Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yes, i'm not in my best mood and i'm not feeling well. Something came up last night but i can't share it until we're ready. Sorry..(pls dunt ask what it is yea...thnks! )

Let's check the video below..even though both of them made such a noise still they did entertain me..that's why i recorded them. :)



Mummy Nenny said...

i'm coming to your blog..whatever happened wt u..be strong nd chill!! :)

Nadine said...

Hope ur mood cpt2 swing back to ceria mood, dear! Issokay to have mood swing while u are preggy..just blame it on the hormones! hehe :D

btw, Faaz pun suka main keyboard izu. dia suka make his own music. bising tp cute! now dh bertambah bising since dia dpt plak guitar for his birthday..riuh rumah!! :)

Frau Azmir said...

Izu, mngingatkan akak, 1st day smpai germany was last winter, dgn weather shock, pregnant time tuh etc etc, I got mood swings almost all the time... sian kat hubby yg bnyk brsabar hehe.. anak2 izu x complain boring ke? ye la, susah nak kuar umah kan, trperap je kat dlm umah..

mommaholicSURI said...

Dalam hati nak tau sangat... but xpelah, we'll wait for you to reveal it my dear. Whatever it is, hope all of you will be in good condition and may everything ditempuhi dengan tabah. Amin.

ishamizu said...

Mumy Nenny

Insya Allah, thnks dear..mulai arini can i call u Nenny? hehe..u knl K-Rie jgk eh..thnks again sbb sudi sgah blog izu. ;)

ishamizu said...


Yep hormones. hehe. Thanks dear, i feel much better now..;)

Aah izu pon tingat tgk vido Faaz kt FB yg main keyboard tuh. terer betul dia! wah, dh ada guitar lak eh..leh la duo ngan daddy dia nti. hehe..

ishamizu said...

Kak Nana

Ye ke..sama plak experience kita kn..tu la preggie ni mmg sng mood swing, bila dtg tu sume benda nk buat tk jadi, kesian kt hubby n ank2..

Uish mahunya tak, kdg2 complain jgk boring. kesian diorang, klu kt Msia bley kata tiap2 hari/mlm kuar. kt sini sejuk sgt la, tk tahan. hee.

ishamizu said...


Amin..Thanks for ur concern, dear..so sweet of you..dworry, nti dh ready dh ada solution izu bgtau k..hehe..now, i'm fine..:)