Thursday, January 5, 2012

A True Friend

Every new year, i keep trying to be a good wife, mother and even a daughter. What about trying to be a good friend? I suddenly ask myself. Don't i need a friend at all though i'm already married and have my own family? Of course i do need a friend. In fact, i have many friends and i'm so thankful of that. But am i a truly friend of them?

Well all my life, i promise i wanna be a good friend. At least to someone. I'll be there for he or she whenever they need me. I'll lend my hands, ears and anything if possible. When she's happy, i'm happy for her. When she's sad, i'm sad or even cried together with her too. When she's more successful, i will congratulate her and proud of her no matter how envied i am. (which is not hard to do, give it a try ;)). When she's down, i will always support and stay friend with her. That's what are friends supposed to be rite. But I also know what it feels like if the other way around and it hurts, believe me.

To all my besties (you know who you are ;)), i hope i have being a good friend to you all this while. I'm truly sorry if i've ever hurt your feelings that i think i had had.. I really wish i can be better and i promise i will try. ;)Though we are thousand miles apart, our friendship will always be cherished. We are friends then, now and forever. Love ya'all! To my new friends, i hope i can be a good friend to you as well! Keep in touch! :)

They're our everything
Ps. To my beloved children, be good to each other. Your brother or sister can be your truly friend too you know. Believe me. ;)


Anonymous said...

Good Friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but u know they're always there. I hope i can be among your stars ! :)

Btw, happy belated anniversary to both of u. Zafri sungguh putih melepak & comel la kat katil tu. Snowdonia's views was magnificent! How I wish I could be there too.

~Rin (AHAR)

sitiezahim said...

tuh la saya pon selalu terpikir adakah saya kawan yg baik..mmmmmm

Frau Azmir said...

so true izu, i hope i have been a good friend to you too.. and i also wanna be a good friend to everybody, just like what you wrote, good friend, good wife, good mother etc etc... tiba2 tercetus idea nak tulis pasal ni jugak, bole ek izu..? hehe..
by the way, sometime this year or next year ke, my adik akan smpai UK, so klu ada rezeki nak pi sana lagi, this time i'll make sure we'll meet up, insyaAllah.. :)

ishamizu said...


Thanks rin! You're derinitely among my stars! ;) and i hope i'm among of your stars too dear. :)

Thanks for the wish! InsyaAllah ada rezeki Nti ko dtg sini lg and boleh pegi Snowdonia k. :) Take care, Zafri also give u a kiss ;D

ishamizu said...


InsyaAllah hajar kawan yg baik..;) yg Ptg hati kita ikhlas bkawan dgn dia dan punya niat yg baik. Bkn nak mengambil kesempatan thadaP nya atau bermuka2. Sy pon hrp sy d jauhkn dpd mjd kawan yg begitu. Amin!

ishamizu said...

Kak nana

I'm so glad that i'vefound u back thru blog. You are such a goodfren to me. Kdg tdetik knpla izu tk rapat dgn akk masa kt uia dulu..well, dh takdir kn. But hopefully, we can start fr n

ishamizu said...

Con't(ttekan publish ;D)

..Now on k..i've noticed that we have so much in common, ritebut you're better than me. I hope i can be as good as you. Amin!;)

Really? Bestnya adik akk. Insan tpilih nk smbg bljr (kan ke keje) kt UK. Ok klu akk dtg sini kalini wajib tau kita jmp! Hehehe nak tdo rmh ktrg pon no hal. Klu sudi..hehehe take care!

ishamizu said...

Oh kak nana, lupe lak. Boleh sgt klu akk nk tulis psl ni. U write better than me too and i cant wait to read abt it! ^_^

yatispeed said...

alah comelnya bila bertiga2 ambik gambar ni..geram la chik tengok korang bertiga ni..rasa nak gigit2 ajer. heheehe..
well, tak semestinya dah kawin takleh berkawan kan? more than anything we need a friend..a good one! i have one, and she's always there for me whenever i need her..thru good and bad lucky to have her and to know her is the best gift of all..

dyana "his other half" said...

i can assure that ur a really good friend to me. even izu jauh tp izu banyak bagi support kat cd n fariq. thanks my dear :). insya allah kita sama2 usaha jadi kawan yg baik for each other.

by the way, cantik la gambar ur kids. n cam biasa la, aunty suka rambut zahin. hehe.

faisyura said...

izu, izu mmg kawan yg baik sgt.. dr dulu smpi skg... suke dtp kwn ngn izu... hope our friendship remains forever! ;)

ishamizu said...


Thanks! Mmuahh! Ehehe.

Tu la ada sorg pon dh cukup dn bsyukur sgt kan. Someine that we can turn to n rely on besides our husband. Alhamdulillah .:)

ishamizu said...


Aww thanks dear. I always try n try to be a good fren. Selain kita manusian ni kene jg hubungan kita dgn Allah..hubumgan sesama manusia pon kene jg baik2 sbb Allah maha pengampun lg maha Pemurah tp manusia? Klu ada salah silap atau dendam(nauzubillah) sshnk lupa hatta memaafkan btoi dak..

InsyaAllah, we can be a good fren to each other dear and you alreafy are to me too. Klu izu ada masalah ke, im sure you'll be therw to support me too. Coz again, thats friend are supposed to be ..rite. Hugs

ishamizu said...


Hehe alhamdulillah. Smg Izu stay that way smpi bila2 la. Amin. Tp izu tau tak semua yg sudi or suka bkawan dgn izu. Biasalah tu kan. Yg ptg i like the way you are too zura. I'm glad i'm your fren!;) friendship foeever k!! ^_^

Fadhilah Rozley said...

Aww so sweet! I loke this entry.. pic anak2 akak tuh cute sangat2. Yeap, it is true. Sometimes our family can be our bestfriend, right? Dila sendiri pun takde kawan baik kecuali makcik Dila. She's my soulmate. <3