Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things To Do

Besides need to read Multimedia Design books and journals for my first homework, there are other tasks that need to be done during this weekend. It might be another spring cleaning! I just wanna list them down here so i can make a recheck later. Hence, here are the tasks:-
1. Clear out the unnecessarily things in the kitchen and send them to the store outside at the backyard. Currently, our kitchen cabinet is too full until some of the things have to put here and there and it looks messy at the moment.
2. Do laundry as much as we can since the new washing machine will be arrived tomorrow. Yes, this house is not fully-furnished so we have to equip some of the things ourselves. There goes our £100 for the machine. Before, we went to launderette twice to wash the clothes. There was abundant of them as we are five ppl in this house. Besides the washing, we also had a problem on drying all of them at the same time. Since it was winter, we cannot dry direct under the sun but put them near the heater inside the house. The problem was each of them cannot bear too much clothes ! So we had to hang the extra clothes at the staircase rail and even at the curtain rail! Huhu.
3. The Bathroom also need to be washed and cleaned. I actually make sure i do it every after three days so this time it is due on this weekend. Also I wanna buy an automatic air freshner for the bathroom but need to survey the price and the place where get the best offer. I wish we can go to Ikea but again it will depend on our budget. So far we also have to postpone to buy a sofa. But, thats ok since we dont really need it as much as we need the washing machine.
4. Also To keep all the bedrooms always in order and neat and tidy. But i guess it is just a wishful thinking since it is very difficult to maintain the bedrooms look with the two active kids around. One minute, all the books and clothes are on the shelf and wardrobe, the next minute, they could be on the bed and floor! Sigh. Also, i do have an intention to hang some pretty pictures or paintings on the wall in every bedroom but i guess we still dont have a time for it yet. Huhu.
Ok i think thats all the major tasks that i need to get my ass on it during this coming weekend. Hopefully, we can do it. Amin!
Ps. I Have to sacrifice my first class for subject Global ICT & Sustainability tomorrow to take care the kids coz hubby will have an exam from 9am-1pm. Hopefully, my millionaire lecturer will forgive me. :)
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Mixed-family in da house.... said...

caiyok Izu......although rasa letih, tapi nanti tgk hasilnya, best kan! rumah kemas.....saya pon nak kena 'operasi' mcm ni jugak ni...aisshhhh

ummi_ziz said...


Hehe yup, so true. So sama2 lah kita beroperasi weekend ni ye! Chayok..chayok! Hehe

Nadine said...

Waaa, full task list ni. All the best Izu! Berat tak berat tanggungjawab sbg Ibu, Isteri n Student kn. Izu mmg supermommy tau!

p.s: sori lama x jengah, takde sendiri pun terabai. btw, baru tukar ur id to ummi ziz eh? terkejut tgk comment izu, ingat sape la yg comment tu :)

ummi_ziz said...


Thanks dear! Hopefully tlaksana la sume tu! Hehe

Aah br tukar id..Tkejut tak..hik2. Ok take care..:)

mommaholicSURI said...

Cayok ummi!! :) 5,10 tahun lagi, Ummi gotang kaki jer , Zahin dengan Iris mesti dah boleh tolong-tolong. hihihi

ummi_ziz said...


Amin! Mudah2an masin mulut u dear! Skrg ni lom nmpk lg, tlg 'kemas' baeek punye adalah..if u know what i meant hehehe..

yatispeed said...

dah jadi mak, seribu satu kerja mmg tak pernah abis, kan izu? sib baik la dapat hubby yang sangat2 memahami dan membahagikan kerja 50-50...alhamdulillah..tambah2 lagi bila anak dah sekolah cam zahin. tak cukup 24 jam tu yer tak? kakak pun rasa gitu. pagi2 bangun tido pun terkejut2 takut terlewat.tido pun takkan pernah lebih dari 6 jam! weekend jerla nak qadak balik..take care izu..semoga dalam kesihatan yang terbaik selalu..

ummi_ziz said...


Betul tu, tak ckp tgn dibuatnya. Ank dh sekolah jd kelam kabut pagi2. Hehe. Aah Klu Hisham ada lega sket..dia pon ringan tulang, Abg azuar pon rajin kn. Alhamdulillah. :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

eh, sejak bila jadi ummi_ziz ni? :D

ummi_ziz said...

Hehe sejak..ala tak igt dh exactly date nya ;D