Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snowy London (Teaser)

~ winter wonderland 2012 ~
Salam :)
Finally, the snow fell down heavily on saturday night (04/02/12) The next day It piled up to 10cm at our backyard but it's almost 15cm in other certain area! Tebal ok! Plg tebal so far yg i pnh experience.;D so What a blast day we had on last sunday starting the night it first bursted, continued the next morning With making a snowgirl and lastly went out the park for snow sledging. Wee! I will update more tomorrow after class insyaAllah. Hehe..


She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

after last year snow fiasco, i am so glad this year Dublin tak snow. well, so far la hehe..
anyways, enjoy the snow :)

yatispeed said...

enjoy the snow, ok? suka sangat tengok gambar budak2 ni buat snow girl..so feminin la snow girl tu..macam tuan2 dia..hehehe..

Nadine said...

subhanallah, seronoknya!!

hmm, ntah bila nadia nak merasa genuine snow ni? :)