Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anniversary Getaway at Snowdonia.

'The biggest, boldest mountains in Wales and England are to be found here in the Snowdonia National Park. There’s also a long coastline of sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and glorious estuaries, which along the Llŷn Peninsula is a protected ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. - Source

That;s a brief introduction about Snowdonia. Very intriguing..isn't it? ;)

So we been there from last 23rd-25th of December. It was a treat for our 6th wedding anniversary. (Thank you Darling Xoxo :))

We safely arrived at Bangor travelodge after 7 hrs being on the road. It's supposed to be 5 hrs from London but there was massive traffic on motorway due to Christmas. We stopped at Service twice for eat, prayer and short relaxation. It was very tiring journey but the kids were at their best behavior even though lil Iris was feverish that day. When we reached the travelodge, it was already dark. As soon as we were checked in, we found our way to the room and threw ourselves immediately on the plushy bed! It's good to get lie down. After washed ourselves, prayed, ate, all of us went to Lala land. :)

See Zafri was also delighted to be on the bed :D

Alg Zahin mmg sayang adik Zafri :)

Iris demam2 pun mcm2 akal dia ada. Main mug la itu la :)

Dah besar tapi still manja lg dgn babah. Duduk ats riba babah lg ni ;)

On the very next day, we just waited until everybody was wide awaked and ready to explore Snowdonia. No planned tentatives, no pressures since we were on our own. It's a family trip so we just wanna have fun. ;) I think we went out almost at 11 in the morning, we didnt know where to head. Luckily, i managed to grab a pamphlete at the receptionist last night so we just depended on it. Hubby said that he wanted to bring us to Cardigan bay so i said that i would love to go there! hhehe. On the way there, Masya Allah the view was so beautiful and beyond our imagination. Subhanallah, cantik sgtt!!!

at the first pit stop of Snowdonia National Park

at the second pit stop

Happy 6th Anniversary. May Allah bless our marriage with love and happiness forever. Amin! :)

at the lookout point

at Lyn Gwnand

Our sporting model. Lil Iris in Action ^_^

Zahin at Portmeirion Village. Ingatkn kilang Portmeirion kt sini rupanya silap daa hahaha. Nasib tak beli pinggan kt sini..mahal. Tq K.Ibah krn mberitahu.;)

Criccieth Castle

Our shy model ;)

credit to Alg zahin. Good job love!

And the first day had gone without going to Cardigan bay. :p But for hubby, he was already satisfied get to see all the breathtaking view at Snowdonia National Park. :) Since it is Winter now, it gets darken as early as at 4pm. We had missed Snowdonia Mountain Railway as well, they close their service in this season. :( Hubby kata Issokay ada rezeki boleh pegi lg, ^_^

Just before we went back to travelodge we managed to stopped by at Tesco at Porthmadog to pray and buy Iris's winter coat (bubbles) as hers were dirty after she had puked all over it. Huhu kesian anak ummi tp walau macam manapon Iris tetap sporting. Alg Zahin n adik Zafri pon good, sume good! So anniversary tahun depan bley ikut ummi and babah lg. hehehe. (mcm la bley tgl..;p)

BTW, i dont think i will update on the second day coz it was Christmas and many places were closed due to it. So that day we just visited castles but it just from the outside before we headed to Chester. So kiranya ada pro n cons nya pegi bercuti time Krismas. ;D Kene plan baik2 dan tempah travelodge awal2 serta bawa homemade food untuk lebih jimat. Bukan nak cheapskate tp kt sini kdg lain tempat susah nk cari makanan halal. Kalau ada pon mahal atau pon tak sesuai dgn selera kita ank beranak.

Ok have a nice day. Wassalam.


Mixed-family in da house.... said...

nice view....masyaAllah...

Nadiah Sidek said...

nice scenery! macam takde orang la kat situ

Nadine said...

happy belated wedding anniversary to izu n isham! stay romantic as you both are ok! :)

bestnya, cantik sungguh scenary tempat tu. menaikkan mood romantic lagi.

p.s: comelsnya ur kids in d latest photos !!! geram!

ishamizu said...


Yup very nice. Subhanallah..:)

ishamizu said...


Aah tade org sgt. Kereta yg lalu pon boleh dikira :D

ishamizu said...


Tq for your wish! Amin. Hehe

Aah cantik kn dear..tenang je rasa kt sana, mmg best n romantik! Hihihi

Aww tq aunty nadine! Ur so kind n cute too! ;D xoxo.

mommyNadia said...

masyaAllah..cantiknye tempat tu..
Happy belated anny dear!

Ya Allah, bulatnye Zafri..commey!!
Geram btul!!

blackcardomompods said...

Happy anniversary!!moga berkekalan n murah rezeki.

Kitaorg g sana masa autumn nk masuk winter.sejuk sgt pastu mndung ujan jd xbyk ambik photo

sitiezahim said...

canttikkk..saya baca bangor ni teringat novel peberet saya, Jauh..dok citer pasal castle lama, Cardiff and so on..sangat teringin unt pegi..!! btw ur kids sangat2 comel especially yg baby tu...teringin nak cubit hehe
psstt kenal kak ibah amran ek? dia dok cardiff kan? satu uni ngan en husben saya hehe

faisyura said...

subhanallah.. cantiknyeee view kat sana tu... untungnye izu dpt tgk tempat org... tenang betul tgk gmbr2 izu kt sana tu...

tp kan nk tnye, penat tak bwk askar2 3 org tu jalan? kagum la... anak2 izu mmg sporting g jenjalan cmni... haha kalau zaim n aariz abis dh mintak dukung... patah pinggang!

nway happy anniversary ishamizu!

yatispeed said...

happy anniversary to my dearest brother n so so so beloved sis in law! having u in our family is so blessed and am so happy to have someone like you. 6 years of marriage seems like yesterday when we are truly sincere but 6 months of marriage with so many loops seems like 600 years. so, happy sailing and may god blessed your marriage till the end of your lives. cant wait to be there..

Fadhilah Rozley said...

Salam Kak Izu,

alamak! Jeles nyerrrrrrr. Hehe kak, Iris and Zafri muka sebijik ek. Da macam kembar pula tengok. Tapi Iris nampak macam susut sikit dalam gambar. Zahin da besar da. Muka ada iras2 suami akak. hehe syokla akak berjalan ek.

Dila pun insyaAllah ke Auckland lagi 06/01/2012 - 10/01/2012. Haha time cuti taknak pula berjalankan, time da sekolah baru gatal nak ke sana ke mari. Hehe tuhla, nih pun papa tiba2 jek cakap. kena guna juga tiket last year. takpela, baru permulaan tahun, belajar pun belum lagi. tiket tuh kena pakai b4 bulan 4 sebabya lepas bulan 4 da klua tiket tahun nih. Hehe sekali sekala ponteng kan. hehe take care kak :)

ishamizu said...


Thanks dear!

Mehla jln2 ke UK, aimy pon ada kt leeds then bley turun London visit ktrg! Hehe ;)

ishamizu said...


Okla tu jnj smpi jgk Snowdonia kn. Gmbr sume kekal dlm memori! Hehe. Ktrg pon aritu hujan jgk on n off tp belah2 ptg ke mlm so pg smptla posing2. :D

Ok thanks for the wish!! ;)

ishamizu said...


Mmg cantik dear! Klu ada rezeki bolehlapegi. ;) tp aritu caste tak buka time krismas so tgk n posing fr outside je. Hehe oh thanks aunty hajar, klunk cubit pp zafri mehla dtg LOndon ;)

ishamizu said...


Thanks for the wish! ;)

Hmm mstla penat hehehe tp jalan punye psl tak igt la penat tu. Lepas smpi travelodge br terasa penat n sakit pinggang kaki n sume la hahaha like parents like kids so the kids mmg suka jln2 cuma zahin je la ssh nk bgmbr sbb sejuj. Dia sgup duduk dlm van n biar je ktrg posing..so dia tkg jg van heheh punyela seronok bcuti smpi otw blk London zahin tanya 'babah kata nak tdo hotel lg mlm ni' ehehehe sabo je la..mungkin dergni dh biasa kot..dah babah ngan ummi derg kaki jln! ;p

ishamizu said...


Thank you for the best wishes. Insya Allah amin. Tak sabar jgk nk tgu kakak dtg sini..cecepat bookIng tiket flIght k hehehe ke tgu matta fair? Bila matta fair, bln 3 ke?:)

ishamizu said...


Wsalam. Adik beradik kan, somuka pon lebih krg sama la hehehe

Wah jln2 ke aucland lgk?? Bestnya!! Bilala akk nk smpi sana plak ek? Hehe apapon enjoy!! ;)

Frau Azmir said...

happy anniversary izu, may Allah bless your marriage always.. :) nice views, and cam biasa geram nye tengok si tembam zafri hehe.. wonderful anniversary celebration :) mine is coming soon ngeeee, hope to have a nice one too.

ishamizu said...

Thanks kak Nana! I hope u will enjoy ur anniv too soon k! :) Hugs

maniscinta said...

hi izu...sorry lama dah tak bukak blog..
btw, nice piccas n happy anniversary to both or u ;)
boxing day..patutnyer kitorang pg german..last minit cancel, then kitorang pegi london... stay kat rumah saudara kat area croydon..
nanti aimy bg no UK, in case izu nak dtg leeds. :)

ummi_ziz said...


Thanks br dpt bls kOmen u ni. Ok nti kita exchange no ye kt fb. ;)