square because i guarantee that you can get the perfect picture! I wonder what will it be during night time..

The Old England building. Very unique and outstanding among other buildings.

Yours truly cheekily posed for her darling hubby. Looking a bit uncomfortable though after several shots by her personal photographer. actually she already felt so shy to the others :P

Then, Zahin with her natural pose! I thought it's a dog but hubby said it's a fox. hahahaa...silly me. I am always be the one who cannot tell animals even fish! Even Zahin is better than me. ;) Tu la sape suruh tak suka tengok Discovery Channels dr kecik kann! :P

Another group photo exclude the photographer. Love the leafless trees. They contributed as the beautiful landscape of the city. It was best viewed from the higher point and it was a priceless viewing the city from the level.

Yours truly again with the green knight at the back. Again i don't know what it is. I will definitely update it when i research about it ok.

Again, at the Grand Place. The building is so grandeur and great, isn't it?. Do you believe me now? Unfortunately, we do not have a nice family photo with this building as the background T_T

The city and the view of the city taken at the higher point. So breathtaking..

to be continued..


Ninie Hanis said...

amboiii bestnye chocolate sampai penuh kotak eh..sedap sgt sampai dh licin ek..mesti cuba ni one day..hihi..

untungnya ada kwn di Brussels.. :)

p/s masih ralat tak dpt jumpa akak sefamily..haishh

ishamizu said...


Yes dear, i strongly recommend so you shud go there and try. Hehe.

Ala issokay worries. Akk pon tlupe nak bgtau awal2.. Bila ninie tak reply tu akk dh agak mst ninie dh tk available. Tade rezeki akk ler nk jmp awk n bby fahim lg..may be next time k. ;)

Nadiah Sidek said...

saje buat orang terliur dengan coklat belgian. bak sini sikit :p

ishamizu said...


Nti Izu bagi yg virtual punye ehh! Yg real dah hbs la dear..hihi

mommyNadia said...

ala..semua gmbr kena resize kan..tak syok tgk..takpelah kena beringat dah kan..

btw,bestnye choc..drooling!!

Nadine said...

Geramnya tgk fridge magnet tuuuuuu :)

and izu, buat sekian kalinya, I minat sungguh yr leather jacket! :)

ishamizu said...


Tu la psl. Takut dh nk set to large size haha. Klu gmbr fr dslr camni mmg tak berani dh nk set to large size, klu mobile pic berani kot ;P

Uu i pon tak bley igt you the chocos mmg so tempting..yum2!

ishamizu said...


Geramkan tgk fm tue. Rasa nk borong sume je! Hee

Hihi i love the jacket. tq again dear! ;)

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya, mmg best, semua pics pun cantik2 :). izu nampak dah kurus la. makin kurus je. maintain betul ummi with 3 kids ni tau. jeles :P.

ishamizu said...


Thanks CDee! I already missed all those. Lepas balik dpd bercuti tu cuaca mendung dan hujan jadi duduk dlm rumah je most of the time.

Hehe itu bulan lepas CDee masa tgh stress pl esaimen yg byk. Skrg dah habis kelas senang hati memanjang. Duduk rumah smpi kembang! Haha. Izu ni nak turun berat susah sht tp nak naik tu aih very the senang and cpt! T_T

sitiezahim said...

wahh...menarik2...thanks for sharing, nanti saya ke brussels leh refer ur blog...hihihi

ishamizu said...


Aww tq. Hopefully the next post will be more informative than this one..:)

Lisa Tjut Ali said...

bestnya jalan2. canti2 gambar pemandangannya. salam kenal ya

ishamizu said...

Salam kenal juga, thanks singgah ke sini ye :)