Monday, January 14, 2013

We Are Back!


After two weeks of Christmas break, the Eins finally started the Spring term on 9th of Jan. Their school opened one day late than other schools in this area. We guessed the school management had a good reason behind it. For us, we were just thankful of the extra holiday..not too keen to go out during these freezing days though. Also, i was not feeling well but my kids were healthy, Alhamdulillah! :)

By the way, the snow is here already! Started falling from last night without we realized it. So this morning we woke up surprised and happy to see some snow at our backyard! Subhanallah, it is still beautiful view and we are expecting more snow to fall through the rest of the day until tomorrow. Perhaps the thick blanket of snow and winter wonderland like last year if we are lucky, in shaa Allah!

The cons of this kind of weather kinda makes me worry. The Eins tend to get athmatic if they are exposed in too much cold condition. It triggers running nose and then that normally can lead to athma.  Even though i'm having bad running nose now but i think i am immuned with althma already. Alhamdulillah. Just hoping all my kids and hubby will stay healthy throughout this Winter. Amin!

Out of nowhere my mood of cooking is coming back to me. hihi so yesterday i searched recipe at my resepi and i stumbled upon Yani's Ayam percik recipe Kelate style. Ooh i was drooling ok! Ahaha.. Then after checking for ingredients, i had most of the ingredients so i gave it a try! ;) And it turned out delicious...hubby was also surprised to see the ayam percik and really enjoyed it. So did the kids! Happy mak..ahahaha.

Since i was still in the mood, i planned to make a snack for tea time. Suddenly i remembered hubby's  request..he had craved for Cakoi..uols!! Hohoho i never make it before and never think i would try hehe so i searched for it's recipe, got from Izah Daut blog but the recipe comes originally from the famous amos MamaFami. Credit to both of them. ;) But this one honestly, not turned out good. I was always not good with something which needs yeast. :P But at least i already gave it a try and did my best, right Darling? hiihi.

 For the chocolate cupcakes below, it was hubby and the Eins project!! Are not they look yummy? It was yummy!! coz it made full with love. hihi Another bonding session between hubby and the girls. I was so surprised to see the outcomes and even more surprised when hubby said they did not use any recipe. They just did it! OMG, super terer than ummi ok! i'm so proud of them!! ^^ (the Eins so into baking..everyday they watch baking clip after one and another at youTube..and even installed free baking apps in our iphones. hubby siap berangan nak bukakan derg baking shop lg in the future ;D)

Anyway the spirit to cook is still prolong in me so i hope i can try more new recipes for my small family through out this year. In shaa Allah. Amin..


Fazlinil Irma said...

rindunyaaa musim salji.. :)

sy kalau dah jangka malam tu nak turun salji.. mmg tak leh tido.. sekejap2 tgok tingkap.. hehh..!

faisyura said...

pandainyeeee izu buat ayam percik... kat kl ni seketul rm6 tau kecikkk je.. bleh buat bisnes tau izu.. hehe..

asal izu buat je terus teringin nk cuba.. tp hahaah tak jugak buat2.. ;P

baking session with kiddos mmg best but kalau ngn babahnye boleh la kot.. hahah mommy nak baking kene aman damai skit.. nnt tak jadi.. hahah kalau babah dia rajin le melayan tapi dapur mmg mcm kapal karam le.. hahah

sitiezahim said...

selejiiiiii....mesti kita rindukan nya bila dah balik msia kan? huhuhuhu

nurbijen said...

The ayam percik makes me drooling too.... it's look yummy :)

they made it without any recipe? I'm so impressed :)

Kat sini pun snow jugak, kalau tgk forecast mcm sepanjang minggu ni ada snow :)

Miss Anna said...

the Eins suke tengok baking kat You tube?? bole geng ngan fatini la, semua pun girls! fatini pun dulu suka layan baking kat u tube, skrg dah kurang tapi enjoy sgt klu tolong mama bake ape2, hehe.. klakar la budak2 ni kan. and mmg super terer la baking tak tengok resipi tu hehe, rasanye kompom la bole bukak bakery :)

Nadiah Sidek said...

saya pernah juga buat cakoi sekali...keras! haha..

Nadine said...

pandainye anak beranak ni memasak, salute! :)

i always wanted to bake with my children. bahan sume dah beli tapipt each time mesti xdpt curi masa so last2 bhn expired mcm tu je :(

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya dah salji. untung betul zahin, iris and zafri.

terernya the eins+babah buat cupcake. tak tengok recipe pula tu. cd pun kagum. terer dari cd juga ni. the eins suka tengok youtube clips pasal baking? wahhh, bagusnya. nanati dah pandai buat cake. bagitau aunty ye. aunty nak order :).

lady lavender said...

anak beranak terer masak :-)

p/s: tengok cakoi tak psl tetiba teringin haha..

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ishamozu, wow! You have snow there at last. Ours has melted past 3 days due temp gone up above freezing. But here where we are winters are long, and we will be hit by snow storms.

I have always love ayam percik, ikan percik. Used to have these during my very often trips to Kelate.
As well nasi dagang in Trengganu.

Hey, glad to know cake baking and cooking are your talents....ya, especially when living o/seas.
We too eat Malaysian style dishes here as we can get whatever we want, including chinchaloke, belachan.

Your kids look cute bundled up. Bet they having fun fooling around in the snow.
You keep warm, enjoy the winter.
Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.