Friday, July 5, 2013

Spring Holiday: Cable Car Ride to Snow Paradise on Swiss Alps


After Lake Thun, we went to Grindelwald again and this time managed to go up to Mt. Männlichen  aka the Snow Paradise, one of the Swiss Alps at 2343m over the sea level. Just to give the kids experience riding on a cable car. We bought tickets and took off from Männlichenbahn, Grund. 

Our tixs. Bought three but paid only for two which costed us CHF64..they didn't charged Zahin and Iris, Zafri went up f.o.c  (below 5yo ;))
But never I know that the cable car ride is apparently the longest ride in Europe! Hoho no wonder I felt the 40 minutes ride was like 4 hours! But nevermind, the experience and the view of Gindelwald valley were priceless. 
Swiss village at the Grindelwald valley taken from the cable car ride
I was nervous all the way up but the others just relaxed. My kids kept swapping their place and standing to enjoy the view through the window during on the ride which wobbled the cable car and it did scared me to death! Huhu..

hugging my son to cast my fear away :P

two excited girls :D
 The cable car was just nice for five of us..and nothing much can be done except photographing..:P

happy kiddos with doting dad ;) 

this is how the cable car looks like ..very small for the massive journey huhu

tukar2 tempat..tak reti duduk diam ..hihi

just arrived...gasped for more air...LOL
Actually, there are many superb activities can be done up here like Skiing and snowboarding, winter /summer hiking to Kleine Scheidegg (most scenic), chairlifting to Wengen, mountain biking and helicopter and aeroplane flights for a breathtaking bird's eye view of mountains and glaciers. But if coming with student budget only can go sightseeing lor! Hihihi..

kunun2 jd student kt Swiss Ski and Snowboard School..:P

ni tgh belajar cara2 nak ski...:P
 Anyway, it was all foggy and poor visibility on Mt. Männlichen, we went nowhere far from the station. Actually, if it's in Summer, we could walk to the summit..and would enjoy the spectacular view of famous Eiger, Monc and Jungfrau mountains from the mountain restaurant at the summit..huhu tade rezeki lg.

but still these girls had so much fun ;)
and i rather stayed indoor, was happy too! ^^
Along n Angah together took Adik to play snow outside. my fav pic here! credit to Babah. ;))
hands in hands kuis2 snow..cuteness! :D
 And when we thought we had enough, we took the cable car ride down to Holstein, the transit station. On the way down, we captured some pictures again..

i wonder how he can ski in such a poor visiblity. kagum ok...;)
masa ni takut ok, rasa mcm dlm bilik kecil bdinding putih je..insaf sgt! sobs
kagum dgn ilmu dan skil serta teknologi yg Allah kurniakn kepada manusia yg tlh membina this mode of transportation
and really love the fantastic view, Subhanallah!
 As soon as we arrived at Holstein, the place was much more happening. We could see clearly now. Hihi. We bought some snacks at the shop as we already ran out of ours. Not many choice though, we just bought crisps and evian mineral water..afterwards, we posed here and there and enjoyed watching other people skiing alive..;)

in front of Holstein station..
our family photo :)

alpine trees 
My beloved Hisham's ;)

My beloved Eins..suka betul main snow kt Swiss..kt UK hmm...i wonder why,.
'snow paradise'
family photo no 2 ;)
father n son just done skiing sweet :)
hubby asked me to feel the snow, the size n texture up here was slightly bigger and rougher..Hmm well-observed uh. ;)
en. hubby's snow white..:P
adoi smpi tjatuh2 tangga nk pegi kt ummi..huhu cian adik..

and last family photo taken by British tourist..he insisted to take tp blur plak huhu..
In most review, Männlichen is highly recommended place to witness stunning views with fewer crowds. But I really suggest you to go during Summer between July and September. So a lot of activities can be done and many places will be opened. But be prepared of their expensive costs almost on everything. But still if ada rezeki, we also wish to come again in Summer. Summer bila tu Wallahua'alam. hihi..

By the way, we had purposely skipped Jungfraujoch (4158m) or Top of Europe in our plan tentative because worrying of my kids health condition. Both Eins have Athma so we reckoned they might not fit enough or ready to conquer it. 

I read that the pressure was very low up there and even in the good shape people could not stand it hence dizzy and throw-ups. So we better not to take any risk and glad we had made the good decision. Alhamdulillah, my kids were in the pink of health throughout the trip. :)

Till then..Wassalam.


sitiezahim said...

fuh keciknya kabel car..40 min lak tu.. hahaha...kecut perut seh :P

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Heee seronoknya kak izu! Bila la dapat chance gi Swiss nih. Rasa mcm tak mampu je nak g. huhuh. tengok gambar aje lah. :)

lady lavender said...

marathon kat sini baca entry izu yg byk tetinggal hihi..

p/s: hepi belated besday izu. Happy2 selalu with beloved family :-)

εïзmummyHazaεïз said...

wahhh.. seronok tengok izu n family bercuti kat sana... Bestnye kan.. ade kenangan kat situ.. :)