Thursday, February 3, 2011


GP is a general practioner who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses. GP is like a family doctor who cares for the well being of the individual and the community in National Health Service (NHS).

Since this is not our first time in the UK so we already got familiar with GP and NHS terms. It is important to register GP as soon as possible. The system here is not the same in Malaysia where we can go to any clinic and get to see the doctor straight away. Here we must to make an appointment first if we want to see a doctor. *eye-roll* But there is a walk in center if we are in emergency. But still it's hard for me to accept the fact. :(

Anyway, the first week after we had settled down, hubby went to Leytonestone Road Medical Centre alone by bringing our passports to register all of us. I think it was the coldest week in December and the Eins were already not at their best health so the three of us just stayed at home. I just reminded hubby to inform them that i'm pregnant. Alhamdulillah, the registration went well as our address was in the covered area by the medical centre and started from now on our GP is Dr. A. Q Qadri.

Then hubby told me that we both already had an appointment for a routine check up on 31st December. OK that's great. ;) Since the Eins were just had a cough, cold and fever, hubby did not make an appointment for them. Because, there would be no use as we already knew that the GP would have only prescribed them with Calpol (kind of PCM) (which we had already given to them) and advised to give them with alot of plain water, fruits and bla3. So tak da maknanya wat appointment kan. :D One more thing, kat sini kalau selsema memang tak dapat ubat selsema, they would prefer us to be healed naturally. huhu.

Below are few pictures during our appointment on 31st December 2010.

The practise or clinic.

 Hubby confirmed the appoinment at the reception

 at the waiting area.

 checking for documents.

other patients. (sorry gambar tak brapa clear sbb pakai my old digicam)

Zahin tengok apa tu?

 tengok digital board rupanya. :D

appointment pukul 10.30a.m. lambat lagi. so amik gambo kasut baru umi skali interframe kan kasut the eins. hee sorry..dah tade view menarik la. ;p

amik gambo kasut baru hubby lak. ahaks. sibuk je kasut lama pink tu nak interframe lg. hihi

OK gambo ummi la plak kan..hehe. Lepas tu sempat ummi ambil video skjp. Jom tengok!

 Video 1 :)

Then our turn came up! Since it's just a routine check up, we only consulted with a nurse. Mrs. H Tejura. Very nice lady. Starting with hubby first she then started asking our arrival date in the UK, what was the purpose we came to this country, about personal health history and the family disease history. Then she checked hubby's blood pressure, recorded his weight and height before asking him do a urine test.

Below is a clip video that I managed at the nurse's room. Obviously without her permission. So paham2 je la mcm mana. Takut2 record. haha.

Lepas hubby, turn saya plak. Sama la soalannya dengan hubby's. i was confident that she knew that i'm expecting. Unfortunately, she said she didn't know and there was nothing mentioned that i'm pregnant in the system. So I told her hubby had mentioned to the reception the day he registered but she seemed OK. Misscommunication happened right. Baiklah madam Tejura ni. Saya tak bawa inhaler athma pun dia tak marah..padahal dah terang lagi bersuluh kat dalam borang personal details tu suro bawak apa2 medication yang saya ambil. :D

After interviewing and recording my details, she had given me a flu jab. Ya Allah tak expect langsung nak kene inject tapi bukan sakit pun. ;p Here a flu jab is compulsory for pregnant women and it is free. Good eh! Lepas wat urine test, Mdm Tejura kasi satu form NHS utk di isi sebelum balik.With that I'll get maternity medical and medicine exempted including free dental treatment until a year after delivery. Alhamdulillah, rezeki Lil One. :)

For my pregnancy check up, Mdm Tejura told that the practise will fax my details to Newham University Hospital first then the hospital will post an appoinment letter as soon as possible. So I just had to wait for it. That's all.

Psst, Ini baru pasal GP, belum pregnancy check up lagi. Letih mok cik. Sape suro peram lama2 wat pekasam, kn...:D



Mama said...

weh izu...tengok2 balik..teringat zaman2 aku kat sana...sama macam ni jugak la....


just nak kasi tahu...diorang ni slow sikit tau..ko kena betul2 follow pasal ko nye pregnancy record tu....takut jadi apa2..diorang ni memang pelik sikit...jgn harap kan 100% pada diorang izu mesti follow up juga tau...

chomel aje iris...beso dah die...hehehe

ishamizu said...


hehe still the same..dear.

Oh ye? ritu aku dh risau dh mn la surat dr hospital tak sampai2..baru nk tny balik kt GP surat pun sampai..hihi.

Ok aku akn igt la pesan ko ni..hihi TQ dear.

Haah sama la ngan Aisyah, nk masuk 2 thn dah 16hb ni. :D

Nadine said...

Lain eh procedure kat sana dgn kat sini. Tp yg mmg best kat sana tu tang kesihatan diaorg bnyk bg free. untung izu. cemana la nanti pregnancy checkup kan? Jgn lupa update tau...nak tau jugak.

Take care dear :)

ishamizu said...


Hmm lain, nmpk mcm sng tp kdg2 system derg ni tk reliable jgk..tu yg kene alert tu..byk kt sini sume online..mcm appointment pun nti derg anta surat..:) Aah klu bab health sume free, ubat kids below 12 yrs old pun bley dpt free kt pharmacy tp kene dptkn prescription dr doc dulu la. :)

Ok i try my best. aritu dh pegi check up tp masa tu tade kit lense tu yg mls tu nk update sbb gmbo byk duk dlm tul nk transfer, leceh! skrg ni nk wat apa je kn cepat2. ketidak kang ada je yg dengki ngan umi dia ni,. heheh..