Thursday, December 13, 2012



A letter was given by Zahin's class teacher when i fetched her yesterday. I was too busy to look at it at that time so i just put in my bag quickly. Everything must be quick during that time coz i want to make sure that Iris will not be out of sight since the parents and children are everywhere..afraid if she was lost in such crowd. Huhu..

At home, Zahin suddenly mentioned that everybody in her class should be dressed up in fairy-tales theme on tomorrow then i remembered about the letter. Yes, the letter was about it. Hmm luckily, we already bought a Cinderella gown earlier this year so she said she's going to wear it! Actually, during her reception year in last year she also had the same theme so I guess they acknowledge about it and did the same theme again so parents can save from buying other different theme costume. Very considerate of them!

So this morning, i ironed her gown and dressed her up. Since it is already winter so i put a dark blue cardigan altogether on her. Last year, she wore inner but looked messy to my eyes ;p so this time around she wears the cardigan and looks so sweet and pretty! ;)

Hubby felt a bit embarrassed to usher her to school today hihi not the whole school had, only for Year 1..but he said all Year 1 children are wearing the fairytales including Mrs. H, their class teacher! What's she wearing?? Miss red riding hood, babeh..! She's so sporting, sporting enough to let us the parents took her pictures with our child when we fetched them. Hehe..


sitiezahim said...

comel :D

ishamizu said...

Danke aunty Hajar! :)

blog-tips-kurus said...

blue cinderella!


Nadine said...

zahin, aunty's favourite disney princess is cinderella tau. sukanya tgk zahin pakai dress tu!! <3!

ishamizu said...

Aunty Nadine yg sweet, tq very much. Bolehla geng dgn zahin. Yay! ;)

nurbijen said...

cikgu2 kat sini mmg sporting kan? setiap kali ada tema kat sekolah, cikgu pun akan dressing mcm dgn budak2 jugak :)