Thursday, December 23, 2010


Our flight from KLIA to London Heathrow LHR took approximately thirteen hours and it was a non-transit flight. Oh we were lucky to get straight flight otherwise i could not imagine how difficult it would be. TQ MOHE. ;) (Teringat kesusahan semasa transit kat Dubai tiga tahun yang lepas..hampir-hampir miss flight balik Malaysia. huhu.)

Nway, in the aircraft, The Eins were at the top of their behaviour. :) Zahin watched cartoon series and played games after games until falling asleep. Iris was the same, but later she was a lilttle bit cranky. Few times dia terjaga, menangis. So pecah lah mucles kitorang kene gilir-gilir dukung dia, hubby siap dodoikan dia sambil jalan-jalan lagi. huhu. But not only Iris, i felt quite restless too because could not really sleep due to improper position. Macam nak patah pinggang ni! huhu..Nway, that was the first time for us traveling with MAS and overall i guess it was allright. ;)

Finally, the aircraft had safely touchdown at LHR airport on Tuesday, 7th of December at 5a.m. Syukur alhamdulillah. The pilot announced that the local temperature at the moment was -2 degrees celcius. :S Few crews had concerned when they saw us only wearing light..but we convinced them we had our winter coat for each in our hand luggages. So as soon as we exit the aircraft, while waiting for the strollers, we took out the coats and put on us immediately. Apakah, kat situ lagi dah terasa kesejuk-bekukannya wei..belum outside the airport lg...brrrr.

Once after we picked up the strollers, we found our way out to meet Mr immigration at Non European Union counter. Luckily, there were only few non-EU so we did not have to queue long. ;) Mr Immigration was seem to be super duper warm and friendly, and he had made us felt most welcome to the UK. hehe. Without going through eye or biometric scan we were released by him. After that we went to take the rest of our luggages at the baggage hall before we found ouselves were finally at arrival hall. No curious dog, no further security. It was as simple as that. Alhamdulillah. But what i had regret most was because we did not bring any rempah-ratus or exotic food from Malaysia. Huhu rugi, rugi..i should  have trusted on my instinct. :(

At the terminal, hubby went to a bookshop to change some coins. He needed some pences so that he could call Hadzley from a phone booth. Hadzley is hubby's colleague at UTem who would fetch us. Since the parking fee at airport is quite expensive,  he decided to wait outside the airport until we called him. After calling him, we waited him outside the terminal so that he could notice us easily. It was damn freezing outside and there was when hubby managed to take out DSLR and took some photos of us.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1432

Not longer after that, Hadzley arrived. We quickly loaded ourselve and all luggages into his MPV. It was so good to get in it, the heater was on and had kept us a lil bit warm. ^_^ It was still early in the morning and it took us almost 1 hour to Hadzley's place at Ilford, East London. Hadzley said we were early and lucky enough for not having stuck in  a massive jam in London since it was during weekday/working day. Phewww, what a relief. I could not imagine that, because what we really needed the most was a nice bed and a pillow as soon as we arrived at Hadzley's home sweet home..hehe.

Hmm rindu tak kat kami? ;)



dyana "his other half" said...

ala comey nya the eins ngan sweater tu. geram je nengok.

lama sungguh 13hrs tu izu. cd yg tak pregnant ni pun kalau balik png 4 hrs tu pun lenguh. hehe.

mommaholicSURI said...

aaaawwww.. Nuurill selalu tertinggal keretapi taw!!! hik hik.. Suka sangat Izu dah start telling stories about your life in UK. hihi. Bestnyer!!! :)

Selalu2 berblogging2 tau Izu. :)

ishamizu said...


hehe tgh lekat sweater kt Iris tu..most of the time dia tk muh pki dear! huhu..

Aihh mmg lama, lenguh n jenuh sguh. hehe..rasa tobat dah nk travel time preggie lg!:D

Nway thnks dear! :)

ishamizu said...


Hihi TQ dearie..ur story lg best2 taw, i loikeee. :) Ok, insya Allah free2 nti izu update lg citer kt sini k. (byk lg delay story ni. huhu)

dila~noor said...

want more stories... =)
hows the eins cope with kesejukan melampau kt sane? n zahin without her strawberry milk?hehehe

ishamizu said...


hehe ok insya Allah in next post akk try citer psl tu k..;)
TQ dear, u tk care tau. :)

Fadhilah Rozley said...

wahh bestnya! hehe next month, maybe Dila ke Auckland dengan papa. This year kan tak jalan ke mana2.. asyik balik rumah tokmak kat Johor jek.. hehe.. anyway, akak take care yeahh. hug and kiss for Iris and Zahin! p/s : hehe teringin nak jmpa akak n The Eins!

yatispeed said...

rindu sangat kat apa kabau ngan nyahin...isk..

ishamizu said...


Wow Auckland! bestnyaa...happy holiday dear...enjoy ur vacation. untung tau papanya pilot ni..hehe..ok, nti ada rezeki visit la akk kt sini k..akk pon tingin nk jmp Dila! u tk care, Zahin n Iris are also send back their hugs n kisses to u..:)

ishamizu said...


We miss u so much too! huhu...isk.