Thursday, June 21, 2012

Natural History Museum, London

For Queen's Jubilee Day, most of the school in the United Kingdom was given a week break. It was from the 2nd of June until 10th of June. For this holiday, we only planned to take kids to visit a museum and we chose Natural History Museum.

Since we went there by car during weekdays, we had to pay for a congestion charge GBP10. It worth the money compare if we took the underground train because the kids got comfortably seated all the time and i could also nurse my baby anytime he demands. ;) We thought going on Friday we could avoid the massive traffic and crowds during the weekend but we were wrong. The traffic was still slow moving.

Anyway, we arrived safely around 4PM. Natural History Museum is located at Exhibition Road, London with other two large museum such as British Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum and it was near hubby's university, Imperial College London. This museum is famous with the largest dinosaur skeleton called Diplodocus which we have always seen in the movie. So Zahin was very curious and excited to meet him and she kept reminding us by saying ' Umi kata nak bawak Zahin tengok Dinosaur' :D

Actually, all of us were down with flu and fever as soon as the school break started on the first day which was Saturday. We just lazing around the house that weekend. We also had some guest through this month from Malaysia...(kt Malaysia pon cuti sekolah ;)) therefore we thought we just stayed home and attended the guests as best as we can.

But when the last guest returned to Malaysia on Thursday, then we started thinking to go out for the sake of Zahin though Iris and Zafri were still not fully recovered. But poor Zahin if not going anywhere during the school break. At least by going to the museum she would have something to tell like seeing the dinosaur skeleton if her teacher asks. ;)

The unique and creative escalator viewed from Level 1.

unwell lil missy who had a bad running nose that day

The first place that we explored was the Earth Treasury From Beginning Zone. There were about how the earth climate from icehouse phases change to the warm greenhouse phases.

There were telescopes provided and put suitable for adults and kids height. ;)

The second place that we discovered was called the Restless Surface at Level 2. It was all about volcanoes. The story about the Pinatubo volcano which erupted in 1991 at Philipines were everywhere. the photo above was a car that being covered by volcano ashes.

In this photo, the Eins especially Zahin enjoyed jotting down things that she saw. She's eager and did not show any sign of boredom. The list of things that she wrote was full on one page! Sorry i forgot to take the photo of it..

Lil hero was already calm down. When we arrived, he was a lil bit cranky due to the fever. He cried loudly and he did not want to stay in his buggy. So Mr. Babah had to carry him instead..

Took picture with Dinosaur skeleton but that was small, not the one that we're looking for..

A lot of skeletons in this museum. LOL.

AND this dinosaur skeletons that we've been searching for..yeay finally!
It's the largest and longest Dinosaur called as Diplodocus.

Love the Roman style architecture in the central hall. The beautiful tiles are called Terracotta. Credit to Alfred Waterhouse, the Planner aka Architect (Wikepedia). BTW, can you spot me and my daughters? Hehe.

If you see, there was a Charles Darwin statue in white colour at the top of the staircase. He was famous with his theory which was Darwin's Theory. People lined to take a photo with it.

Diplodocus front view in the main hall. Amazing creature. Subhanallah. But what if it is still alive and exist today? haha. Anyway, i just knew that some of Dinosaurs were Herbivores..not all of them were Carnivores apparently. But this one was Carnivore ;)

Iris the Sleepy head with her mommy. That's the pre-sign :D

Zafri also started to be cranky again. Hehe it's the second sign So we called it the day!

Before leaving we took picture at the main entrance which is at Cromwell Road. Yup, this museum has few entrances.

Behind Hubby and our precious gems was some view of the Natural History Museum building from the outside. Gradeur and beautiful!

And this one was Victoria & Albert Museum which the architecture was not bad too!

All in all, the Natural History Museum was indeed large. We did not cover all the departments in each of zone, we just managed to cover only some of the sections like Earth in the Red zone, touch and go and also 'drive-through' at Birds section in the Green Zone and Dinosaur in the BLue Zone. huhu. The museum actually is divided into four zones and another zone which i still have not mention here is the Orange Zone. In this zone, there is the Darwin Center which we did not manage to visit. Hopefully, we will come again next time if God willing. But the most important thing was we met Mr. Diplodocus which matters most to Zahin. Hehe.

Alhamdulillah, the mission was accomplished. Zahin was satisfied and has gained some knowlege, more or less. hehe and we glad that we went though we all were not feeling well but the kids were still considered as at their good behaviour. Well done dearies! =)

Ok Wassalam and till next post insya Allah! ;)


Yus Mohamed said...

As-salam izu..
seronok kan pegi museum kat sana... puas hati, besar dan banyak benda bole explore. kitorang pun dulu tak abis round museum tu sbb besar sangat.

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

salam izu,

syoknyer pi museum ada dinosaur besar gituuu....

mama ct said...

izu...ini kalau haris pergi...mesti x nk balik! dia minat sgt dinosaur...boleh dikatakan most of the name dia igt...buku kat rumah ada 5 bijik...dari encyclopedia sampai ke handbook...suma habis dia khatam...ini dia x baca entry ni zu...kalau tak...mati lah ct nk menjawab dia tanya bila nk pergi!!!

Nadine said...


A place that I always enjoy to go to! bestnya ada tulang dino real mcm tu...

Besar-besaran eh Queen Jublee tu? Kat M'sia pun radio2 been talking abt it these few days :)

Ninie Hanis said...

bestnya national museum..hopefully we have chance to visit it one day..tapi mmg seronok bwk kids esp besar2 zahin ni coz they'll enjoy the visit plus learning something too..

yg parking keta tu byr £10 all day ke?parking di mana ye?

watachiwa said...

bestnya muzium dia.........

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya! i love museum too like nadia :).

kagum betul ngan zahin. she write down the thing she sees for her future reference la eh. kagum2 sebab aunty tak mcm tu pun dulu. hehe.

ummi jgn lupa snap apa yg zahin tulis tu tau. nak tengok. hehe :).

ishamizu said...


Wsalam dear. Yes, mmg tak smpt cover sume haritu hehe. Tlalu bsr, mmg kejarkan nk tgk dinosaur tu je. Tu pon ssh btol nk cr kt mana. Hehe. Lps dh jmp tu baru lega and terus blk sbb derang pon dh penat. Klu ada rezeki nk pegi lg. insyaAllah.

ishamizu said...


Wsalam dear. Mmg best, teruja tgk giant dino tu! Hehe

ishamizu said...


Tu la i can imagine that. Hehe. Takpe, mama boleh tunjuk video ke..mungkin ada klu google. Hehe. Zahin ni pon samalah, dia ada satu buku psl dinosaur ni so tu yg teruja dan tak sbrr nk pegi tgk alive! Asyikla tny bila nak bwk dia pegi museum ni. Now dh puas hati, syp la hehe

ishamizu said...


Bagusnya suka pegi museum! Hehe izu kt sini br suka n enjoy sbb museum sini besar dan byk benda menarik kan. Glad that this girl enjoyed it too. :)

Ha mmg besar2an dear the Queen's day. Mcm2 event ada kami je tak smpt nak gi tgk n join the crowds. Hehe mls nk bersesak2 punye psl :D

ishamizu said...


Akk pon mula2 tersilap kata National museum tp rupanya Natural not National. Hehe. Nway insyaAllah u will have a chance to visit it one day! Nti jmpt dtg rmh k! ;)

Hmm £10 tu congestion charge sbb nk masuk central London je dear, tak tmasuk parking . Ktrg parking dkt2 dgn Imperial College, kene dlm £7.80 for 2hrs. Mahal tp tk jauh nk jln kaki fr IC to the museum ;D

ishamizu said...


Mmg best dear, dahsyat dlm dia. Hehe

ishamizu said...


Aah dia jot down apa yg dia nmpk. Dia tatau dia sibuk tny kita dan mcm mana nk eja. Hehe. Nampak excited betul dia haritu dan tak da merengek ajk balik pon mcm klu pegi mall. ;p

Hehe actually izu ada amik gmbr paper yg dia tulis tu tp pakai iphone. Masa update ni upload gmbr fr dslr so tu yg mls nk switch to iphone. Heheh

sitiezahim said...

kalau cuti sekolah mmg kesian kan kalau tak ke mana2..mmg bes tgk tulang dinasour tu, besar giler so kita automatik jadi comel je...hik hik hik