Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goodmayes Library


I love books and I love reading so much. My mom said there's no use to ask help from me if i already indulged with reading materials. I would be serious, focus and concentrate on it so i will not hear anything else. :D I also don't mind skipping meals just to finish a novel. Hehe. 

I also love hanging out at the library as well to study or have a group discussion and to do revision. I like the quietness there and no one bothers me. There is an indescribable feeling every time i go to a library. Maybe the quiet ambiance makes me calm and relax or because of the so many books from various fictions. I don't know..hehe.

By the way, we managed to visit Goodmayes library for the first time last year. Yeah, you heard me..we just went once. It was very hard to find time to go since both of us were busy with study. But hopefully we can go more frequently this year in shaa Allah. :)

Let's check it out!
Goodmayes library from the the front view

Goodmayes library is under Redbridge council. Goodmayes is a neighbour to our house resident area which is Ilford. But Ilford is also under Redbridge council and here each council have their own library. But the reason we went to Goodmayes library instead of Ilford library is because it is nearer to us. Just a 5 and 10 minutes walking distance from Goodmayes Primary School (the Eins's school) and our house. :)
Inside the library ;)

Once i entered, the same feeling rushed all over me. Hehe. Seriously best, uols. I straightly fall in love with the ambiance!! Starting with the receptionist desk, the arrangement of the books shelves and lastly of course the children reading corner are far separated than the adults's! Ini sudah baik! Knowing my kids, they are loud and cannot sit-still type. ;D

The children corner was awesome. It is so cheerful with bright and colourful carpet and wall decorations. The cute mini set of book tables and chairs were fantastic, very suitable for children heights..hehe. And the books? Heaven! I got crazy myself and feels like 'golek-golek' on the carpet reading those amazing children books! ;D

The receptionist aka the librarian was so friendly. I have never encountered such librarian before. Not even at IIUM ok... :P 

The lady librarian always smiled and attended to us kindly. She even approached us at the children reading corner and invited us to come to their activities such as story-telling after school time! She wrote down the sessions on a paper for me and said we can come in without calling or being a member. How convenient! :)

I remembered when we lived at Stratford, we had to register as a member to access Stratford library..hmm leceh sket tp best sebab dapat library card and we registered though but we just went once due to time-contraint..

But not with Goodmayes library..;)

happy and content before leaving the library. :)
So far, I have noticed that Zahin also have the same passion. Iris and Zafri are still too young to tell. Hopefully, they will follow our footsteps. Hehe. 

So when Zahin knew we went to the library, the bookworm was so envy and angry knowing us going to the library without her ok. hehehe. So i have promised that i will definitely bring her together next time. Instead, babah already took her ( Iris & Zafri too!) while i was not around somewhere last month. ( I went to Oxford Street for the second time and i was alone. Shhhh! :P)

Ok till then, Wassalam.


Nadiah Sidek said...

dah agak dah mesti anak-anak pun nanti suka membaca juga. saya ni membaca ikut 'angin' :p

Miss Anna said...

Ok shhhhhhhhh! Hehehe.. It's so good to know zahin has passion for books, as for kak nana ni, afeef dah mmg lost minat kat buku, I'm now working hard to make him love books again, I hope he will insyaAllah.. Fatini and aleena sama la cam zahin ni, mmg book worm :)
By the way, mmg cantik library ni!

mama ct said...

izu, best sgt gi library kan...di cni pun ada library yg best...memang every week kamui ke sana kalau x balik kampung...sebenarnya bagi library lagi best dari balik kampung sebab kami semua ulat buku!..kampung x de buku..TV ada lah...huhuhu...

zahin n haris should meet each other...dan bawak buku sorang satu..mesti best...geng baik nanti tu...;-)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Akak seorang kaki buku memang la suka duk library. Saya kaki tido (masa uni) jadi harus lah bilik tido menjadi kegemaran membaca (sambil erm tidooo). hehehe

Nadine said...

Izu, sama lah kita! Nadia pun kalau dah dpt buku mmg lost in my own world. tapi tu dulu, skang susah sgt nak dpt masa T_T.

And I love libraries too! Dulu masa skolah, on Saturday mesti arwah abah drop Nadia kat perpustakaan negara for half a day. nnti lunchtime dia pick me up. Masa IIU dulu pun Nadia suka study kat library sensorang. Sunyi = peaceful. Eheh!

Bestnya library kat sana, yes I must agree with u that our librarians are not that friendly, tak mcm oversea kan, they work there because they have passion. :)

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

Hi Izu,

saya gila novel: dari zaman sekolah rendah sampai sekarang....cuma dah tua2 ni insaf sikit, dah mula beralih minat ke arah2 ilmiah sikit...hehehhe

sitiezahim said...

novel tu boleh dikira buku kah? hahaha aci la kan..hihihihi

nurbijen said...

saya suka juga baca buku, tapi bukan novel la...
suka tgk kid area tu... nampak best jer... huwaa, belum sempat lagi bawa anak2 ke library... asyik bertangguh jer... library kat sini kan selalu buat aktiviti especially during school holidays... kena mula berjinak-jinak dgn library ni :)

Mr Lonely said...

visiting here with a smile~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary)

Zulfadly said...

dekat sini pon librarian dia sgt peramah, masa kat UM dulu, memang jadi musuh, asyik nak marah student, cakap sikit suruh senyap, dekat sini, nak sembang kuat mana pon dia x kesah, hehe

Ayuni Ayatillah said...

Bestnya library. I pun suka gi library tp dah lamaaa tak gi. Dulu masa study niat gi library nak revise and whatnot, tapi sudahnye duk explore rak buku fiksyen gak hahahaha.