Saturday, January 14, 2012

Secret Artwork

It is a leisure saturday. Since the temperature has dropped abruptly to 1.5degree celcius we decided to stay indoor. After all Zahin's still not fully recovered from sick.( she started feverish last monday and missed school the rest of the week) and she still under medication. I think she's recovering now alhamdulillah.
Today, after breakfast, she played organ randomly until at one point i heard no more playing and heard the door was being shut. It's quite a while she locked herself in there. I wonder what was she doing as i was catching up with Lil Zafri in my room until she banged into my room and show the secret artwork that she and Iris had created!! Truthfully, it awed me! I know it's not that much compare to other children but for me i really like it! I think her drawing skill has improved! Well done, zahin! :) she even declared that the nice looking girl one is hers and the not so nice oned is Iris's. Haha i laughed out loud seeing it, i believe it is indeed Iris's. Habis dia conteng bagai, cheeky betul. ;D
How i wished i could do more arts with both of them..But we did canvas painting last two days! It was the first time for us. Even though i was pretty exhausted attending both of them including almost being a hulk but i still happy to see the outcomes! Hehe. Sorry darlings, cant help myself. Pls Blame my perfectionist trait in me la. heheh.
i will try to update about it k. It's just I'm too tired to upload the pics from our Dslr to lappie nowadays. Updating by iPhone is much easier for me now. I can just update on my bed while nursing lil Zafri. ;) But the only thing i dislike i cant upload more than 1 pic or is it just me who does not know? Anyone using iPhone can teach me? :D


dyana "his other half" said...

Ala, so sweet of them but secret artwork tu. dah boleh buat secret birthday n anniversary card for ummi n babah la kan ;).

ishamizu said...


Entah bila ye. Tak sabar nk tgu that time to come. Hehe.
ThankS dear! :)

Mama said...

chomeeels...i like ;-)

Fadhilah Rozley said...

Salam Kak Izu,

alolo comelnyaaaa! haihh, Zahin lukis lagi lawa drpd akak yg da 16tahun nih. well,tangan kayu la katakan. hehe akak take care k. hugs and kisses for the Eins and Zafri.

ishamizu said...

Thank you Ct! :)

Dhila: wsalam. Thanks! Akk pon tgn kayu jgk dik, tu yg teringin sgt klu slh sorg ni good at art! Tp tatau la mcm mana, we'llsee. ;D

yatispeed said... sweet of both of them presenting it to ummi..terharu jer tengok. bila izu kata zahin banged into a room and do things secretly, it reminds me of hisham masa kecik. suka duduk sorang2 dalam bilik dan buat kerja senyap2..tau2 boleh membaca dah!
kakak punya dslr pun berkerak kat rumah mama. tak berani nak bawak balik puncak alam, takut kena curi lagi. nauzubillah...

ishamizu said...


Really? Relieved to hear that. Mudah2an bijak pandai mcm babah jgk la. Amin. Hehehe. Bkn apa risau jg apala yg dia buat syp2 kunci pintu tu..dh la dulu masa kecik syp2 pg cukur kening! Hee