Tuesday, December 4, 2012



Just now while putting my kids to sleep, i managed to read the whole news. St. James Palace just announced the baby news officially yesterday after Kate admission to hospital for acute morning sickness. 

According to the news, Prince William refused to take Kate with ambulance but he himself drove her to the hospital in the Central London. He stayed by his wife until night. How sweet..! ^^ Kate is still staying at the hospital for few more days for close monitoring. Hopefully, she will be all right. :)

This is a great news indeed! Not only the whole of the UK is extremely happy for this royal couple but also the worldwide..:)

i pon excited siap teka-teka lagi nama yang sesuai for their prince/princess. Kalau prince, Prince Edward Frederick Charles William. Kalau princess, Princess Isabella Diana Catherine Alexandra. Amboi! Haha. I mmg Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan fan, so nak jugak letak nama depa paling depan. Kekeke...Ala suka-suka je..hehe. Anyway, tak sabar nak tengok royal baby ni, mesti comel giler. ^^

Lastly, Heartiest congratulations to Will & Kate!! 

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, the mommy and daddy to be.  :)


Ayuni Ayatillah said...

oh yeayy another royal anticipation is up. haha. so sweet prince william, so nurturing just like the late mom...huhu. i think dia memang jenis nak live as normal as possible eventhough he is a royal. That's what makes them so lovable...

ishamizu said...

Yeah, i agree with you Ayuni. ;)

sitiezahim said...

sweet kan...hehehehhe

Ninie Hanis said...

tula baca tadi news..happy jugak for them.mesti baby diorang hensem/cantik kan?

Nadine said...

awwwwh :)

kalau rakyat dunia pun happy with the news, org Britain apetah lagi ye tak? I assumed nanti baby tu lahir mesti sambutan besar2an, public holiday perhaps? :)

~Mami Little Hero~ said...

Both of them complement each other. Frh baca news that william sgt suka ke rumah family kate sbb situ dia rasa dilayan sprt family. Family kate ada that umph factor yg buat william happy sbb dia pun kehilangan ibu pada usia yg muda. He finds happiness in her ;)

Farah baca news tu rasa nak nangis. Over kan?! Hihihi. Kate was discharged today. Hopefully the pregnancy goes on smoothly. ;)