Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three Days More..

..until i submit my last assignments. Right now, i'm taking a time-out. Oh Not really. I'm searching for related journals while nursing my 8 mos baby! Hihihi.

Nway, i cant believe that my first semester is almost over. How i wish i could have done better. Hopefully, i could in the next semester though i know the chance is still thin. :)

Nway i would like to thank my lecturers and my team mates for the precious experience we had for the past three months. :) And last but not least i really thank my beloved hubby for his time, love and support! I love u so much Darling! We almost did it! ;)

And to you my dear friends, thank you too and pls do pray for me so that i pass these two subjects. Hahaha.


Nadine said...

Dah nak habis 1 semester? Wow! seriously skejapnye masa berjalan. Nanti esok2 sedar tak sedar dah convo Izu! :)

ishamizu said...


Kan? Laju btol, menakutkan! Tp hrp dpt convo on time la amin!;)

Frau Azmir said...

All the best izu :) both of u are so strong, 3 kids, no family member around, but Allah is always there for u, I'll pray u'll succeed with flying colours :)

ishamizu said...

Amin ya rabbal alamin. ThankS kak Nana!! Big hugs :)