Sunday, January 20, 2013

Porth Beach, Cornwall.


On the second day in Cornwall, we planned to go to the Lizzard's Point. Another tourist attraction in the beautiful countryside. After getting dressed and packing the food, we were ready for sightseeing. But before leaving the caravan park, hubby took some pictures around our caravan . It was also called as a caravan village. Anyway, it's bright but windy morning in early Autumn. Perfect for sightseeing! :)

Yours truly, ready to rumble! :P

My family pic plus Adam who joined us..;D Zahin was sulking about something , couldn't remember it now hence she didn't look at the cammie..
Group photo with our trip buddy..hopefully next caravan holiday we can go together again k guys! hihihi (Zahin still merajuk tak nak bergambar tp dia tatau yg babah rupanya set tripod bg nmpk dia jugak! ekeke

Arrived at Porth Beach Visitor Car Park. Zahin was already happy! 
On the way, we dropped by at Port Beach. It has quite stretch of golden sand. It's the first time we went to the fine beach with has real sand! Haha seriously i missed this kinda beach ok!! :D Afterall the beach was just 5 minutes drive from the caravan park plus Zahin who was the one to go there. that's why the happy face. Hehe kesian dia daripada first day ajak pergi tapi mak pak dia pergi tempat2 jauh dulu. :D 

Porth Beach at the back.  I love the view, it was so breathtaking to look at..;)

The beach during low water. Jauh nak menapak sampai ke air maka kami tak pergi ke sana lagipun nak kejar masa ke The Lizzard Point plak.

Actually, there are so many things we can explore at the beach. There are a foot bridge which is connected to Porth Island. If the water is low, people can go into a cove below the bridge. Then, there is a castle as well! How interesting! And during summer, many people swim and surf as the beach bay is safe as it is protected by the two cliffs. 

For us, we just sitting on the rock and enjoying the view. The kids enjoyed running and sometimes playing with the sand. The most we did was posing here and there. Hehe. If only we have more days..Or How we wished it was Summer so we could swim and explore the whole beach!
3 sekawan sedang merenung masa depan. ;)

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IshamIzu & Co.

YatiFath n Co. 

cheeky Iris

Ummi and Zafri

Satu lagi yg buatkan cik kak ni happy nak ke sini sebab ada Mermaid kt belakang tuh. Mermaid Inn pon nak jgk..janji mermaid! aishh macam-macam..hihi

The footbridge and the Porth Beach, bay and island during Summer. Awesome!! (Credit Pic by Google)

Anyway, we were still satisfied that we went to Porth Beach though it was not too far to reach the water. We were also thankful for the good weather as in the beginning the weather was predicted to be a shower but it wasn't until that late evening. So afterwards we made it to the Lizzard's Point! 

To be shaa Allah. :)


Miss Anna said...

Yeah couldn't agree more, the view really is breathtaking :) mmmmm.. bole bayang bunyi desiran air, bau air laut wow... summer ni cari beach pulak la :D

sitiezahim said...

cantik kan..dah lama tak mandi laut..huhu

mama ct said...

canitk kan...teringat wales...swansea...oh...tak tour Europe ke izu?... ke dah....lupa...hehehe...rindu Switzerland lah...bila mahu pergi lagi ni...huhuhu

btw....zafri nampak tinggi...ikut hisyam... zafri...handsome sgt mashaa allah!

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

kena pergi ni nanti. hehehe masuk dalam wishlist tempat nak visit. kalau dah balik nanti bila tak tau nak merasa gi cornwall.