Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter Wonderland 2012


When snow started falling, we were actually at a friends's house for another Yassin recitation feast. After solat maghrib, reciting Yassin, continuing with Isya' prayer and scrumptious dinner, all of us went out to play and pose in the snowy night! hehe. The kids were also enjoyed their friend's company therefore both of them were at their best behavior. :) Unluckily, i forgot to bring our cammy so don't have any photos there! :(

Anyway we had to leave as early as we could as the snow was getting down heavier to avoid from getting strandeds. :P But as soon as we arrived at home, hubby brought down the cammy and quickly set up the tripod in front of our house. hehe. Let alone the freezing cold or the neighbors! Jakun ok! Lol.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to take several photos and again the kids were still in the best mood while lil Zafri were deep in slumber. :P He couldnt careless what happened around him that night. :D Btw, It's his first experience to encounter with snow but as i said he was sleeping through the photoshoot session in either hubby or my arms. Huhu mcm nk patah pinggang lepas posing tuh. Haha.

The next morning, we were so amazed and delighted to see our backyard covered by the thick blanket of snow. Subhanallah, What a view! terus lg cantik nmpk backyard ktrg. :P Anyway, we had our breakfast first before hubby quickly made a snowgirl for the girls. Zahin requested a snowgirl instead of a snowman!! And she even demanded that the snowgirl must be as tall as her baby brother!! kemain demand taw..! hehehe..Luckily, hubby is so understanding so he was more than willing to build one. AND he really did a great job because he had successfully made one! A cute snowgirl completed with eyes, nose, hands, pinky muffles and hairband!! Hip2 hoorey! Cayalah Babah. ;) So again, without wasting time we had a photoshoot again but this time with the cute snowgirl! ;)

Later after lunch and Asr prayer, we went to Hainault Forest Country Park which was 2miles away from our house for snow sledging. On the way there, the view of the countryside really took our breath away! Subhanallah, it's like the ocean of snow. It's all white everywhere. Masya Allah. When we reached the country park, again we were dumbfounded to see the ocean of people there!! Macam pesta sudahhh...hahahaha. All of us were in the same boats! Jakun jgk kot ...Lol!

BTW, It was pretty dangerous as all the visitors had to park at the main roadside since we could not go into the snowy park with our car and the road was slippery as it was covered with snow. Licin, ada van nak anta brg dlm cafe kt park tu siap tyre tenggelam dlm snow lg..i'd almost slipped myself as well. huhu And hubby quicky asked me to pass lil Zafri to him to be carfried and i just hold my girls's hands walking them to the park. Anyhow, Zahin couldnt stand the cold any longer so we had to find the nearest spot for us to accomplish our mission! And i'm happy to say that we got to sledge on the snow by using handmade sledge though we didnt manage to walk further up to the hill.
Nway, enjoy all the pics. ;)

us in front of our house on 04.02.12

our neighborhood on 05.02.12.

our backyard;s view taken from our room uptairs..

snow piled up until 10cm ;)

Iris was excited to make a snowgirl

here the designer hehe

Zahin, the mastermind..:D

Tadaaaa! The cutest snowgirl ever..!!

zoom it in ;)

My favourite Family photo with the snowgirl with yellow headband plak..:D

Hainauilt Forest Country Park

just arrived

zoom in other's xtvt

And Snow sledging...wee!! Credit to hubby who had creatively made the big sledge by using a recycled plywood! Not bad at all..hehe.

Sleeping Zafri was sandwiched btw his sisters :D

my bootie..:P

my lovely girls ;)

My lovely angels! with no sot in the mood Zafri as he just woke up :D

our snowangel nangis kene buli dgn babah haha
still crying..hehe cian dia

he stopped crying as soon i took him over fr hubby..;)

lepak ats sledge sbil menikmati snow..

so excited her..;)

my lil boy comot mkn nasi..:)

my big girl, cian dah kesejukan thp cipan..:D

me :P

hubby n baby :)

ada giant snowball! ;)
n last but not least ..;D
That's it. The snow melted the next day. The snowgirl tumbled on the ground on yesterday. Today, there are still got some snow left on the ground. ;) Alhamdulillah we were still given a chance to play with snow this year. We had a blast and we felt blessed. Hopefully it will not be the last. The BBC weather forecast predicts that the snow will fall again as soon as this coming weekend! Hopefully it will not go as bad as in the Eastern Europe. Ukraine's temp dropped as low as minus 36! Many people had died. Kt sini -5deg pon dh tak thn whoaa..huhu..Smg Allah melindungi kami daripada segala bencana yg tdk diingini. Amin!!

Till then, Wassalam.


Nadine said...


subhanallah, cantiknya view, bestnya izu, ur sooo lucky!! :)

and the snowgirl is super duper cute i tell you!

dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya main snow! Bestnya dpt buat snOwgirl! Bestnya view from ur bedroom! Subhanallah. And the best thing is bestnya rumah korang!

Fadhilah Rozley said...

Salam Kak Izu,

Wahhh bestnyaaaaa ! Now seriously jealous dgn akak. Hehe cantik2 pic tuh. Jealous jealous. Hehe harap akak and family baik2 sahaja k. Take care k. Hugs and kisses for the Eins and Zafri.

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

wahhhh...snow.....syoknyer....(jeles pon ada)...hahahhhahaah...

soo cute laa the girls Izu.....bisa bikin hati ibu runsing nanti besar ni....kihkihkihkih..

Take care Izu !

roSebud said...

bestnya izuan! take care ok?suka sgt tengok gambar2 tuh!!!

yatispeed said...

izu...tiba2 jer teringat masa kecik2, 27thn dulu kat US. masa tu sham besar zafri...kitorang buat bukit snow pastu letak sham atas bukit snow bila tgk gambar zafri camtu, rasa cam turn back time pulak..terharu sangat..u are so lucky dapat rasa main snow..kitorang ni menahan rasa jer ntah bila nak rasa negara 4 musim..huwaaa..hehehe..btw, zahin leh jd arkitek reka bentuk snowgirl..babah pulak jd engineer who accomplish it..heheehe..sweeeettt sangat..sebijik macam zahin as a snowgirl la! chik geram gile..kan best kalu leh bersama2 korang kat sana, main baling2 snow...tapi sakit la badan kena baling snowball..hehehe..subhanallah..cantiknya bumi Allah ni..

Nadiah Sidek said...

merajuk sungguh zafri dengan babah dia ye :D

ummi_ziz said...


Thanks dear! Cute kn! Ktrg pon geram, tp dh cair. Huhu kan best klu boleh awet..Hehe

ummi_ziz said...


Best alhamdulillah. Tak sangka snow kalini turun lebat smpi tebal gitu. Terus bg effect cantik kt rumah ni..:D btw tq..:)

ummi_ziz said...


Hehe wsalam. Jgn la jeles, insyaAllah ur time will come one day k. Amin. Ok tk care, hugs fr us as well ;)

ummi_ziz said...


Alhamdulillah rezeki dptmain snow lg, igt aritu dh tade peluang. :) hehe bdk2 sume cute kan, tq dear. Take care too! :)

ummi_ziz said...


Hi nadiah! Thanks dear..meh la jln2 ke sini..thanks taw singgah sini. Nti i link ur blog to my favourite k :)

ummi_ziz said...


Tu lah hisham ad citer gak..sbnrnya dia igt nk buat bukit jgk then amik gmbr zafri ats bukit tu tp tak smpt. Hehe. Klu ada rezeki boleh try lg sbb mlm ni turun snow lg tp tataula akn jd lebat n tebal mcm aritu ke tak. :) hehe alhamdulillah rezeki bdk2 nilah dpt main snow, ummi tumpang je ;D haah klu kakak ada skali mst lg meriah..! Thn dpn boleh dtg lg, dtg time snow! Hehehe

ummi_ziz said...


Haah. Sian dia. Ummi ambil baru dia tenang hehe

yatispeed said...

izu, this is the best entry u ever wrote..kakak keep on flipping on this page over and over again...rasa nak makan jer semua snow ni..mati makan snow la sudahnya..hahaha..pastu kan..kakak paling suka tengok gambar family tu. takleh blah skali ialah bila nak jugak skuter tu masuk dalam family portrait..dulu ingat tak, masa nak tunggu beranakkan iris..bekas keropok pun nak masuk dlm family portrait..these little things really makes me smile and laugh out loud all by myself..hahaha..i miss you all soo soo so ooooo much..its infinity, dear!

ummi_ziz said...

Hehe thanks kakakku cyg! Ktrg pon geram tp hajat nk buat n mkn abc tak kesampaian satu sbb tk smpt dua sbb ter pk ada fox so mcm geli nk mkn gitu. Tp hisham selamba je Ngap masuk mulut dia. Hehehe

Haha mmg sengaja ltk scooter tu as A backdrop..;) tp bekas kopok dulu tu mmg ter masuk hehehe buat spoil je kn..nway bila dikenang2 mmg lawak! Hehehe btw, we miss u too so much kakak..take care taw!:))

yusparisa said...

lalim wan....

comey2 semuanya & bestnya main snow...

wan, zafri comel sungguh.putih melepak & tembam, geram sungguh aunty...huhu..

take care dear..

sitiezahim said...

huhu kami kat sini takde seleji pong..kene pegi atas bukit arituh unt main seleji..huhuhu..btw cantikkan winter? saya sangat sangat sangat suka...hehehehe

ms.nad said...

bestnya, rindu betul nak main snow!