Thursday, February 17, 2011


My second appointment was to meet a sonographer. ^_^ This time i had it at Antenatal Clinics which was just opposite to Maternity Booking Clinics at Zone 12 N.U.H. It was 9.00a.m appointment and i was on time. ;) The queue wasn't too long either. I was the second patient to be called..;)

As i was lying on the bed, the sonographer quickly put a gel around my tummy. Firstly, i mentioned to her that i would like to know my baby's gender and buy one scan photo of my baby. coz i never had one yet. (Here u may ask, otherwise the sonograher won't tell your baby's gender) She nodded but she told me that it might be difficult now to get a fully structural photo of my baby since i already in my 29 weeks: the baby already big by now. So I understood and i told her i dont mind if i only get the baby's upper body especially on the face. I would be more than appreciated. :D

When she's working on with the scanner and looking into the computer screen, suddenly i felt dizzy and almost fainted. The sonographer noticed, concerned and asked me why. I said may be because i was hungry. I did take my breakfast, but i thought it's not enough..since i get easily hungry, nowadays. Hehehe. Then she kindly asked me i could eat if i brought with me something to eat. Unfortunately, i left them in our car. Huhu. Lucky, my drink bottle was there and it was ribena. ;p Then I felt a lil bit fine after drinking it so i lied back on the bed.

Not long after that it occured again!! Oh no, the second time I felt like vomitting as well. Then i tried to lay on my left side and miraclely i felt much better. After a while, the sonographer asked me to lay on my back again so she could continue the scanning but i just couldn't! Hence she had no choice other than scanning me while i was lying on my left side. (membelakang kan dia..;p). From that moment, i was hapily scanned. ;p

AND i was much happier when the sonographer showed me lil one's sex organ..! Wee, it's confirmed a BOY! Alhamdulillah! (tut dia dh besar hokey, so no problem for me to assure it..haha. When i scanned in Melaka, i was even had to squint my eyes..btul ke tu tut baby? Hehehe i couldn't recognized ;p) How i wished hubby was there to see his baby boy..Even though i was smiling but i was sad at heart until my eyes got teary. That was the first time hubby was not there for me. Sebelum2 ni, setiap kali scan, hubby never fails to be beside me. He had taken care the Eins very well that day nway..:)
Our baby boy! tp fail lah photo tak clear. So i got it f.o.c. Kalau tidak kene bayar 5pounds. Jadi lah for the sake of a
Then the session had ended after 40minutes..whoaa that was the longest scan session i've ever had so far..:D. The great news was the sonographer informed me that everything seemed fine, the baby's kidney looked fine, the placenta posterior n etc..Oh no wonder she took such a long time, she checked every organ of my baby..!  
Scan photos of baby's growth are now attached to my antenatal book. :)

Alhamdulillah, i felt so relieved to hear that lil one's fine and my placenta was not at the bottom (covered the cervix). So i will keep continuing pray so that i could also deliver my third baby normally. I don't want to be pre or post warded, kesian nanti the Eins. Kt sini tade Tok Mak nak jaga diorang. T_T So please pray for me too k. :)

Finally, the antenatal ultrasound report..:)
And i will have another scan appointment in 4 weeks time. Insya Allah. 
Again, dapat free pregnancy diary ni. Sangat best! :D
p.s At home, i'd read my 29 weeks at weekly bulletin of babycenter and i found about 'Supine Hypotensive Syndrom'. It states that this syndrome happens when a pregnant mom's lying flat on her back causes a change in a heart rate and blood pressure that makes her feel dizzy until she changes position. Also she may feel light-headed if she stands up too quickly too. To avoid 'the spins', lie on side rather on the back.

Well noted, i guess i may have the syndrome. Huhu.

Till then, wassalam.


niza et sofia said...

Assalamualaikum, best nya Izu.... best kan tgk baby scanning ni, sayang nya hubby Izu x dpt tgk, tp takpe lah ada gak gmbar kan, last time masa scan ni (Anomaly scan) kita buat masa 21wks, lepas ni dah takde scan melain kan kalau ada masalah. Hubby & Sofia pun ikut, maybe sbb sorang budak so diorang bagi masuk... seronok Sofia tgk adik dia, dia ckp Adik dia 'boy' tp kami nak secret.
Nnti Izu berpantang sendiri ka? ada family dtg tak? kita pun berpantang sendiri, hubby plan nak amik cuti dlm 2 mggu gitu, sama lah time Sofia dulu, semua kena buat sendiri. Insya-Allah boleh. This time kita pun trying normal delivery (I changed my mind after discussing with consultant)
Hope everything ok with u, Ingat nak visit Izu sebelum bersalin ni, tp tgk lah nnti mcm mana, sbb taknak susah kan Izu jugak... till here for now, am so happy ur baby is BOY, Alhamdulillah xox

dyana "his other half" said...

bestnya dah confirm nampak "toot" baby boy :). cd masa hadif dulu pun risau2 juga if doctor silap tau. org tgk perut cd kata girl. tp bila g gynea je dia kata boy. pernah sekali tu dalam 34 weeks kot. gynea print ou part situ je izu. untuk percayakan kitaorg ni. ahahahaha.

lepas hadif keluar pun cd terus tanya doctor "girl or boy doctor". ahahaha. tak sempat doctor nak tunjuk lagi dah tanya! smpi doctor tu tension ngan cd, dia kata "tunggu diyana. ha nah tgk sendiri. kan saya dah kata boy." ahahaha.

alhamdulilah everything is fine. cd doakan the best for izu so that izu boleh bersalin normal. n psl supine hypotensive syndrom tu, cd pun tak pernah tau before this. hehe.

Nadine said...

Awwwwh, bestnya!

congrats again dear, finally isham jr is on the way :)

nadia pun dah rindu nak tgk my babies. tiap2 hari tgk calendar for next checkup. tp blum akan nampak gender lagi kot eh, babies kecik kalau ikut perut ni ramai ckp boy lagik sbb perut bulat :D

yatispeed said...

bestnya..bestnya bestnya..another boy in the family..well..we are short of boys so glad to hear that it's a nephew now! kadang2 teringin nak beli baju for boy i have the reason..hahaha..

ishamizu said...


Wsalam dear..Itulah sedih jgk my hubby lps i citer kt dia..kesian plak i tgk air muka dia coz he too wished that he was there with nk wat camna kn..Nway, untung u, not only hubby malah Sofea pun leh msk skali..hihi u pun bakal dpt BOY kot..masa awal2 preggie pun Zahin asek ckp adik BOY adik boy..doa bdk kecil dimakbulkan Allah..:)

Hmm so far mmg tade sape2 akn dtg jg i masa dlm pntg mom keje..i plak klu bole nk my mom aje so i tk kisah klu my mom tk dpt dtg..sbb kesian klu dtg nti tk enjoy nk tour London..sbb i dlm perintah bkurung kn..:D Insya Allah hubby ada, i pun masa Zahin dulu 3mgu i bpntg kt Coventry seniri2 jgk..hope this time, we'll be fine too. i doakan utk u jg. Amin!

It's ok dear, if u want to come let me know k..i would like to see u n ur girl too! Apa2 i email u kt FB k..:)

ishamizu said...


Hihi TQ dear! I guess klu boy mmg sng n cpt nmpk kn 'tut' dia! Haha ptt izu suro jgk kn sonographer tu scan n print kn 'tut' bby ni! hihihihi...

Izu plak masa Zahin, my instinct said it's a girl tp sume org keliling tgk izu kata boy..patu bler everytime pg scan bby malu2 plak nk tjuk 'tut' dia..huhu. tah mcm mn ktrg pun tpedaya gak ngan kata2 'ahli nujum'..hihi trus pgil nama boy 'Zahin'..since pregnant 5 bln. tgk2 keluar girl, hisham punye la excited ckp " Girl, yang!' sblom midwife konfemkn lg ;D sdh nya lkt nm Zahin..tmbh hurun ein je kt blkg..igt kn klu llk nk ltk muhammad izzahin. :) dh sume org kata mcm umi dia plak, yg nama pun mcm llk..;p

Oh syndrom tu izu pun tatau gk sblom ni..tetiba kalini ada plak stated kt buletin bby center yg ke 29 mgu..trus suspek seniri yg izu ada syndrom tuh. :D

ishamizu said...


Oh TQ dear! mula2 igt tk nk suro sonographer tu bgtau sbb dh tau kt pk2 tny je la lg utk konfem kn..hihi alhamdulillah it's still a boy..mmg happy sgt..mudah2an bby keluar sht dn sempurna, amin!:)

Ha mst ttgu2 kn? ;) izu pun samalah haritu, tiap2 hr wonder bila la nk scan bby kt sini ni? hihi..Nway, klu tk slp izu seawal 17weeks dh bley tau gender bby..Nadia dh brp mgu eh? Insya Allah ada rezeki, nadia dpt boy sorg, girl sorg k! jgn pcaya ckp2 org..nti jd mcm ktrg. hihi..nti scan dh tau gender, share k! :))

Take care!

ishamizu said...


Hihi itula..btmbh la geng Affan n Amirul soon! :D belah izu plak will be the first grand son insya Allah! bkn babah aje, tok bah, pak ngah n pok de diorang pun seronok nk dpt geng..hihi. haah izu pon tk sbr nk beli bby boy;s gear plak..asyik2 pink aje nk ler jamu mata ngan kaler biru lak kn. hihihi...


I think I faced the same prob when lying on my back..
specially during night time..
mmg macam sesak nafas gtu..
so nak taknak kena mengiring..
thanks for the info dear..

Glad to hear everythings is OK..
InsyaAllah..hopefully our delivery nanti,will be a smooth one..

Nadia rs, kita mungkin tak bnyk beza kan delivery plus minus about 1,2 weeks..
nadia harap sgt, I will deliver around 36-38 wks..

take care!

ishamizu said...


Ye ke you? klu gitu samala kita..tu la i suspek mmg syndrom tu la..hihi..skrg ni mmg tdo mengiring je..klu terbaring on my back tu mmg sesak nafas smpi rse nk pitam pun ada! huhu..

Alhamdulillah i hope everything stays fine until the delivery day..i pray for u as well..Amin! :)

Hehe i guess so too since u pun dh nk msk 32 mgu , kn? tah2 u bsalin dulu..:) i tk kisah klu bsalin around 36-38weeks too but i berdoa sgt mudah2an hari i nk bsalin tu my hubby ada la kt umah..bkn kt uni..seriau sgt bler pk klu dia tade...jwbnya kene call 999 la. eei nauzubillah..

Nway, thnks dear..u tk care too k! :)

Nor Moscow said...

kalau rasa cam sesak nafas tu biasanya saya tido sambil tinggikan kepala..kekadang tido mengiring gak..tapi biasa la kan..minggu2 terakhir ni..tidur tak berapa nak cukup disebabkan baby dok asyik bergerak kesana kemari...

I hope..everything will be ok..menjelang minggu tersebut...

Anonymous said...

wah..wah.. bestnya, dpt baby boy pulak!
i pun nak hadiahkan baby boy kat suami.. hrp2 termakbul la!

ishamizu said...


Betul tu! dah masuk 8bulan ni mmg tdo/baring tk selesa je..lg2 ada bdk2 kenit yg suka sgt berebut umi dia tgh2 mlm, adey restless sguh. :D

Ok amin! TQ for the tips too! ;)

ishamizu said...


hihi alhamdulillah..hopefully, u pun akn dpt bby boy soon. Amin! :)

azimah fauzy said...

best kan kalo diorang scan detail camtu.. baru la puas hati. of cos le kite harapkan semuanya normal. paling sy harap kedudukan uri normal. takut tau kalo tetiba kna czer.

da bleh start awal fikir nama baby la kali ni.. hehe ke dah ada nama dah?

ishamizu said...


Betul, akk pun tkt jgk klu kne ceasar..sbb awal2 aritu uri dok kt bwh. tp smlm scan lg, alhamdulillah uri dh kt ats, kpl bby pun dh ke bwh..mudah2an stay gtu la smpi hr nk bsalin nti..hhihi..

Nama bby? hmm dh cr awal2 lg tp smpi hari ni tk leh nk confirm kn lg..SO tawakkal je la. :D

Mama said...

izu..wah best nya..alhamdullillah...boy...rezeki dapat boy nih...:P...happy2!..dah pilih nama belom?...hahaha

jaga diri bebaik izu...kiss untuk zahins :)

ishamizu said...


Alhamdulillah, seronok nk dpt boy plak..syukur! nama so far dh pilih, tp tataula last minute tkr lain plak ke kn..hihi..(gatal..;p)

Ok dear, TQ! u tk care too..kisses utk Haris n Aisya jg..;)