Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spring Holiday: Mozart and The Sound of Music, Salzburg.


The old-town of Salzburg was listed as a UNESCO world heritage in 1997. The word Salzburg is  from Germans and literally means "Salt Fortress". There was salt carrying activity from the Salzach river in Austria and Germany long time ago. 

The city was also the birthplace of 18th century composer, Mozart and the musical scene of The Sound of Music film in 20th century. :)

 happy us minus hubby with Dom Platz as the background

Though we just had a short transit but it was still a golden opportunity to be in this city. I think i'd started dreaming to visit Salzburg after i watched 'Passport to Europe' at travel channel Astro. 

Like other European big city, Salzburg has narrow roads hence busy traffics. So from my research about the city, it was best to go by foot for city sightseeing. So for us who rented car, we had to find the paid parking area at the city first then we walked from there to the city attraction that we chose to visit. 
The signage: where to go? ;)
Since we had to return the car at 12 noon and catch train to Prague at 2pm so we just only had 2 hours. Within the short period of time, we definitely cannot cover the whole city so that's why we decided just to find the Mozart's house and visit Mirable Garden, where the Sound of Music film scene took place. :)
Salzburg museum

First, we bought a map at the souvenir shop. The shop owner was very kind to show the quickest walking direction to both places. Luckily the weather was sunny but still chilled that day so we had a nice good walk and enjoyed the town. The town has so many alleys and it was a bit confusing too. Really need a reading map skill. ;)

horse carriage ride service

fountain at Residenzplatz
The kids were sporting too so it was a bonus and we managed to arrive at Mozart's house without being lost. :D The house which was where Mozart born at become a Mozart's museum now. But we did not managed to pay a visit due to time constraint..huhu

in front of Mozart's birthplace 
Mozart's Bio
at at Getreidegesse 9, the old-town
Mozart Monument
At 11.30am, we returned to carpark and drove to Avis office to return it. Alhamdulillah, the process went well without any extra charges though the car's condition was very dirty. Seminggu kot travel merentasi 4 negara (Swiss, France, Germany and Austria) in cold and wet weather. :D
Once we returned the car, we had to go sightseeing by foot again. From Avis office, we walked to the train station to keep our luggages in the paid locker. Then we went to Halal Kebab's to buy our lunch. The staffs were kind enough to give extra breads. Maklumla kitorang dah order agk banyak kan..dekat 30 euro jgk spent for the food. We bought some rice, kebab and chicken and fries. On the way to Mirable Garden, the kids had munched the fries first. :D
just arrived at another entrance of Mirabell Garden 
Finally after 30 minutes walking we reached Mirabell Schloss and Garten. The garden was quite big and was beautifully landscaped. There were many people during the afternoon, some were reading papers on the bench, some were just sitting chitchatting with friends. The garden was very alive! 
The fountain where the scene of Do Re Mi song from The Sound of Music took place 
can see the Salzburg Fortress at the top of the hill from here
Well, mission accomplished! Apart from both places that we visit, other attractions are not quite in our interests. Hihi. Next time I will try to share our journey to Prague by train in shaa Allah. :)

Huhu It's already 18th of Ramadhan today. Hope it's still not too late to wish Salam Nuzul Quran and have a nice weekend, hope you have a nice day with your love ones. :)

The school summer holiday has just started last wednesday so the Eins will be having 10 weeks break till early september. Yay! so relax sket now for all of us especially to go through another halfway of this holy month. In shaa Allah! :)

Till then.


lady lavender said...

Gambar semua cantiiikk izu & nice weather too :D

Mama Haraz said...

I definitely want to take Haraz here, he loves mozart's music, I'm sure he'll be able to appreciate this when he's much bigger hehe. The sites looks so nice, historical sites are my favourite!

Nadine said...

sound of music's scene!! me love! sebab i grew up with sound of music (my all time fav movie!!), and so does my 3 children. bestnya!! :)

Hanis MY said...

wowwi superb!

Lisa Tjut Ali said...

cantik sekali ya kota salzburg, jadi kepingin kesana. klo dengan tiket munchen katanya boleh ke salzburg