Friday, April 29, 2011


Wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton
Venue: Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, London
Date: 29th April 2011

The royale couple's first kiss in the public.

The most stunning wedding dress ever was finally revealed. it was designed by Sarah Burton at Alex McQueen.

Awwh, Isn't she gorgeous? Love to see her from top to toe.

So elegant her with that Cartier Tiara which was lent by the Queen. And 'Sweet William' hand bouquet. Awwh double sweet! :)

Not to forget the Best Man who is as popular as his brother, Prince Harry!! :)

And the maid of honour, Pippa Middleton who is as hot as her sis ;)

Also I choose David Beckham and Victoria as my favourite guests among the royal guests..haha bley? nk jgk tuuu...ngee. (minat laa. ;))

Jom, imbau kenangan jap. Princess Diana during her wedding in 1981. (Sob..sob)

Last but not least, pic taken during the royal couple's engagement in November, last year. Perfect couple, kn?

Wee, so loving! (Cincin tunang Saphire tu cincin late Princess Diana..;))

Lastly, congratulations to Prince William and Catherine who are now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

May both of you live happily ever after.

(Tak sabar nk tgk anak depa plak! Hee.)

~All photos credit to Google~



Nadiah Sidek said...

kate mmg comel, kan? sweet je muka dia. err..william masa budak2 dulu lagi ni mcm tak brp :p

ishamizu said...


Kan? Mmg comel, sweet n cantik! hee betul2, skrg dh tk brp hensem sbb dh tua sket kot. ;D

Nway, sesuai sgt kn depa ni! suka tgk. :)

Mama said...

kate very lovely...and will?..why....? botak already?...aiyoooo....masa mude2 lagi handsome la i think...

btw...seronok izu...bukan selalu dapat royal wedd...:)

ishamizu said...

kan? so lovely her..untung PWilliam..hrp2 bkekalan la mcm nenek n atuk dia. ;) tu la psl..tkejut jgk tgk dia dh botak tu. hehe.

Yesza..bkn tiap2 thn royal wed kn. ;)