Thursday, December 20, 2012



Actually i should update this long before. It's Zahin's nursery portfolio at RONEC. I really love ambience at RONEC, it was under UK government so the fee was zero. It is Montessori, the classes were bright with colours and have overloaded books, stationery as well as toys! The staffs are awesome, all warm and friendly. I still remember her class teacher, Tim and his assistant, Theresa came to visit us at home for the first time. They interviewed me about zahin's personality and watching her drawing and trying to communicate with her. She was well cooperated, surprisingly. hehe..And we had the good news straight away that Zahin was being accepted to RONEC. We were so thankful. 

In conclusion, Zahin loves RONEC, She always eager and looked forward to go next day and she was sad and cried if she missed it. She stayed and graduated there. She really had great and memorable moments there. She made friends and her best friend named Tamana. Tim said that she's doing great, her English improved tremendously in short time. We were so happy to hear from Tim and we looked forward every meeting with him for her progress. I can't get from Zahin because she's not kinda telling me. But the way Tim told us, she's actually doing/learning a lot of things. And luckily everything was recorded nicely in her portfolio. ^^ And we were quite impressed to see her activity and comment reviews from Tim and nursery assistants. :)

We think she did a great job! Well done, dear! Mmuuah..To RONEC staffs..Zahin hearts you and will always remember all of you. :)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Ishamizu, love your header pic. I guess London is cold now. Any snow yet? Nice beautiful family you have.
Great to see your kids doing well at RONEC.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

mommyNadia said...

Ya Allah, awesome portfolio. Bestnye, boleh simpan nanti besar2 Zahin boleh tgk kan..

Miss Anna said...

Cantik nye portfolio, memang precious memories ni :)

ishamizu said...

Uncle Lee

Hi uncle, yes it is cold here but no winter wonderland yet. Still waiting though hehe. Nway, thanks for your compliment. Also thanks for dropping by ;) i will try to find some time to visit yours ok. HopE you have a nice weekend!!

ishamizu said...


Awesome kan babe..tu la hrp bley keep her portfolio elok2 smpi dia besar nti..kenangan dia bnursery di London ;D

ishamizu said...

Miss Anna

Indeed, kak! Tq hehe..

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Kak Izu,

Hee comel sangat portfolio tu. Heheheh ish memang diaorang akan datang visit ke kak? Aigooo dengan rumah kecik gini diaorang nak ke accept kami neyh?

me shuhada said...

Untung ada portfolio ni. Boleh tengok progress anak anak and apa yang diorang buat kat school kan?
And also of course boleh buat kenangan.