Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Lately, Zahin prefers heavy meals for her lunch. May be because it is already cold so she tends to be hungry easily and need more than just a sandwich. :D So when I ask what she wants to have for her lunch, she will quickly answer rice! Hehe. 

Before this, I used a normal plastic container for her food but the food will be cold by lunch time. I can imagine she eats the cold meal, poor her. That's why she can't finish even a sandwich..kesian anak ummi.:(

So yesterday, i remember that i had bought the thermos container last year. Where is it? Well, I found them in the box on top the kitchen cabinet. I seldom use it! Why buying if not using it right? Deng. From now on, she gonna use it. ;)

Luckily, the lid can be opened and closed easily. So Zahin got no problem with it! And she's happy to bring the thermos to school. Ye la kot dia tak nak sbb besar, lain dpd org lain ke. dah la macam mangkuk tingkat kan. ;p

Alhamdulillah, i noticed that she almost finished everything that i prepared for her lunch yesterday (selalu sayur la yg tak habis :() compare if used the normal container. Sedaplah kan bukak2 container tu nasi dan lauk masih panas lg. ;)

Hmm kt rumah ni, sorang tekak org kampung nak makan nasi berlauk, yg lain tekak western and light eater..jadi kene prepare at least two kinds of food but not everyday la..tengok pada masa n mood ummi jg..hehehe

dalamnya tak yah la tunjuk, nasi berlauk biasa je..sayur kacang dgn sotong, dan ayam goreng :) Sebelah tu utk breakfast..cheesy n chicken tortilla wrap! :)


Miss Anna said...

Rajin nye umi ni :)

ishamizu said...

Hehe time rajin kak Nana. ;p akk lagi rajin..:)

Nadiah Sidek said...

sejuk-sejuk ni memang lapar je memanjang :p

Mixed-family in da house.... said...

rajin umi......go umi gooo!!! kat sana memang takder sistem kantin kan?

nur said...

Mcm2 kan nak layan selera anak-anak... Anak2 saya tak nak bawa nasi ke sekolah, mmg mereka request sandwich jer...

me shuhada said...

Salam perkenalan.
wahh rajinnya sediakan bekal nasi ye.