Sunday, February 20, 2011


Once we'd found out that the nearest school from our house has no more available place for Zahin at their nursery, we tried to find other nurseries without any delay. After surfing the internet, we discovered there were few nurseries nearest. So hubby quickly contacted their management via phone first to ask whether the nursery was still available for Zahin. Then, the person who answered had asked us to come on the next day to discuss further about it.

at the main entrance. We went there by car. May be we could walk whenever it's sunny. :)
First time we visit the nursery, i actually got an appointment at N.U.H so we just went there to fill the registration form first. We had consulted with Joan who was a Parent/Toddler Co-Ordinator there. She was in-charged for toddler's playgroup which is held twice a week. After handing back the forms to her, she told us that the management will ring us as soon as possible. The good news was she said that Zahin might have a chance since there was one class which still has three more places for her but she just wanted to confirmed it first with the class teacher. Oh we were so glad to hear that and praying so that they will accept Zahin to be one of the three. Before we left, Joan also invited us to join their playgroup while waiting for the result. We were very appreciate upon her offer so we agreed to come next day.
Pic was taken during the playgoup session on our second visit.

The playgroup is for children from 0-2 yrs old and accompanied by the parents. While the babies/toddlers playing, the parents monitoring them. 15 minutes before the session ends, Joan will conduct a story-telling/singing. :) And the fee was only 1 pound for every session. They provide some food and beverages not only for toodlers, but parents too. We really had fun that day and wished to come again.

Last monday, suddenly there were two visitors arrived in front of our door. They introduced themselves as a teacher and nursery nurse.  I was surprised to see them! Apparently, Joan tried to call our house but our phone line was not in order at the moment. So, they just came up! Luckily, ada one lady so i let them in. If not, i couldn;t becoz hubby wasnt at home, he went to see his supervisor that day. :(.

While Tim, the teacher was interviewing me, Teresa, the nursery nurse had interviewed Zahin and attended Iris as well. :D Zahin did quite well that day in spite of her not so good health condition and broken English. ;p Teresa brought some papers, scissor, pencil colour and toys so she watched and attended Zahin drawing, cutting papers and doing puzzle. :D She also interacted with Iris and gave her some toys to be played with so that she wont bother me much. Basically, Tim had asked about Zahin;s early education background, her personality, her independency, her sociality level and her allergics.

After about half hour, Tim conveyed me the good news that Zahin could start her first day at nursery on the very next day! I was taken aback! I could't believe it myself coz I thought she will only start by next month after the term break as per Joan had mentioned before.  Nway, i was happy to know that finally Zahin was accepted into nursery and couldn;t wait to tell hubby! ^_^

Apparently, the class teacher will be Tim and Zahin will be go to Oak class and will be provided with Halal food. Again, i was surprised..ada halal food siap! But she could bring home-made food, but only the healthy food. Any chocolates or candies were not allowed. :D

This pic was  taken by Tim during the home visit. He printed it out to put in Zahin's special book at the nursery as a memory and gave one copy to us so i put it on our fridge! Again, hubby was sad as he wasnt at home that day and he's not in the pic. :(

Since this nursery is under government body and it is public, there is no education charge or any registration fee. We just need to pay only 4 pounds or around RM20 for Zahin's special book and library bag. Zahin will bring this library bag to the nursery only on thursday and will come back home with one story-book to be borrowed for a week. ;)
Zahin's ready to go to nursery. As you see, the bag was not belong to her..According to hubby, Teresa gave her in order to comfort her. Comfort? Yes, Zahin cried everytime we wanted to leave her..hehe. When hubby came to fetch her the teachers said she only cried for a while. After that, they told that she was too busy to cry! Hihihi. The bag was returned the next day but we bought her a new bag, (similar type of bag only its pink colour) so that she didnt feel sad thinking that the teacher had taken it back after giving to her. :)

So on her first day at the nursery, we were asked to stay until the session ends. Overall, we were satisfied. According to them, there will be no formal lessons at the nursery. She just come and play. When we were there, we were impressed to see the classrooms where they have a specific class for painting, colouring, drawing. Another class with sand, rice and water place. The music class and the reading class as well. They got a huge ladscaped garden aka the outdoor playground!

I was like, are u kidding me? This nursery is just like a heaven for Zahin! :D And so far, we got good and positive feedbacks from Zahin. She even said that her nursery here is much cooler compare to her nursery at Malaysia, An-Nur Gemilang! Sabo je la..hihihi. But for me, as long as she's happy, we're happy too. Alhamdulillah!

Lastly, i hope she enjoys herself there, makes new friends as many as she could and learns basic stuffs as much as she could. :)


yatispeed said...

congratulations my dear zahin...
suka sangat chik dengar progress zahin..if only syira can go to school with you...
tapi betulla izu..kat tempat sana, negara mewah, membangun macam UK tu educational dia sangat lain compared to malaysian school. hantar sekolah mahal such as smart reader, kumon segala sumer tu pun belum tentu lagi dpt sekolah as best as zahin's punya pulak tu..masa zaman kakak kecik2 dulu pun, sekolah kat US pun sangat best compared to malaysian school during 80's..tu pasal kakak tanak gi school masa kecik dulu..sebab sekolah dia tak best.tak caya tanya hisham..hahaha..all the best to you my darling zahin!

Nadine said...

Awwwh, bestnya. I'm sure Zahin is doing great dear! She such a bright girl :)

ishamizu said...


Hehe TQSM!! Zahin mmg suka sgt nursery dia wpon nangis kene tgl tp kjp je! Esk nya kejut pagi tade masalah, bsemangat bangun! ketidak dulu mst dia nangis2 mandi kata tak muh g nursery. adui, meronta2 nk keluar umah nk msk keta. :D

Haah education kt sini free smpi la nk msk uni..nursery, school depa sume best, canggih2..:D Izu tgk pun geram, jeles..rasa nak msk nursery smula aje..;p

I'm sure school kt US pun sama best kn! nti blk Msia mst ssh Zahin nk adapt ngan sekolah kt Msia. sbb kakak2 yg blk dr UK pon mhadapi masalah ank derg nangis2 gi school kt Msia..sbb kene bawak beg berat, hwork byk patu sll kene mrh dgn cikgu..ayoo, tgu lah 3-4thn lg maybe ktrg pun bdepan masalah yg sama kot..huhu..

ishamizu said...


hihi so far so good. hrp2 bestnya tu bkekalan la smpi zahin hbs nursery bln 7 nti. :D tp alhamdulillah nmpknya Zahin enjoy pegi nursery..mudah2an naik kelas reception yr 1 kt primary school september nti dia dh makin OK.

Nway, Amin ya rabbal alamin. TQSM eh dear! :)

Ninie Hanis said...

comel betul kena belikan zihan beg lain,hehe.bagus kan nursery tu provides halal food lg.

dulu sy mengajar kat one of international school di ipoh.mmg mcm tula classroom,,art ngan playground utk key stage 1.tapi beza UK dgn Msia,harga yg kena parents bayar.bagus la akak dapat peluang kat UK ni.

Nor said...

bestnya kalau ada Nursery like that..everything is FOC..kat sini..jenuh! takkan jumpanya macam tu..u so lucky my frenz!!!!...

ishamizu said...

Ninie Hanis

Hihi tpaksa sbb takut Zahin sedih. so masa dia kt nursery ktrg pegi Asda skjp beli beg baru patu masa amik dia, ckp teacher kasi beg yg baru sbb dia girl, so dpt beg kaler pink! Hello Kitty lak tuh. so suka aje la dia! :D Haah akk pun tkejut masa dia mentioned abt food, that they got Halal food..alhamdulillah la. :)

Oh really..Ic! mst best kn ada pengalaman mengajar kt international school..;) itula rezeki Zahin dpt sekolah kt sini, free patu sekolah best lak tuh. Kt Msia aritu anta tadika biasa je, dh la mhl jgk registration fee nya patu 2 bulan dh berenti sbb katanya tadika tu tk best. setiap pg menangis! hihi..Nway, thnks dear..:)

ishamizu said...


Itulah, sy pun jeles tgk nursery dia mcm tu! hihi..oh kt sana nurseries tak sama mcm sini ke? Igt kan sama..:) Nway, TQ my dear, i'm sure u're lucky too! :)

azimah fauzy said...

bestnya Zahin! bertuah betul sbb semua free. kalo kat cni xdapatla. bagus ek diorang siap provide halal food. tggi betul sensitivity diorang. pasni Zahin speaking London la siap dgn accentnya hehe. so cute!

ishamizu said...


Tu la kt sini school/nursery yg under goverment sume free..bestkn? bilalah Msia nk buat mcm sini? huhu..Alhamdulillah, kt sini rmi org Islam, so rasanya mmg ptt la dia providekn halal food tuh. hihi.
Nway ,amin..insya Allah. TQ cik Ima fr Zahin..hihi..

Fadhilah Rozley said...

congrates Zahin dan masuk sekolah! hehe seronoknya tengok playground tuh kak.. mcm nih Dila pun nak blajar kat sna. hehe.. lucky Zahin dpt blajar dr kecik kat negara org kan. hehe akak take care yahh, hugs&kisses for Zahin n Iris :)

Frau Azmir said...

dah start kindergarten ye, style kindergarten kat europe ni mmg camtu la kot, all about playing je. Afeef pun cakap benda yg sama, kindergarten cni waaaayy better than yg kat m'sia hehe.. teachers pun baik2 kan.
All the best to Zahin :)

ishamizu said...


TQ dear! playground mmg favourite bdk2 kn. lg2 playground best mcm tu. :D First day aritu Once the nursery nurse said to the kids "The Garden is open now..!" most of the kids terus meluru keluar tk kira sejuk ke tak..tmasuk la Zahin skali yg diheret Helena, trus tk heran dh umi, babah n adik dia. :D

Hihi mudah2an Dhila pun dpt belajar kt oversea one day nti, k!:)

ishamizu said...


Aah kak, baru je start mgu cuti plak seminggu..hihi..Itula, umo baya Zahin ni msh nk main2 lg..kecik lg..may be yr 1 nti br ada syllabus yg formal kn..

Betul tu, so far bler tny Zahin ada tak teacher dia mrh dia, dia kata tak de..hubby izu siap ckp Teresa, the nursery nurse bgtau hari kedua dr pg smpi abis sesi, Zahin dok dgn dia je..sket pun Teresa tk kisah. :)

Klu tadika dulu, dh la Zahin pnh kene mrh, patu may be cikgu tk pndi tackle..cikgunya pun ada 3 aje kt tadika la ada masa nk layan ahin sorg. ;p Nursery Zahin ni 1 kelas ada 1 teacher, tp nursey nurse dia rmi gler...:D

Fadhilah Rozley said...

hehe betul kak! seronok bdk2 klo jmpa playground. wahh zahin dah ada kawan erkk.. so, mcm mna cara komunikasi dorang? hehe insyaAllah ada rezeki.. thanks kak..

ishamizu said...

hehe kelakar akk tgk Zahin communicate..kdg2 dia hentam je ckp BM ngan kwn2 yg best tu kwn2 dia mcm phm tau apa yg dia maksudkan..may be sbb Zahin guna gestures too kot..;D

Fadhilah Rozley said...

wahh skali BM haa! yela kot, tp kak bdk2 nih dg2 ada jek cara nyer dorang berkomunikasi. hehe lain bahasa pun xperk. hee :)

ishamizu said...

yes dear, ur absolutely right. now Zahin can communicate in eng better..kt rumah pun asik speaking aje. alhamdulillah..:)

Anonymous said...

great blog mashÁllah. read up on the nursery post and loved it! That nursery is one of the best onesi've seen in that area mashAllah. The teachers and staff are fantastic.
I used to live in that area but have now moved to Saudi Arabia! BIG CHANGE!!!
miss the nursery - esp. for my little one!
Allah give you ease sister.
Umm ABdullah

ummi_ziz said...

Alaikumussalam sister :)

Jazakallah, i agree with you the nursery n the staffs are fantastic. My daughter loves being there. She's in reception year now. I hope you n your son can adapt well with new environment there.:)