Friday, April 22, 2011


0n 11th April

4.10a.m: I woke up when i felt such a painful cramp at my abdomen. Suddenly something had discharged from the vagina. I was positive i didn't pass my urine so i reached hubby to wake him up. After he switched on the lamp, i got up from the bed and checked my pants. It was wet but it's in clear colour and odourless. (I smelled to make 100% sure it's not a urine.). Thus we assumed that my amniotic fluid's leaking..what else, rite? (i had never encounter water bag leaking before.)

4.30a.m -7.00a.m: Since it's still early, i tended to give a wait for a next sign. I performed solat Hajat and recited surah Maryam first before solat Subuh. then i got myself ready before called 24-7 midwives helpline to ask whether i should already go to hospital or not yet since the contraction was still irregular and i was not in a real pain. (Dah 2x bersalinkan so dah tau la sakit yang betul2 tu yang mana satu.)  But i was just redha when the midwife asked me to come to the hospital right away. About time i guess, the moment i hung up, suddenly i felt another gush of water was running down between my legs! OH. I checked and this time it came together with a tinge of blood so i quickly wear a pad!
8.00a.m-11.00a.m: After sending the Eins to a friend's house, we off to  Newham Hospital University. Firstly, we registered at Maternity Assessment Unit. Not long after that, we were being called in to the assessment room. A midwife started interviewing me and went to the toilet with me to check on my pad.  Afterwards she did a cervix check on me. (Check yg plg tidak disukai. :D) Surprisingly, she found out that the membrane/baby's sac was still intact, meaning no sign of leaking yet! Er misteri sungguh. 

Nway, the CTG had shown some contractions, but the unusual one. The midwives thougt it even more confused. The midwife honestly said, she  didn't know what happened and didn;t know what to do with me. She said i had to wait for a doctor. When a female doctor who wore jubah and hijab came up,  i felt relieved. She asked my permission to do the cervix check again and again the result was the sign of leaking. She checked the ctg and interviewed me at the same time. Since i had GB Strep or GBS (infection in my urine durin 6/7 months pregnancy) so the doc said there was no way for me to go home with the condition, meaning i had to stay until my labour which i thought could be a very long day. I kept thinking of the Eins, pity them..:(

11.00a.m - 4.00pm: Eventually, i was pushed to a maternity labour suite at level 1 by a wheelchair. The midwife told me that they gonna do something to me. I wished they gonna induced me as soon as possible. I dah rela...sebab my both deliveries were by induction too. But to my surprise, they (1 specialist doc, 3 docs or consultants) decided to wait for a natural labour! Hah. Even though my ctg reading were classified as unusual/suspicious by the assessment doctor, they thought it looked normal and fine to them so the specialist said do not intervene me. Meaning, do not induce me yet, just let the labour to start on its own (naturally).

So the midwife took off the ctg belt from my belly and asked me to go for a walk. Dengan hampanya, hubby and me pun pergi la jalan2 dengan harapan 'jalan bawah' akan terbuka lebih cepat. We also rested and had a sandwich at the waiting room. Tapi mak buyung tade selera, makan ciput je. :( Then lps berapa kali round jalan2 still no sign of labour to start. We just went back to our labour lama tu midwife dtg psg semula ctg. :S

4.00p.m-8.00pm: Finally one of the doctors came did the cervix check again and this time he broke my water bag (pecahkn air ketuban). According to the midwife, this procedure was also one of the induction. Meaning, the 1st stage of labour had been started. The doc said usually the contraction will start to progress, the cervix will be riped open and started to dilate cm by cm after the water bag had been broken. if that's not happening in 24 hours, only then they will induce me with oxytosin. Later, my dilation was still the same, 3cm. :( Tapi sakit contraction tu ya Allah makin lama makin kuat wpon still in irregular timely. kdg dah sela 15 min sekali patu back to 20 mins..backward plak..very confusing taw.

Syukur Hubby was there with me all the time. Kesian hubby, penat just duduk je kt kerusi tepi katil sampai tertidur. But he woke up every time i need to go to the toilet. Hubby tlg tarik/bawa skali drip stand coz I was on antibiotics medication bcoz of the GBS. huhu..Nway, Klu kt Msia, awal2 dia dh kosongkn bladder kita masa pecahkn waterbag tu kn? ni tak..siksa nk wee2/poo2 ngan drip kt tngan. :( Mujurla hubby ada. (TQ Darling! xoxo)

8.00p.m-10.00pm: A new doc/consultant came up and checked on me. It's Doc. Mohamed, my consultant during my pregnancy check up. So we had known each other. After he did the cervix check, it's still 3cm so he did a sweeping technic, it was to help on the opening of the cervix. Sakitnya whooaaaa..huhuhu. Sabo je la. Then he checked my ctg, he seemed unhappy with the progress. Hence he ordered a new midwife to prepare for Oxytosin induction. Hubby n I was glad to hear that! Klu ikutkan history, insya Allah dalam 4-5 jam after being induced sy akn bsalinkn bby. ^_^

In between, i had been recited surah Maryam, surah Luqman, surah Yusof, surah Yassin, surah Insyirah in hubby's Pda phone. Alhamdulillah. Sekejap2 minta ampun kt hubby..tapi tetap tiada tanda2 bby nk keluar. huhu.

10p.m-11.59p.m: At last I was induced with oxytocin through a drip at my upper wrist. 2-2 tgn hokey kene cucuk, sebelah antibiotics the other side with Oxytocin plak. So helpless.

On 12th April

12.00a.m-4.00a.m: Then bermulalah the painful episode through all night. :) The contraction started to get more intense, longer and stronger. Even though i was so drowsy but i couldnt sleep at all. So exhausted already. Everytime the contraction came up, i tried to grip my self on the bed, tried to whined as slow as i could. At the same time baca helped me alot from screaming in painful. Huhu. I can't remember if i had such a pain in my previous labour.

Until one point, i cant stand the pain anymore so i agreed to use gas (Entonox) as the pain relief. Awal2 lg midwife dah suro pakai gas, so pakai je la and it worked. Setiap kali contraction datang, sedut gas..sakit tetap sakit tapi kurang sket la compare klu tak amik gas langsung. Looking at my worsen condition, all the doctors advised me to take an epidural. Awal2 lagi sy dah bgtau klu boleh sy tak nak any pain relief, klu bley nk sama mcm masa bsalinkn the Eins, no pain relief. Tapi that time mmg dh tak bley tahan lagi dahh..hubby pun kesian tgk sy lalu menggalakkan sy utk ambil epidural. Baru Sy setuju.

4.00a.m-5.00a.m: Pakar anaesthetic came up and explained to me. I was nodded at every line of her explnation. Mata dah macam tak mampu nak bukak lg dh sebab sakit plus mengantuk. The moment after her assistant came in brought the epidural on a trolley, i was asked to sit on the edge of the bed. Positioning for epidural injection on my back spinal bone. BUT once i sit, the baby's heart beat went weak..weaker. My midwife shouted " No, baby's not happy..lie down, please!" When i lied down, baru heart beat baby went back to normal. Phewwww, trauma skjp i! AND it's the same everytime i tried to sit for epidural injection, so the anaesthetic specialist decided there's no way she could do the procedure if i can't sit last2 tak jadi nak amik epidural...

6.00a.m-8.00a.m: i started not feeling well..the midwife said i had running temperature. Rasa like i was going to die pun ada..Astaghfirullahaladzim! Insafnya..Allah saja yang Maha Mengetahui. T_T Then my midwife also noticed that my blood pressure sometimes shot up to 170/180 from the CTG. 

At one point,  the contraction came up, i felt like to pass was the worst pain and suddenly the ctg had lost track with baby's heart beat!! Emergency mode!! few midwives already in the suite,  tried to get my baby back on betulkan position baby kt perut saya. Alhamdulillah, baby's coming back! It was a life-threatening indeed, i can't imagine if i lost my baby..sobs. When everything went normal, the midwife did the cervix check but it's just 5cm and finally, we were happy to know when it's already 8cm dilated! tapi sekejap aje happy tu ye sbb later when other midwife did a cervix check again, she said it's  still 5cm not 8cm dilated..:((

8.00a.m-9.00a.m: (Time doktor pakar n sekalian doktor datang review.)i was relieved to see the female and Muslim doctor who i first time met at the assessment room. That morning, she's in charged so she immediately checked my cervix and it's still 5cm. Therefore, she's not happy with my condition and baby's condition as well after what had happened before. Then, she told me calmly that i needed an emergency ceasarean, it's time to get the baby out. After all, she said i was in a labour suite for more than 20 hours already but the labour was still fail to progress.

Then, she started to explain fr a-z about the operation. I understood all of it and signed the agreement letter without any doubt for the sake of our baby. Takut, neves mgigil tetap yer..hihi so my signature aritu mungkin 'bergigi2'. Lepastu dtg pulak pakar anaesthetic explained fr a-z. The plan: he'll inject epidural at my back spinal then i will be halve paralysed from the hip to toe but i'll be fully concious during the surgery. Sedar tapi takkan rasa apa2.

Then midwife siap2 kn sy, pki kan catheter (tube to pass urine), special stokin yg 'open-air' kt bhgn toe..sambil sy dok tny2 dia..sakit ke tak kene bedah? huhu..but the midwife kindly said, i wont feel anything, cuma rasa funny bila perut bergerak2 je. OMG..but she comforted me by saying that i'll be just fine. So nice of her! Hmm hubby pun midwife bg suit utk pki kt Operation Theater. Rasa kurang sket takut bler tau hubby leh masuk skali dlm OT. Kt Msia tak boleh rasanya, kn? Nway, i was pushed on my bed first to OT while Hubby, midwife bg breakfast suro breakfast dulu kt labour suite tu. Hubby boleh masuk OT lps saya slmt di bius. So sad n scared berpisah kjp masa tuh..T_T.

9.00a.m-10.00a.m: In OT. They lifted me fr previous bed to OT's bed. When the anaesthetic specialist came, he explained again the procedure fastly. I asked the side effect, he said i'll be dizzy after the operation and if i didn't sit still during the injection, it can be a nerve damage. (Tak ke gila takut mendengarnya tu. Na'uzubillah!) Terus berazam, no matter what i'll sit still.

When the procedure started, i was asked to sit on the edge of the bed and inclined my upper body a little. (bongkok) My hands hold a pillow around my abdomen. The midwife tahan both of my shoulders. Lepas injection kali kedua, i shouted 'Hurry up, the next contraction is coming!!' Tapi pakar tu kata apa tau "No, hold it, sit still..rite, rite Good..Good." sambil inject jgk tnp belas kasihan..huhu..yg sy ni punye la tahan sakit contraction yg super duper kuat tu smbl elak dpd bergerak langsung! sambil ketap gigi sekuat-kuatnya menahan sakit tu..sigh..Tamat contraction, tamat jgkla injection. Tak igt brp shot, 3-4 kt tulang blkg tu..huhu.

Tak lama tu terus rasa kebas fr hip to toe. Pakar suro cuba angkat kaki pun dh tk boleh. Kira berjaya la kn injection tu. I was paralysed. I just let them doing anything to me. Then midwives gantung kain penghadang, so that i can;t see they cut my abdomen. i was total helpless sambil berserah, mengucap kalimah syahadah, am ready to fight! Doctors are ready, am relieved to knowthe same female n muslim doc who lead the operation. :) Mata ni tgk aje kt pintu bilalah hubby nak the same time the anaesthetic specialist shouted " where's her man? is he coming or not? go n call him now." Tup2 hubby pon melangkah masuk..siap pki suit tu dah macam dia yg doktor plak! ;) hihihi.

I smiled n relieved to see him. tetiba dengar female doctor tu ckp "Congratulations!" disusuli tangisan baby..Hubby tak sempat duduk pun lg kt tepi sy. Ya Allah, my baby was born already! Mcm tk percaya pun ada, sbb tak rasa apa2 lgsg! Alhamdulillah. Sy ckp kt midwife, sekejapnya? Dia senyum, dia kata doc tu ambil masa 2minit je nak keluarkan baby. (1min for the bikini incision + 1min for taking out baby) Kagum ok! She must be good! ;)

Hubby plak terus je pegi kt baby n midwives n Paed..Tp tak sempat, hubby disuro duduk kt sy sbb operation tak habis lg. Hubby kata dia nmpk tools mcm bsepah2 kt area perut sy..somuch blood too. Sy tny, nmpk ke dlm perut sy? huhu. Hubby kata tu tk nmpk, sbb dr jauh je dia smpt skodeng. :D hihi masa dh tau bby dh slmt, i smiled endlessly. Sume org perasan. :D

Not long after that, the Paed came to us and told our baby was healthy and in the perfect condition with Apgar score 10. Syukur Alhamdulillah, lega sangat dengar. But the Paed said, ourbaby still need antibiotics medication n close monitoring from them for few days. The best news was baby boy will be in the same room with me and i could breastfeeding him anytime i want. i'm so blessed. Alhamdulillah! Thank you Allah!

2 days old baby Zafri. at Larch Ward. Newham University Hospital. :)

Till then, wassalam.


Nadine said...

Aduh Izu, seriaunya baca ur experience, especially masa 20hrs kat hospital tu. Mcm2 dugaan...mujur alhamdulillah, semuanya selamat akhirnya. :)

Untungnya Hisham leh masuk dlm OT. Kalau kat SDMC jgn harapla. Sedih je sorang2 kt dlm OT. Tp alhamdulillah la, lepas recovery period yg 1 jam tu, kat sini pun bagi baby dgn kita 24hrs. terpulang pd ibu tu sendiri.

dulu masa Faaz, altho perut Nadia besar tp sbb air ketuban banyak senang jugak nak bend down utk epidural shot. this time kalau kena c-sec lagi, sure susah sbb skang pun d twins dh penuhkan perut. solat pun skang takleh rukuk/sujud..huhu.

take care dear, try to have ample rest. hugs to the Eins and kisses to prince Zafri :)

Mama said...

Ya Allah izu...eventful sgt delivery awak...memang teringat sgt masa delivery aisyah...but Aisyah...dia yg eventful...ct cuma prolong labour ....

But..Alhamdullillah...syukur sgt2...semua selamat...seronok baca pengalaman izu ni...ada waktu berdebar2...pucat pun ade..:)

aper2 pun izu..Allah bless u with a very handsome boy masyaAllah....dan sehat...Alhamdullillah

congrats again dear..

hugs XOXO

abu umar in abu dhabi said...

chik, new place new delivery xprience...lamanya kt spital kan...mesti the way syukur semuanya selamat..mayb sbb boy ikut tgkap keluarnyer...

Kui said...

Fuh neves plak aku baca, ahamdulillah selamat.. Dpt tgk wajah zafri yg kiut miut tembam mesti lupa dah sakit kan... Congrats again izu, sham n the eins...

ishamizu said...



Nway, Ok jgk la SDMC tu bg bby dok ngan mommy pas 1hr recovery tu. Time izu bsalinkn Iris kt hospital gomen dulu, Iris kene duduk kt NICU..dh la jauh plak tu ngan maternity ward..aih..sedih je.

Insya Allah..hrp cpt baik. TQ my dear..u tk care too k. Kisses to prince Faaz too k! =)

ishamizu said...


Itulah..syukurla dh lps dn slmt sumenya..bby pun sihat, slmt..syukur tk thingga.

TQ dearie..Ct pun tk care jgk lama lg ur turn, jgn lasak2 sgt..nti jd mcm Izu, pnt sgt kot smpi labour fail to progress. ;p

Tk sbr nk tgk bby boy Ct plak! ;)

ishamizu said...

Ummu Umar

ye mmg penat..lama dok dlm labour suite tu..huhu. tk pe la new experience indeed! ttp syukur..sume dh lps n slmt..TQ dear! :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe nasib baik ko dh bsalin, takut je klu aku tertakut kn sesape dgn n3 ni..aih..hrp tak la ye..:)

Yep, rasa lega n happy sgt tgk bby sihat..hehe. tp pas bius hlg, waduh sakit gtu. :D

Nway, TQ dear..doakan aku cpt sihat spt biasa k..:)

shuzana said...

congrats izu...selamat menjalani tempoh berpantang..

Nadiah Sidek said...

huu..ngerinya baca. terasa mcm perut sendiri kena bedah pulak. alhamdulillah semuanya selamat. kejap sungguh ye proses pembedahan tu. ingatkan lama

Hana said...

Salam Izu..
bila baca ni bergenang air mata Hana.. drama sungguh! apapun, Alhamdulilllah, semuanya dah selamat.Syukur:) sure babah dan ummi happy dan kak long dan angah pun happy:) Mak Izu dah sampai? take care ye dear:)) hugss utk baby:)


Niza et Sofia said...

Alhamdulillah Izu dah selamat, my turn will be soon, hrp2 semua nya ok. Kalau smggu lepas due tak lahir tru natural delivery they will c-sec me (coz I had c-sec b4 wz Sofia)
Izu, sedih & terharu baca pengalaman Izu... Alhamdulillah semua nya dah ok skrang, just focus on ur recovery. Take care dear....

ishamizu said...


Insya Allah..TQ. :)

ishamizu said...


Tu la kjp je rupanya smpi hubby sy sakat sy klu tau awal2 mtk c-sect. hihi..Nway, alhamdulillah dh slmt. :)

ishamizu said...

Wsalam Hana

ye ke..izu lps keluar spital aritu bgenang2 air mata citer experience seniri kt kwn kt sini(Yus)..dh hbs dia pon kata sedih dgr citer izu smbl kesat air mata. :)

Nway, pas bby keluar tu pon gugur trus air mata izu, tp at the same time senyum lebar je. hehe..terharu, akhirnya bby slmt jgk lahir ke dunia.

Mmg kami bsyukur tk thingga. TQ dear! Mak izu tk smpi lg, bln dpn br smpi..hehe..*hugs*

ishamizu said...


Insya Allah, izu doakan smg Niza bsalin normal n mudah. Amin. Klu kene c-sect pon, i'm sure u'll be fine. :)

hehe TQ dear..;) Insya Allah. Mudah2an cpt sht dn kuat. tk sbr nk hbs pntg nih. Kaki dh gatai je nk gi jln2 mkn angin. ngee..

mommaholicSURI said...

Izu!!! Congratulations!!

It was such an experience.Berdebar-debar Nuurill baca entry ni. Alhamdulillah Zafri dah lahir dengan selamat. Comel sangat dia!

Nuurill terpikir cemanalah Izu kat sana alone handle everything. Mujur Hisham memang very responsible man. Bukan senang kan, Izu nak jaga diri lagi, C-sec pulak tu, the girls, the house.. uish.. Nuurill memang salute sangat dengan Izu. Nuurill doakan, semuanya dipermudahkan. Amin.

ishamizu said...


Amin! TQ dear, really appreciate..:)

Mmg tough dear! seniri2 je sume kt sini. kene kuat dr segi mental n emosi. kt spital aritu nangis jgk sbb rasa lonely sgt kene wat seniri dh la lps operate, sakit plak kt situ, nk jln pun siksa. :D tp bler dh blk umah baru sng hati. sbb Hisham's around 24-7 kn! hee.

Nway, Syukur alhamdulillah, yg ptg dh lps, bby pun lahir dgn slmt dn sht. Thnks again for ur doa, really need it! :) *hugs*

yusparisa said...


Hihi, Alhamdulillah,so dah ada pengalaman czer kan...semua yg dah pernah czer akan kata xsakit pun sebenarnya, cuma penjagaan selepasnya tu makan masa skitla untuk sembuh, x macam bersalin normal...hihi.. sebab itu jln terbaik utk selamatkan bb, yg penting ibu & bb selamat..

Pasal sign tu, memang aku pun sama la, buruk gile aku rasa signature aku..wakaka..

Untung hisham leh masuk OT, kat M'sia (xtaula swasta bleh ke x) kalau gomen hosp memang hubby xleh masuk, tunggu kat luar, aku masuk dlm OT, doctor paksa jgk layan aku berbual2, menggigil2 dlm tu, sejuk giler, hihi, pastu aku terus tertido, xsedar langsung, sedar2 semua dah siap & misi bwkan bb & tanya bb apa (boy ke girl)...terharu sgt masa tu (sbb first time dpt bb)..hihi..lepastu doc jahit perut & kat bwh (sbb jalan memang dah buka 10cm & doc dh gunting & masukkan forcep) memang ngeri wei, sian aku..hihi..

Anyway, congrats again lalim 4 ur lil prince, semoga cepat sembuh..dah lengkap rasanya bila dh ada bb girl & boy ni kan..Alhamdulillah..

Rafidah said...

Izu, akak pon merasakan kesakitan contraction dalam citer Izu ni.. berjaya citer ni la mengilukan akak baca.. haha.. anyway TAHNIAH. dah dapat boy ye. wah suka kemain Umi dan Abah Zafri ye.. :)

shue said...

izu, congrats dear! alhamdulillah, selamat dah semuanya even baby keluar ikut tingkap:)..

take gud care of yourself yek.. jgn lasak2 sgt. pantang bersalin c-sec x sama mcm bersalin normal kan.. aku dulu pon bersalin ikut tingkap gak. bab pantang tu la memang problem sikit :)..

irradhil said...

Ya Allah.....mmg menakutkan la experience ko c-zer kali ni.aku siap pegang2 perut aku.seriau wei!!!huhuhu
mmg btul2 bertarung ngn nyawa kan.takut pk kan bby kan diri kite lak.nway...alhamdulillah sumernyer ckp ilang rs sakit biler dh tgk bby lhir kan.heheeheh

nway...congrats to ur family.muashh 2 ur princess n prince.

Fadhilah Rozley said...

salam Kak Izu,

wahh macam2 erhh.. apa2 pun congrats kak. finally a hero yahh! hehe alhamdulillah segalanya sudah selesai.. Dila pun dah dapat bodyguard baru. hehe 22/04/2011 kat Hospital Putrajaya. mama pun bersalin C-Sect sebab BP dia tinggi. nnt Dila update psl tuh erhh..

hugs and kisses for Zahin, Iris and Izzafri.

Frau Azmir said...

izu!! entry yg sangat mendebarkan!! akak baca dgn penuh perasaan, and soooooo faham camne izu rase time tu and sangat2 takut!! teringat tiba2 sakit lahirkan aleena, coz lahirkan aleena paling sakit antra tiga2 ni, and bile ingat sakit tu still takut lagi nak beranak huhuhu.. anyway, u are so strong, bergenang air mata akak masa baca bab yg doc cakap congrats and dengar tangisan baby, as a mother yg mengandung 9 bulan, that is all that matters kan.. anak kite selamat, sihat.. syukur alhamdulillah... sronok baca pengalaman izu ni, moga mudah segala urusan izu lepas ni... :)

ishamizu said...


Aduh, kesiannya dpt byg kn klu aku pun kene jahit bwh jgk..cukupler jhtn kt perut ni je..ssh nk jg wei..kdg2 the Eins tlanggar aku hui ngilu betul! patu nmpknya so far jhtn ok, kering..kemas..alhamdulillah. hrp2 sembuh cpt la. amin!

Haha tu la psl, dh la signature aku mmg tk cantik, masatu lg trus jd buruk gler. :D

Haah..nasib baik wei. Klu Hisham tk leh msk OT, tatau la aku. sbb masa Hisham tk msk OT lg, aku pon mmg mgigil mcm apa wei smpi tketar2 jgk gg aku rasanya..hihi.

OK lalim, TQSM again..klu aku ada kemusykilan, aku email kt FB lg k. :D Tk care, mmuahhs to ur lil heroes as well. *hugs*

ishamizu said...


hehe ye ke..sorri tk bmaksud nk mengilukn akk taw. :D Nway, TQ akk! :)

ishamizu said...


TQ dear! alhamdulillah dh lps, slmt..

Ic, bler2 bleyla aku tny tips kt ko jgk! hee..u tk care too dear! ;)

ishamizu said...


Hehe mmg seriau. Masya Allah mmg experience ant hidup dn mati la..Insaf betul aku. aku smpi rasa serik nk pregnant lg wes..:D igt ckup la dh 3 org ni tp andai kata Allah nk beri lg rezeki, ktrg terima dgn pnh kesyukuran..:)

Aah dgr baby nangis, dh lahir rasa lega sgttt. sakit2 ni tgk baby trus rasa hlg sakit. :)

OK lalim TQVM. ^_^ Kisses to ur lil princesses too k. T care!! *hugs*

ishamizu said...


Wsalam..itula akhirnya dpt jgk lil hero..;) Syukur alhamdulillah after what i'd been through..bby slmt jg lahir ke dunia.

Tu la Dhila pon dh dpt bodyguard baru eh! Congrats dear!! kem salam kt mama Dhila k. Tk care dearie..Kisses to newborn baby as well ok. *hugs*

ishamizu said...

KNana dearie

:) Betul, yg ptg bby slmt lahir..padahal izu punye la tkt idea c-sect tu sblom2 ni..asyik doa nk bsalin normal Allah's plan is above all kn..tgk2 kene c-sect. Ha samala kira bsalin ank ketiga ni mmg plg sakit! huhu...

Nway, tQ KNana...TQ for the gifts as well sbr nk pkikn kt baby..hihi..the Eins jgn ckp la, mmg dh melaram je ngan hair accessories tu. TQ so much again! ;) Trus Zahin knl aunty Nana! ;D Kisses to ur kids k. biler la kita bley jmp kan? :)Tk care. *hugs*

dyana "his other half" said...

fuhh, dapat gak cd habis baca ur entry ni. punya la busy last week. baca pun curi2 je time keja. itu yg tak sempat2 habis. hehe.

alhamdulilah semua selamat. after the 20hrs journey tu. cd lak rasa takut n terbayang2 the pain tu. serious mmg sakit. huhu. anyway, baby boy sangat comel. teringat hadif masa baby dulu. hehe.

the eins ok ke izu. lama juga tak dapat jumpa izu n hisham kan.

YAH said...

huhu..seriau baca experience Izu..ingatkan anak ke 3 dah kurang sikit sakitnya..takut plak yah rasa nak tunggu lg sebulan lebih ni..papepun alhamdulillah dah selamat semua..nnt share experience pantang sendiri plak ye..

Mummy Nenny said...


rasa mcm seriau je bc ur experienced..anyway hilang kn rasa semua sakit tu bila tgk baby? do take care of urself..hug and kiss for izzafri hisham..:)

ishamizu said...


Hehe sian Cdee..pjg sgt la n3 ni kn..izu nk krg aritu pon amek masa 2 hr jgk nk siapkn..Skrg mn leh duduk lama2 kn dpn laptop. ;)

Nway, mmg lama dok dlm labour tu..sakit lg..huhu. klu tingat2 blk mmg seriau n rasa nk nangis. T_T. Sian the Eins, kene tdo 1 mlm kt umah K.Ana..nangis2 jgk derg cari ktrg esp waktu nk tdo mlm tu. pengalaman sguh la..alhamdulillah la dh lps..

Hehe tu la seronok da ada bby ni, tk nk berenggang lgsg. asyik nk main ngn bb je. :D

TQ taw dear..really appreciate. kisses to Hadif yg kiut miut tuh. :) *hugs*

ishamizu said...


Hehe jgn takut k..relax. Lain org lain pengalaman. Insya Allah, izu doakan Yah mudah bsalin. Oh tgl sebulan lg eh? bln Jun la yer? Tk care taw dear!

Ok, nti bler2 izu citer psl bpantang lak. TQ. :)

ps: bler nk aktif blogging semula? rindu la nk bc kisah Adam n Khyra..

ishamizu said...


huhu me mmg seriau la, dear. tp tu la dgr je bb nangis dh lahir trus rasa lega n sume kesakitan kt labour suite tu. Alhamdulillah.

Ok u tk care too taw. lil Zafri send kisses to u as well. TQ dear! :)

hnyhar said...

huu..rasa seriau dgr experience izu kali ni...xdpt bygkn how was ur feeling at that time..syukur semua selamat..and this is absolutely precious moment in labour!

ishamizu said...


hehe indeed! painful but precious one! :D Tp Alhamdulillah sumenya slmt. :)

TQ akk..tu la Allah sj yg Maha Mengetahui how exactly i felt during the period. :)

~Yus~ said...

Salam Izu...
semoga cepat sembuh... banyakkan berehat. take care dear. nanti nak dtg, yus bgtau ye.

ishamizu said...


Wsalam dear..Okie dear..insya Allah. Orait, c u soon! U tk care too taw. :)

Ninie Hanis said...

tgh banyak keje mem'packing' ni,sempat curik masa baca cerita akak.betul2 thrill! Alhamdulillah,semua selamat. Insaf betul baca,teringat kat mak yg susah2 melahirkan.

azimah fauzy said...

time baca, sy dok bayangkan semuanya skali. meremang bulu roma tau. ape pun, jgn sedih2 tau sbb kna czer kali ni. ada hikmahnye tu. cepat je baby keluar kan. hehe. yg penting, 2 2 selamat dah kan.

sy dlu pun, air ketuban keluar dlu. tp keluar sket je. pegi hospital dah tebukak 2cm. tu pun setgh hari nak tggu bkak sampai 4cm. alhamdulillah jln tebukak bnyk lepas doc betul2 pchkan air ketuban. hospital gomen, selagi xde masalah mmg akan suruh normal kan. even amik masa nak tebukak jlnnye. haish.. sy ni nak kna tempuh lg skali anytime soon. takott huhu

ishamizu said...


Alhamdulillah, thnks!:) tp insaf. Akk pon tbyg2 muka mak akk masa sakit kt labour suite tu, rse nk nangis tp tahan2..sbb dh berazamklu bley tk nk nanges wpon sakit mcm mn skalipon contraction tu. tp bb dh lahir br nangis..happy one! :D

Nway, dh pndh? tk sbr nk tau kt mn u pdh..nti akk dtg skodeng blog jap lg k. ;)

ishamizu said...


TQ dear. tu la c-ser pon c-ser la, yg ptg bb slmt..alhamdulillah tk rasa apa pon alih2 dgr bby nangis, dh lahir. syukur tu la 1st time kne c-ser mcm ank first plak pntg kali ni..hee. doakan akk cpt sht k. ;)

Yeay, tk lama lg bby boy ima plak nk lahir. can't wait! it's ok to be a lil bit nervous..akk doakn Ima sng n mudah care k! mmuahs to Arissa. :)

Anonymous said...

wow.... seram sejuk, suka duka.. semuanya ada. setiap hr isnin pukul mlm ada cerita pasal bersalin ni kat tv, i selalu tgk.. best juga. dah habis bersalin blh la tgk...

rose --{@ ibuRafiq @}-- said...

salam kenal...
sy dapt rasai ape yg u rasa emergency operation yg takkan sy lupa sampai mati..

anyhu..tahniah dapt bb boy..:-)

ishamizu said...


haah dh lps bsalin, br leh tgk citer2 mcm tu kn..klu tgk sblom mst takut bila nk bsalin. hehe..

ishamizu said...


Hehe btul2 sy pun tk kn lupa smpi mati. :) Nway, TQ for the wish. :)

Anonymous said...

Like begets like.