Monday, December 26, 2011

Shop Till Drop (Not!)

Finally, the awaited day has arrived. Today is the 'Boxing Day'! We had spent the day at the largest designer outlet in the UK, Cheshire Oak Outlet. Wee! And We arrived there ten minutes before 10a.m and only departed to London five minutes before 6p.m. Yea, until dark and call us crazy ;P.
Nway, We're now stucked in a massive jam on M6. We are expected to reach home at 10p.m but it might take longer than that now. Argh! But when i think about all the catches from today's retail theraphy, 'they' do make me happy. Hehehe. Happy dan tetap bersyukur wpon masih tak mampu lg nak beli Burberry bags. Keh keh keh..
Ok i shall stop first here. Kepala pening sudah dok menaip dlm van ni. Ok Will update more about our Boxing Day and our short but precious getaway in my next posts soon! ;)
Ok till then, wassalam.


Lady Lavender said...

waaa...bestnya! kat sini takde istilah boxing day mcm kat Uk. Sampai umah lewat pun takpe. Berbaloi hiihii..

faisyura said...

wahwahhhhh shopping apeee tu.. tak sbr nak tgk hasil tangkapan! hehehe
sporting nye anak2 izu bleh jalan lame2 cmtu... zaim n aariz ajak g kl 2 jam pon dh restless... hahaha

Nadine said...

arghhh bestnya!

sila cpt update pasal boxing day kali ini. hehehe

Mashary Rashed Mp3 said...

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ishamizu said...


Oh ye igt kt sana ada takpe sales kt sana pon menariks gak kan..!

Nway mmg bbaloi2 shopping time boxing day ni hehe

ishamizu said...


mana tak sporting, awal2 smpi outlet dh dpt habuan masing2..hehehe.

Hmn dpt la menangkap sket2, biasa2 je. Nti izu update ye :D

ishamizu said...


Thanks! Nti izu update k ;)

ishamizu said...


Thanks for dropping by! :)

Ninie Hanis said...

terbaca psl org melayu ada yg bersikap 'kerek' bila bertembung kat boxing day tu,memang sama je jadi kt saya.kadang kalau kat london gi jalan2 pun sama..susah nak senyum walau sah2 tau kita sesama malaysian.haih..