Saturday, July 20, 2013

Spring Holiday: Seegasthof Gamsjaga, St. Gilgen, Austria.


After enjoying Swiss view, we continued our journey up to Austria. We had stayed at Seegasthof Gamsjaga at St. Gilgen for one night. Too bad it was a short stay because it was a very nice B&B with tip-top service and stunning location. 

Oh, we miss the place...

the B&B was just right beside this beautiful Wolfgangsee
Credit to hubby who found the B&B, he definitely preferred staying at countryside rather than city.  I kinda have a same preference with him now. :P St. Gilgen is just 40 minutes away from Salzburg city. Since we rented a car that day so I don't really mind the location. hehe..
the stunning view of the lakeside village at St. Gilgen.
After several hours of journey from Interlaken, we finally reached the destination. Though, B&B was located just at the roadside, but the road was not that busy. Once we entered the B&B, we adored every inch of the B&B. Everything was so pretty, neatly decorated and so country. hehe. 

And guess what, we got the room at second level which overlooking the lake and the mountain! Yay Also the room was quite big and have compartments. My kids love their bunk beds and they keep climbing the bed and running around! They did not looked intense anymore as they were in the car before. ;)
the view from our room's window

our cosy and minimal english style room ;)
The next morning, we had a super delish English breakfast. There were many choices of vegetarian food to try. Heaven la jugak though i still cepat lapar sebab tak dapat heavy breakfast! hehe..Oh yes, i love the cafe's table setting and interior too. Aihh, fall in loveee. 

Ada funny story too! Adake weol duduk kat meja lain, padahal ada waitress ni approach us and bagitau yg dia dah siapkan meja sebelah untuk weols..haha weol ingatkan table tu dah di'reserve'kan untuk orang lain..haha malu eden! so they were not kind of double-standard people..because they treats customers equally. ;)
salah meja, meja yang dah reserve untuk kami tu meja yang sebelah sana..huhu

the breakfast table, penuh dgn aneka roti, croisant, cake, cheese, fruit jams and drinks (tp dah kosong dah jug2 tu :P )

Then after checked-out, we took some time to let the kids playing at the playground. Playground pon not bad, siap ada tree house and big ship lagi! Memang sakan la the kids main, sampai susah plak nak ajak balik. Zafri sampai nangis-nangis kene tangkap dengan babah...huhu kesian dia, sekejap sangat dapat main..

enjoyed the playing on the tree house and the ship
Sementara kids main, ummi dan babah pergi menikmati pemandangan tasik Wolfgang atau Wolfgangsee. Dekat2 situ je. fefeeling honeymoon gitu. haha! 

ummi dan Seegasthof Gamsjaga from sideview..:)
Nway, berkabus pagi gambar kelam je...hihi tapi Nyaman bangat pagi2 duduk kt tepi tasik ni, very the fresh air! Tapi kalau dapat mandi kt tasik ni lagi bestkan! haha..tatau la Summer time boleh mandi ke tak tasik ni sebab kat tepi tasik ni tengok air nya mcm cetek. 
hubby at the edge of Wolfgangsee ;D

Lepas dah penat ambil gambar, weol pon paksa the kids masuk kereta sebab nak pergi ke Salzburg city plak...sebelum tu wajib ambil gambar dulu depan Seegasthof Gamsjaga ni.Tp sayang Babah tade sebab tripod dah kemas and simpan, malas nak keluarkan balik katanya..:D
only for of us. Good bye SG!;)

Ok to be continued..:)


lady lavender said...

View yg sgt2 cantik izu! Sayangkan tak dpt berlama-lamaan kat situ.

Nadine said...

can't help but to notice the girls' boot. love it!! :)