Sunday, December 19, 2010


I would like to dedicate this blog  especially to our beloved family in Malaysia whom we currently miss so much. *sob* Here I will try to share as much as i can about our activity while living abroad with alot of photos. Semoga terubat sedikit rindu atuk-atuk dan nenek-nenek serta pakcik dan mak cik terhadap The Eins, hehe.

Also not forget to all my beloved friends and blogger friends, welcome to my new blog! Hee. I hope we can always keep in touch wherever we are. :) I wish to meet more new friends/bloggers to share new things too. Hopefully we can share the good, the bad stories, (or anything) and exchange oppinions with each other about it. (Don't hesitate to drop by here and say hi, ok? :))

 After this, I am gonna use Bahasa Melayu, English or both (rojak ;p) to write in here so if there's any grammatical error, I definitely appreciate your constructive comment/correction. I know i may not be a good writer, but I promise you to be a good story-teller from time to time. (Juz, please do not judge the writer by her writing! :p)

Last but not least, i hope this simple journal will bring all the goodness and will be the sweetest memory in our life . Insya Allah. Amin.
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Till then. Wassalam.

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