Monday, January 9, 2012

Strawberry Picking 2011

Huhu please excuse me for this delay post ok. Hehe.

Anyway, we went for strawberry picking during last Summer, in July. It was the end of the strawberry season actually. We were kinda late already. Since we had promised, Zahin kept asking on it. Well, promise has to be kept so we made a trip. First, it was very difficult searching for a farm within London which was still doing strawberry picking, but we were lucky when our friend Farah who lives in Bristol reccommended us this one farm in Gloucester. Credit to her as well as she's the one who contacted the farm and asked whether there was still doing strawberry picking. Thank you Farah. (if you tumbled on my blog..:))

The Wotton farm is located in Gloucester, about 30 minutes driving from Bristol. But it took us almost five hours fr our place in Stratford. Huhu we had mistakenly took the wrong junction at Motorway. It was a long journey but we enjoyed the countryside view along the way. Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived at the farm around 3PM. Actually, you can pick other fruits like cherry, blueberry and many more including vegetables but as expected Zahin insisted us to go for strawberry. After all, the trip was made especially for her rite..? So we dídn't want to let her down..;)

I wanna pick, pick and pick..^_^

here are my strawberries

i dont wanna pick,  just wanna eat strawberry..:D

Pls take my pic picking strawberry. :D

is it enough, ummi?

this one looking so ripe n fresh ;)

Come, Let me help

 the good riped strawberries were almost hardly to find
Zafri was so round, cubby n flabby at that time! haha miss the old him. :)

the diligent strawberry pickers :P

love my boys  

hehe looked so happy



ok done with picking xtvt, let's go the shop

 more fruits and vegetables were sold at the shop

including these...yum2. ^_^

 we bought the ice cream, some cookies and chocolate toffees too. ^_^

At the end of the day, Zahin was very happy to pick her own strawberries. It was a great experience, indeed. Though the method they had planted the strawberries were the same as the one at Cameron Highlands but at this farm, it was open-aired and free admission. We just paid for our straberries according to its weight and it's not that much either. After that we headed to Bristol and also visited Farah and slept over at her place one night. We had fun in Bristol! Mucho mucho gracias, Farah and Abg Imran! You guys are so nice to us! ;) If i had free time, i will definitely update about it too k. :)



Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Seronok kakak n adik picked stroberi ya. Yg zafri tu wahh chubby betul time tuh ya.

ishamizu said...


Er sape nama u ye? Hehe. Btw, mmg seronok derg, kita pom tmpg hepi la kn..;) hmm msa tu zafri mmg chubby skrg dh tu pon brt maintain 11kg hihi smgt jgk. Alhamdulillah.

dyana "his other half" said...

Bestnya! Aunty yg excited tgk zahin pluck strawberry. Hehe. Mesti manis kn. x mcm strawberry kat cameron. Masam betul.

yatispeed said...

wallllahhh izuuuu...sangat2 best la..dah pulak izu kata ada cherry n berries picking..meroyan kakak kat sini tau! geram giler ..u know my favorite, rite? the way, zahin looks really enjoyed on that trip..tapi iris ngan zafri cam selamba ajer..hahaha..baru kakak perasan, after 30 years, hisham smiles like me! hehehe..

Nadine said...

bestnya!! nak dpt strawberry picking kat cameron pun tak dpt2..hahaha!

p.s: masyaAllah Zafri!! chubbynyeeeeer!

sitiezahim said...

waaahhh buat saya teringin nak petik laggi....

ishamizu said...

Cdee: Haah manis, wangi sgt lak tuh heheh

Kakak: yep, zahin hepi. Puas tgk dia camtu. Hahaha

Nadine: hehe nti bley pegi CH, posing2 dgn twinnies mst cun! :)

ishamizu said...


Kan? Buat xtvt wajib setiap summer every tataula thn ni mcm mana klu pegi nk try picking buah lain ataupun sayur2an ke Plak kan! ;)

Frau Azmir said...

best best.. teringat waktu kami di ladang strawberry summer haritu, definitely akan rindu semua ni nnt bila dah balik M'sia kan :)
by the way, (mixed-family..) tu nama nya Dinnie hehe.. akak pi tanye terus kat blog die, carik2 kat profile, tak jumpe nama orang nye :)

ishamizu said...

K Nana

Hehe best memetik mcm ladang seniri je kn. Sementara kt sini, can try or go discover something new yg tade kt Msia kn. Tp mmg akn rindu sume2 kt sini. Sy dh pnh rasa masa blk Msia lps Hisham wat master dulu tp tak serik2 nk dtg sini lg. :D

Oh dinnie ye, ok noted. Thanks kak! :)

mommyNadia said...

Nadia rs Zafri more chubbier from Ryan..tgk leher dia, geram nye!!

Strawberries pun fresh n so ripe..
Adam tgk mmg tang tu gak mintak nak makan..

nice place and good activity dear..

faisyura said...

wahhhh stoberi picking! i loike too.. tp sbb stroberi cameron tu masam yg amat.. zura suke picking je la.. tadela nk kn sgt pon... last time kitorg pergi mase lepas pantang kan zaim... windu nak pegi lagi!

iris kemain relek jeee mkn stroberi tu... mesti manis kan! zahin nmpk enjoy sgt... and zafriiii u look tooo yummeh laaaa... kalah stroberi haaha...

Fadhilah Rozley said...

salam Kak Izu,

wah2! Strawberry picking tuh. best2! hehe excited nyerr muka Zahin. Haha tak boleh tahan nak ketawa bila tengok Iris. Iris mcm akak juga, takde mana nak petik2, tahu makan jek. Hehe ;) . Kak, chubby nyer Zafri. Geram tengok dia! Adik Dila, Mizan tuh da susut sikit badan dia since da pandai merangkak nih. Okehla, akak take care k, hugs and kisses for the Eins and Zafri <3

Nadiah Sidek said...

yay..ada geng tulis pasal cerita basi! hihi