Sunday, December 23, 2012



The Christmas holiday already started yesterday. The Eins will be having two weeks school break while Hubby will be having only a week. But it's already good enough! Yay! The Christmas sales are   also still on-going and then the awaited Boxing Day will be on 26th. Can't wait! ^^

But before the school close officially, the Eins had a small Christmas party in their classroom. It's a pot-luck party. Wow, i loikee. ;) So their teacher put the food-list on the class window then the parents only need to tick what they want to bring during the party.

So I'd ticked juices, sandwiches and table cloth for both Eins. Hehe. Among other in the list are Halal samosas, chocolates, crisps, cakes, paper plate, cups, napkins and etc. According to my girls, they really enjoyed the party, exchanged Christmas cards and played games. Total fun!

But I was a bit surprised and frustrated to find when i fetched Iris because onle she's wearing the schol uniform! neither the teacher inform us nor the letter. But, then i was fine seeing my lil Iris did not bother at all. ;)

So, we do not plan yet where to go on this holiday but we will think about it. After all my friend from York will come over so maybe just bring her sightseeing around London. 

Ok, happy holiday everyone!:)

Iris during the last day, bringing home her self-made santa's sock, the home-made sandwiches for their party, the rest pictures taken during shopping groceries at Tesco...:D


Yong Is My Name said...

Happy holiday Mama Zafri.
Iris so cute ;-)

ps: Boxing day rembat aper?

nurbijen said...

happy holiday... selamat berboxing juga :)

ishamizu said...


Blom boxing day lg ;D

ishamizu said...

Kak Nur

Same goes to you, sis! ^^

sitiezahim said...

selamat bersoping hehe

faisyura said...

Happy holiday Izu..
suke laa tgk mereka bertiga jalan pegang tangan cenggitu... sgt bonding!

~Mami Little Hero~ said...


Oxford Street tu hari2 pun ramai orang. Kalau bawa buggy susah la sebab nak tepis2 orang tu. huhu. next year definitely will plan to celebrate new year in London. terliur tengok winter wonderland bagai tu. :)