Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spring Holiday: Lake Thun, Swiss.


I know I am so lagging behind but hopefully I could finish our Spring trip quickly. In shaa Allah!

Anyway, we managed to see Lake Thun closely. It was just across from the place we stayed at Manor Farm Caravan Park. We could just walk there but we opted to go there by car because we were planning to go to somewhere else straight afterwards.

It was still early in the morning. The place was quiet and peaceful, not many visitors yet at the moment we arrived. So we really had the place for us only..Though after breakfast, Zafri was still moody, I could not really remember why he cried out of his lung that day. :D

But as soon as he saw ducks, his mood swing changed abruptly. He was happily chasing the ducks with Iris. And they both filled the silence atmosphere with giggles and laughter. Hihi love the sight so much! They really are my sunshine! 

While Iris and Zafri enjoyed themselves taking in natures but not Zahin. She was so engrossed playing with Iphone. Grrr! Not good..Hubby and I had a hard time asking her to keep the phone away but to enjoy the beautiful nature..But alas, she gave in.

How can one not give in with this such breathtaking view? It's so peaceful and tranquil. Though it was foggy but still love the ambience so much...Huhu really miss the place!

And yes, Zahin was all smiling once she saw the lake in front of her.

And so did Iris! She was already fully-recovered from Diarrhea, all energetic and ready to explore the place!

Musing over their future ;)

Obviously, it was cold from the way we wore. Nothing much can be done but I managed to dip my legs into the water. AND I could not stand in it even for a second minute, it was damn freezing!! My legs cramped for a while therefore I strictly forbid the others especially my kids to do the same..

Enough watching the lake, we explored the place while kids continued chasing the ducks. hihi. It was also a recreational park and then we saw some folks jogging. We could also see the clubhouse from the distance. There was a volley ball court and canoes too. I bet the place will be much livelier in Summer.

How I wish they could stay like this forever. 

The clubhouse and the courts. 

 The public toilet and changing rooms. 

The car park area.

Lastly, don't miss to go to Lake Thun when you are in Interlaken. ;)


εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

Bestnye suasana. Mesti nyaman kan. Kat sini xdekla nak merasa macam tu. Silap2 kena kejo lagi dengan angsa. Heheheh

nurbijen said...

Tgk keadaan cuaca yg berkabus tu dah boleh bayang macam mana sejuknya air tasik tu....
Akak pun adore tgk tempat tu... teringinnya nak ke sana..

Nadine said...

sebut interlaken teringat plak drama cinta jangan pergi. hik hik :D

Yong Is My Name said...

Zafri kalau nangis pun Aunty Yong geram.. Sebab comel!
bestnya mama Eins!one day one day

Mama Haraz said...

Kalau pergi time summer mesti awesome! But I bet you guys had fun anyways :)