Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bicester Village Again


It's been 14 days we are fasting in this holy month of Ramadhan. Time flies so fast indeed. Sobs. So far in London, we did it pretty good, alhamdulillah! Just hoping that time can move slowly i wish Ramadhan can stay longer..

Anyway, i'm sure everyone of us have already started shopping for Raya especially the ones who are in Malaysia. Hehe how i miss the shopping scene in Malaysia..

For us here, we just shopped a little and actually we already started shopping earlier before fasting when Summer sales started that day. Hee.

But as a lady, we cant help shopping, can we? Hehe. So on last monday, i asked my friend, Yati if she wanted to go to Mothercare retail shop since her family happened at our house for Breaking fast. And as expected, she said why not! Hehe well ladies..!

Unfortunately, when we arrived there we knew there was no more extravaganze sales. Only few items that were on discounts. So we didnt shop all out there. Yet, Yati and me still bought few things as we were already there. Dont want to return home with empty-handed la rite..;p

Actually, Yati finished shopping earlier than me so her family left for home first as they had other appointment. Iris and Adam were sad to be separated and both refused to salam each other hehe. Iris also made her sad face til uncle Fathullah cant help to take her pic with the sad facial expression! Lol

As for me, i seemed not satisfied yet with shopping thingy hehe. So i asked hubby if we can go to Bicester Village right on that time. Being the sweetest husband, hubby had agreed right away! Hehe love you darling! Muah2. :D

So off we went to BV at 3pm. The traffic was slow at Wembley due to Olympic events at the Wembley stadium. But anyhow, we passed it and we reached BV around 5pm. Luckily, it's summer now so most of the outlets still opened until 8pm. ;)

Since i already made up my mind, so i thot i would go only to the specific outlet which was Cath Kidston. Boy, how i wronged, coz on the way to CK i went into other outlets! Lol.

Only when i realized that i dont have much time left, i dashed to CK without glancing to any other outlet! ;p

Hoho i was kinda jaw-dropping the moment i stepped into CK. haha almost evrything's on sale! It's hard for me to decide which ones i wanna buy! Huhu so i spent quite a lengthy time in there.

Hmm all of the items were irresistible! They're english style looking stuffs! Aww How i wish to buy then all..hehehe. but i had pretty good time to choose the best bags and finally i was very satisfied with my catch! But Well, it's not really mine though..Huhu.

Sorry no pictures for the catch here at the moment. I will upload once i'm ready. and i also cant wait to introduce my online business soon which i'd already mentioned here few months back. Hehe need long time and long process to make it really happen eh..hmm..

Ok till then, wassalam!


lady lavender said...

waa..nak start business yea??
Best of luck & semoga murah rezeki. amenn..

ishamizu said...

Lady Lavender

Amin..! Tq..;)

sitiezahim said...

dok obersea ni saya takde semangat nak shopping raya. sbb ari2 budak2 ni pakai baju+suar (benda yg sama) then unt raya nanti, dah ada baju kurung 2 pasang. cukupla unt open house yg cuma 2,3 umah aje..hihi..beza sngt dgn kat msia, walau ada baju kurung, still need some t shirt baru kan unt jalan2 raya..hehe