Friday, January 13, 2012

9 Months Young

Yesterday, Zafri turned 9 months young. Now he talks alot, crawls faster, he sits more stable and he even tries to stand himself when and wherever he could. Huhu the latter really makes me worry most! Hehe. So far, he eats various kind of porridge three times a day, his weight still maintain at 11kg byt he's far slimmer than he was before. I really miss the old chubby him..hehe until i said to hubby let's make another baby one more time la! Hahaha. Apa nk buat, i love babies! But cannot la now..hubby suka je, dia mmg ada niat nk tmbh lg lps dia hbs aritu sy je yg mcm no, no, no..hehehe. We'll see..;). Kalau ada rezeki adalah kn. :)

BTW, zafri is so darling. He tends to be clingy like her sisters as well. My movement is limited. He has separation anxiety too. Dah kenal orang. Tak nak sungguh dgn orang lain selain ktrg parents dia. Huhu i'm so worried. Next week ummi ada kelas researc methodology the whole week. Another next week, my multimedia and ict class will be started for this new semester. Then clash plak dgn class hubby on that Tuesday and friday. Tatau lg nk mintak tolong sape utk jagakan zafri n iris yg clingy ni. Huhu dilemma, dilemma..nk ponteng, kelas first plak tu. Babah lg tak leh ponteng sbb ada xm on friday. Awal2 tahun lg dah diuji..sabar, sabar ada orang lg teruk ujiannya drpd kita ni. Hopefully, we can find the solution by this monday. InsyaAllah. Allah knows best and what best for us.

Happy 9 months young, Zafri! Ummi, babah, along and angah love you so much!! May Allah protect and bless you always.

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yatispeed said...

chik pun love you so much jugak, sayang..though we havent met yet..the cutest baby ever!