Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cough and Natural Remedy

Last time i had this kind of cough was during my 8th month of pregnancy which was somewhere in March-April. Now it kindly visits me again. *eye-roll* so I have been coughing like mad since last week. It's worrying now as the virus has gone down to my lil boy. He's with me 24/7 so you know *cough* pity my baby..:( *Cough*
My body's muscle ached all over. My chest feels like to explode every time i cough. there's alot bad phlegm in there but it doesn't want to come out. *cough* oh bad, bad phlegm! Because of you I'm a bit wheezing and hardly breathing too. Sadly, i can see that my baby is having the same too. Huwaaa. Please go away.
There are many tips (petua) i've heard. Some of them are:
1. Drink honey + lemon (common)
2. Take up a spoon of soy ketchup + pressed lime ( Tq to Intan if you read ;))
3. Soak cooked rice overnight and drink it's water the next day. ( fr my dad, i think he just got fr someone else coz i've never heard abt it before)
Anyway, so far i've drank a pure honey without lemon coz i gave a lil to zafri too. It's a quite relief as soon after i drank it but it will come around within an hour. Huhu. Meaning i have to drink it religiously for the timebeing innit! The problem IS we dont feel that thirsty to drink water alot..sejuk kan..? but this is a reminder for me to drink a lot of water esp in this season. Though it's cold but it's dry. Ok noted. Though i will end up go in and out the bathroom more frequently..i guess i have to!
Last but not least, i pray for both of us to be recovered fastly. I wish the virus will not get to my husband and the Eins (we're going to Wales during this Christmas break ;)) InsyaAllah i'm gonna try the other two tips above too. Hopefully, the cough will be subsided soon. Also if any of you have any natural remedy or petua, please kindly share with me ok. Thanks!:) *cough*

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faisyura said...

alaaa siannye ummi n zafri batuk ye... yelah kan time sejuk2 mmg tak ingt nak minum sgt la kan.. zura sejuk kt ofis sbb aircond pun boleh lupe nk minum air dr pagi smpi ptg, apetah lagi sejuk kt sane tu kan... tp sbb dh batuk ni kene minum jugak ok... honey mmg bagus for health sbb dia ade healing power.. kitorg pun amalkan minum honey sejak sebulan 2 ni as supplement....

nway, minum air suam byk2 ye dear.. and hope ummi and si tembam tu cepat sembuh.. take care tau!

ishamizu said...


Aah kan kene amalkan air madu la mcm ni. Ni tak, bila sakit baru nk thegeh2 cr madu kt kedai. Huhu. Teruk batuk ni, sakit dada n bdn..siap kdg tak mo berenti batuk ya Allah siksa rasanya. Tu yg tak sanggup tgk zafri batuk sbb dia batuk sebijik mcm izu :( kdg smpi menangis dia klu dia tgh tdo tjaga sbb batuk2..sedih sgt tgk.

Nway tq dear. Hrp cpt baikLa batuk ni..

yatispeed said...

get well soon ummi n zafri..kakak pun batuk2.minum honey ngan air panas jugak. sket2 dia datang..bosan tul. sini pun hari2 hujan..dh snow ke kat sana?

ishamizu said...


Thanks..klu batuk biasa ok batuk monster izu pgil..hehehe..aah minum airmadu sama2 dgn zafri. Tu je la pon yg dia bley Nway, tade snow lg. Aritu je sekali turun tp cmpur air hujan. Hehe

sitiezahim said...

saya kalau batuk, guna petua no 2 tuh..memang mujarab..takde la pes time terus baik tapi lepas minum kejap tuh lega la gak (sesudu aje bukn secawan tau hehe)..then continuosly la buat cuma rasa serasi ngan yg tuh..

dyana "his other half" said...

ala kesiannya, get well soon dear. nanti izu try la lemon with honey tu. my friend cakap bagus. the other thing is member cikgu bgitau steam lemon tu dlm mangkuk. jgn potong langsung lemon tu. biar je ngan kulit. somehow, steaming will make the lemon juice keluar dari kulit dia n penuh. amik juice yg ada dlm mangkuk tu than campur with honey. buat dalam seminggu insya allah ok.

ishamizu said...


Lps baca komen hajar mlm td terus sy try petua no. 2 tu mmg mujarab la. Dah yak trruk sgt batuk ni. Alhamdulillah! Hehe tq hajar..klu tak mst lmbt lg sy nk try sbb sy ni mmg ssh nk mcuba sesuatu yg baru huhu

ishamizu said...


Ye ke! Nti boleh try la steamed lemOn tu. So far mmg izu minum air honey n kene consistent ek..hehe..nway thanks dearie!;)