Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday, hubby took the Eins to ASDA supermarket to kill time while waiting for me who got an appointment at N.U.H. Hubby told me as soon as they entered the entrance, they were approached by a promoter who invited the Eins to do free dental check at the pharmacy where she works at. Since there was nothing else to do than roaming around the store, hubby decided to bring the Eins there! I was surprised to hear that but according to hubby, both of them were giving good co-operation towards the dentist. hihihi.

As a proof, they got dental reports for each of them. :D
At Zahin's age, her teeths are already enough which is 20. Each report shows illustration of the upper and lower teeths. The cross sign meant Zahin hasnt got the teeth yet. But at the upper front teeth, the dentist put < > sign. Meaning, her teeths have a little corrosion already. Tiang Gol kecik! ;p At the lower part, two from her gigi geraham got holes. Yg macam tanda w and ^ tu..:D So the dentist advised hubby to bring Zahin to any dentist so that they could give her some treatment. Bila tu? tengoklah bila ada kesempatan nanti. :D
Zahin's. Teeths with no signs meant her teeths are still in a good condition.
For lil Iris, the moment the dentist try to put a mirror into her mouth, she quickly bite it. Hihihii so funny, hubby told me the dentist also laughed at that time. :D Iris memang pantang, even jari ummi pun dia gigit setiap kali suap dia makan tau! huhu. Overall, the dentist satisfied with Iris's teeths. Even it's not enough yet, but all of her twelve tooths are in good condition. But i always worried of her, because she always refused to brush her teeths compare to Zahin. I had suspected because of dia lambat tumbuh gigi. Zahin umur 5 bulan dah ada gigi, so lagi dia baby dah biasa brushing. Iris bila start brushing tu dia dah almost 1 year old, so dia dah pandai mengelak2. Grr..lepas ni no more excuse for u, lil girl! Otherwise, i'm afraid your teeths will be decayed sooner compare to Along. :(

Iris's. :)
Hubby also admitted to the dentist that the Eins love chocolates. The dentist said it's OK to have chocolate in their diet but only to be consumed one daily. Ha satu chocolate aje setiap hari ye anak2...Ini tidak, the Eins ni pantang nampak chocolate banyak..selagi tak habis, selagi tu makan...nak wat mcm mana, like father, like doters. Anak-beranak soooo 'Hantu Cekelat!' ;p Aunty Yus ngan uncle Hadzley pun tau sgt dah bdk2 ni hantu chocolate, klu datang rumah aunty yus, habis chocolate aunty yus derg kejekan..hihi.

After the check, the Eins got a goodie bag for each.
Apparently, the goodie bag was the bait that made Zahin agreed to do the check! hahaha sabo je la...

Inside the goodie bags, they got each of these, the mirror and the sand timer and also the disney stickers.
So today, both of them played as the dentist and the patient. Dulu tanya Zahin bila besar nak jadi apa, katanya nak jadi doktor. Bila tanya doktor apa? Doktor lelah jawabnya! ;p Patu2 doktor pompuan plak..;p Sekarang nak jadi doktor gigi plak...hihihi..

Lakonan semata-mata. Hihihi. Nway, ada bakat tak? ;p
Sekejap aje, lepas tu mirror tu jadi sudu plak! Berlakon suapkan adik makan..huhu sabo ajelah! siap ambil princess paper plate tuh. Yang Iris pun pandai jgk berlakon makan. aum..hahaha..
Ok, wassalam. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Once we'd found out that the nearest school from our house has no more available place for Zahin at their nursery, we tried to find other nurseries without any delay. After surfing the internet, we discovered there were few nurseries nearest. So hubby quickly contacted their management via phone first to ask whether the nursery was still available for Zahin. Then, the person who answered had asked us to come on the next day to discuss further about it.

at the main entrance. We went there by car. May be we could walk whenever it's sunny. :)
First time we visit the nursery, i actually got an appointment at N.U.H so we just went there to fill the registration form first. We had consulted with Joan who was a Parent/Toddler Co-Ordinator there. She was in-charged for toddler's playgroup which is held twice a week. After handing back the forms to her, she told us that the management will ring us as soon as possible. The good news was she said that Zahin might have a chance since there was one class which still has three more places for her but she just wanted to confirmed it first with the class teacher. Oh we were so glad to hear that and praying so that they will accept Zahin to be one of the three. Before we left, Joan also invited us to join their playgroup while waiting for the result. We were very appreciate upon her offer so we agreed to come next day.
Pic was taken during the playgoup session on our second visit.

The playgroup is for children from 0-2 yrs old and accompanied by the parents. While the babies/toddlers playing, the parents monitoring them. 15 minutes before the session ends, Joan will conduct a story-telling/singing. :) And the fee was only 1 pound for every session. They provide some food and beverages not only for toodlers, but parents too. We really had fun that day and wished to come again.

Last monday, suddenly there were two visitors arrived in front of our door. They introduced themselves as a teacher and nursery nurse.  I was surprised to see them! Apparently, Joan tried to call our house but our phone line was not in order at the moment. So, they just came up! Luckily, ada one lady so i let them in. If not, i couldn;t becoz hubby wasnt at home, he went to see his supervisor that day. :(.

While Tim, the teacher was interviewing me, Teresa, the nursery nurse had interviewed Zahin and attended Iris as well. :D Zahin did quite well that day in spite of her not so good health condition and broken English. ;p Teresa brought some papers, scissor, pencil colour and toys so she watched and attended Zahin drawing, cutting papers and doing puzzle. :D She also interacted with Iris and gave her some toys to be played with so that she wont bother me much. Basically, Tim had asked about Zahin;s early education background, her personality, her independency, her sociality level and her allergics.

After about half hour, Tim conveyed me the good news that Zahin could start her first day at nursery on the very next day! I was taken aback! I could't believe it myself coz I thought she will only start by next month after the term break as per Joan had mentioned before.  Nway, i was happy to know that finally Zahin was accepted into nursery and couldn;t wait to tell hubby! ^_^

Apparently, the class teacher will be Tim and Zahin will be go to Oak class and will be provided with Halal food. Again, i was surprised..ada halal food siap! But she could bring home-made food, but only the healthy food. Any chocolates or candies were not allowed. :D

This pic was  taken by Tim during the home visit. He printed it out to put in Zahin's special book at the nursery as a memory and gave one copy to us so i put it on our fridge! Again, hubby was sad as he wasnt at home that day and he's not in the pic. :(

Since this nursery is under government body and it is public, there is no education charge or any registration fee. We just need to pay only 4 pounds or around RM20 for Zahin's special book and library bag. Zahin will bring this library bag to the nursery only on thursday and will come back home with one story-book to be borrowed for a week. ;)
Zahin's ready to go to nursery. As you see, the bag was not belong to her..According to hubby, Teresa gave her in order to comfort her. Comfort? Yes, Zahin cried everytime we wanted to leave her..hehe. When hubby came to fetch her the teachers said she only cried for a while. After that, they told that she was too busy to cry! Hihihi. The bag was returned the next day but we bought her a new bag, (similar type of bag only its pink colour) so that she didnt feel sad thinking that the teacher had taken it back after giving to her. :)

So on her first day at the nursery, we were asked to stay until the session ends. Overall, we were satisfied. According to them, there will be no formal lessons at the nursery. She just come and play. When we were there, we were impressed to see the classrooms where they have a specific class for painting, colouring, drawing. Another class with sand, rice and water place. The music class and the reading class as well. They got a huge ladscaped garden aka the outdoor playground!

I was like, are u kidding me? This nursery is just like a heaven for Zahin! :D And so far, we got good and positive feedbacks from Zahin. She even said that her nursery here is much cooler compare to her nursery at Malaysia, An-Nur Gemilang! Sabo je la..hihihi. But for me, as long as she's happy, we're happy too. Alhamdulillah!

Lastly, i hope she enjoys herself there, makes new friends as many as she could and learns basic stuffs as much as she could. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My second appointment was to meet a sonographer. ^_^ This time i had it at Antenatal Clinics which was just opposite to Maternity Booking Clinics at Zone 12 N.U.H. It was 9.00a.m appointment and i was on time. ;) The queue wasn't too long either. I was the second patient to be called..;)

As i was lying on the bed, the sonographer quickly put a gel around my tummy. Firstly, i mentioned to her that i would like to know my baby's gender and buy one scan photo of my baby. coz i never had one yet. (Here u may ask, otherwise the sonograher won't tell your baby's gender) She nodded but she told me that it might be difficult now to get a fully structural photo of my baby since i already in my 29 weeks: the baby already big by now. So I understood and i told her i dont mind if i only get the baby's upper body especially on the face. I would be more than appreciated. :D

When she's working on with the scanner and looking into the computer screen, suddenly i felt dizzy and almost fainted. The sonographer noticed, concerned and asked me why. I said may be because i was hungry. I did take my breakfast, but i thought it's not enough..since i get easily hungry, nowadays. Hehehe. Then she kindly asked me i could eat if i brought with me something to eat. Unfortunately, i left them in our car. Huhu. Lucky, my drink bottle was there and it was ribena. ;p Then I felt a lil bit fine after drinking it so i lied back on the bed.

Not long after that it occured again!! Oh no, the second time I felt like vomitting as well. Then i tried to lay on my left side and miraclely i felt much better. After a while, the sonographer asked me to lay on my back again so she could continue the scanning but i just couldn't! Hence she had no choice other than scanning me while i was lying on my left side. (membelakang kan dia..;p). From that moment, i was hapily scanned. ;p

AND i was much happier when the sonographer showed me lil one's sex organ..! Wee, it's confirmed a BOY! Alhamdulillah! (tut dia dh besar hokey, so no problem for me to assure it..haha. When i scanned in Melaka, i was even had to squint my eyes..btul ke tu tut baby? Hehehe i couldn't recognized ;p) How i wished hubby was there to see his baby boy..Even though i was smiling but i was sad at heart until my eyes got teary. That was the first time hubby was not there for me. Sebelum2 ni, setiap kali scan, hubby never fails to be beside me. He had taken care the Eins very well that day nway..:)
Our baby boy! tp fail lah photo tak clear. So i got it f.o.c. Kalau tidak kene bayar 5pounds. Jadi lah for the sake of a memory..kn?
Then the session had ended after 40minutes..whoaa that was the longest scan session i've ever had so far..:D. The great news was the sonographer informed me that everything seemed fine, the baby's kidney looked fine, the placenta posterior n etc..Oh no wonder she took such a long time, she checked every organ of my baby..!  
Scan photos of baby's growth are now attached to my antenatal book. :)

Alhamdulillah, i felt so relieved to hear that lil one's fine and my placenta was not at the bottom (covered the cervix). So i will keep continuing pray so that i could also deliver my third baby normally. I don't want to be pre or post warded, kesian nanti the Eins. Kt sini tade Tok Mak nak jaga diorang. T_T So please pray for me too k. :)

Finally, the antenatal ultrasound report..:)
And i will have another scan appointment in 4 weeks time. Insya Allah. 
Again, dapat free pregnancy diary ni. Sangat best! :D
p.s At home, i'd read my 29 weeks at weekly bulletin of babycenter and i found about 'Supine Hypotensive Syndrom'. It states that this syndrome happens when a pregnant mom's lying flat on her back causes a change in a heart rate and blood pressure that makes her feel dizzy until she changes position. Also she may feel light-headed if she stands up too quickly too. To avoid 'the spins', lie on side rather on the back.

Well noted, i guess i may have the syndrome. Huhu.

Till then, wassalam.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Last friday, Zahin had asked me to cook Nasi Minyak again. Yea, she had asked for it earlier but i didn't have mood to cook Nasi Minyak yet at that time. :( But when she asked while she was sick, it really touched my heart. So this time i made an attempt to cook but the very simple Nasi Minyak for her and glad that it suited to her liking. (Before that she had refused to eat anything). Also i made chicken curry without a coconut milk to be eaten with Nasi Minyak. :) 

I'm sure everybody knows how to make Nasi Minyak and chicken curry but still i want to share how i did it in here. ;)


3 cups of Basmathi rice
4 cups of water (this depends on your rice, mine doesn't need too much water)
4 red shallots (sliced finely) *
2 garlics (sliced finely)*
1 ladled of Ghee oil
2 star anise*
1 cinnamon stick*
2-3 cardamom pods*
2-3 cloves*
1/2 tomato (sliced finely)
salt to taste
Raisins or other like cashews (optional)


1. Wash, rinse rice well and drain it. Put it aside.
2. Heat Ghee oil in a electric rice pot and fry all with * until soft and fragrant
3. Add in the tomato and salt and stir all evenly.
4. Pour the rice into the pot and pour water, add the raisins and keep stirring evenly for a while. Off the heat.
5. Cook the rice on electric cooker like cooking the ordinary rice.
6. When it cooked, give it a stir first before ready to serve. (Gembur2 kan. :D)

I tell you, it is very simple one! :D

Yesterday we had to take Zahin to A & E at N.U.H since her condition not getting any better and she didn't sleep at all the whole night due to breath problem. So I packed a bag and brought Nasi Minyak along in case if we stranded there. We had stranded for quite long hours. Luckily, they allowed us to bring our own food inside. So all of us had eaten Nasi Minyak and Chicken Curry in the cubicle ward at Emergency walk in centre. ;D

Nway, it was tiring of waiting from 11a.m but it's all worth it when finally at 5p.m, Dr. Benjamin allowed Zahin to go home. I dunno what would happen to Iris if Zahin had to admit ward..Since Zahin's oxygen saturated level showed above 90%, doctors decided that she could go home and just gave her an inhaler, volumatic spacer device and steroids to be taken according to their directions. It's f.o.c. If only her condition got worsen, Doc asked us to bring her back immediately.

at the A & E Play Area while waiting to see a doc.

We pray so that Zahin will be fully recovered as soon as possible so that she doesn't need to go to A & E again.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A week after our appointment at GP's, i'd finally received my first mail from Newham University Hospital (N.U.H), London. I was so relieved! :D Alhamdulillah. Inside the envelope, it had not only one but three copies of appointment letters! 

I will start with my first appoinment which was called as a Booking and History appointment.

January 17, 2011

My appointment was at 10a.m. So we off to the hospital around 9.15a.m. It took only 10-15 minutes driving. Once hubby dropped me in front of the building, i'd started to feel nervous. It was not my first time going for pregnancy check up without a company but that was in Malaysia where communication will never be a trouble. So I was kinda afraid if i couldn't catch up with the British accent since that was my first time without my personal translator. ;p How i really wished hubby could have accompanied me...but when i realized that my girls needed their father more than i needed him, then i quickly wiped out the negative thinking away from my mind. So, be tough! 

Then i started walking through the entrance positively and bravely. Eceh. ;p But I stopped at the lobby first to check for Maternity Booking Clinics at Zone 12 on 'YOU ARE HERE' direction map display there. Ooh how relieved i was to see the easy direction. It was just a straight forward direction. No need any turning at all, no stair or even elevator. ;) Hence from the lobby i just needed to walk straight until i finally found Zone 12. (The last zone ;p)

Alhamdulillah, the clinics was on my left and it was already 10 minutes before 10a.m. I quickly entered the entrance and went to the reception counter. Then told the receptionists that i got appointment by showing my appointment letter. After they checked my name and confirmed it in their system, one of them gave me a green booklet and a urine bottle. She immediately ushered me to the seats and asked me to wait til they called my name. As i was about to complete my personal details on the first page, a nurse called up my name to check on my blood pressure. Alhamdulillah, my BP was normal. :)

The antenatal booklet or simply the Green Booklet. Kt Malaysia buku antenatal colour pink, comey sket kan? hihi

Then i continued completing the 22 pages booklet..but i had to fill the required details only in page 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Still it had taken quite some time for me to finish it. Huhu. The details required were such

Personal Details, Partner Details, Social Assessment (Edu. level, Eng. Proficiency, Employ. Status, Housing, Smoking, Drug use and Alcohol Status), Ethnic Origin, a long list of Medical History, Mental Health, Family History, and Previous Births.

Huhu very long one i tell you.

Inside of page 2 and 3.

Details about my previous births. Tulisan kecik2, tak cantik and in the blue ink was mine, ;) while tulisan besar, cantik and in the black ink was midwife's. :)

As soon as i was done with the booklets, i went to the toilet with a urine bottle. ;) i was glad to know it's only for ladies. :D  It was quite a spacious toilet and it's clean. The moment i finished my business i heard that my name was being called up and i immediately responsed from the toilet. Lucky,  i was done at that time. Heheh.

When i came out from the ladies, a nurse greeted me and i quickly put my urine bottle on the counter before the nurse ushered me to a midwife room. Once i stepped into the room and said hello and smiled to both of them, the older widwife cheerfully greeted me with "Helloooo, i thot u had passed out in the toilet. Nway, i'm your midwife, Linda!" Haha i just chuckled NO and smiled to her. There was another midwife with her, a younger lady. Her name was Anna and she was a midwife trainee from London City University.

Firstly, Linda handed me out a Bounty Pack and then she started interviewing me and checking my green booklets while Anna was just watching and learning quietly. :). We had discussed on my pregnancy, balance diet, food that i should avoid and etc. She then seemed happy to see that i was in a good shape, live healthily and have a good husband too. (Banyak kali hokey dia tanya samada Hisham tu suami atau just a partner. ;p Siap tanya ada tak hubby pukul-pukul saya ke..Cepat-cepat sy jawab No, Never..;) Dia tanya lagi hubby helpful ke tak.? since she knew that i already have two kids. Hihi..Sy jawab, he's so helpful. ;) Barulah dia puas hati dan cakap "Good and you do look happy, don;t you? " I said yea, i do..:D Terus dia right sume kt column 'Mental Health'. hahaha rasa lawak tapi penting jgk tu kan. Kot la belum beranak lagi dah kene depression kan. ;p

Ini lah bounty Pack tu. Kat dalam ni macam-macam ada! ada mcm2 pamphlet, cash vouchers from toys R us and Mark and spencer klu rajin nak join bounty club la, ;p and ada discount coupon from Pampers and Fairy. Oh i loikee..TQ, TQ..^_^

Then Linda had mentioned about flu jab. Owh not again so i quickly told her that i already got it when i went to GP. And she's glad to know about it. Ceh, macam smooth je la jumpa Late Booker ni kan..ahahaha...BUT sampai part check list medical history amik kamu! She was surprised to know that i had Female Circumsition. Mula2 dia ok lagi lepas dia tau saya disunatkan waktu baby..bila dia tanya The Eins plak. Saya mengaku la yang ktrg sunatkan diorang jugak. Tiba-tiba berubah air muka dia, cakap "Why u do that to your girls? It's not good, it's wrong you know...and it's illegal in this country." Erk. I was speechless but i convinced her it was done by a doctor at a clinic and in Malaysia, it's not illegal. So apa hal kan? Tapi dia tak boleh terima dan dia cakap dia akan report ke social service. Aduhai, mak buyung ni dengar je Social Service terus rasa nak menangis pun ada !. Takut wehh, kt sini pengaruh social service kuat. But being me who could control my face expression and emotion quite well, i just acted coolly in front of her. Tapi dalam hati Tuhan sajalah yang tahu. ;p

After that, she'd asked Anna to bring me to another room for a blood test. She then looked calm herself and told me to meet her again as soon as i did my blood test. So wokey. Masa tunggu turn nak buat blood test, i cepat-cepat called hubby and told her about the issue. I was upset and scared if she really reported to Social Service. We could be in trouble! I was apologised to hubby for being honest admitting that i had female circumsition and did it to the Eins as well. As usual hubby was always being on my side, he comforted me and we ended up marah gila2 kt L tu. Lega sikit. Huahuahua. Then i told hubby to pray together so that she would forget to make the report. So, in case  kalau u all atau sesiapa datang ke UK ni, tipu je tau bab bersunat tu, tulis je tak pernah OK. :D

Nway, my blood test was carried out smoothly too. Ashley, the medical assistant who did the test on me was a friendly lady, told that i would know the result in my next follow up. :) After that i went back to Linda's and she let Anna did examination on my baby bump. ;) I was ushered to a bed before Anna doing Fundal Height: She then used a centimetre tape measuring from the fundus (top of my uterus) to the top of the symphysis (pubic bone) and recorded it. Then Anna told Linda first about the baby's head and heart position or presentation roughly during 28++ weeks before she really checked it by searching for Lil One's head somewhere at my lower abdomen with her hands.

I was praying quietly so that baby's head was already down there and my placenta had rised. (Masa scan kt Malaysia, uri kat bawah) Then Anna said, Lil One's head was already down there but said nothing about the placenta. Then Anna used a Doptone to listen to Lil One's heartbeat adn we listened it together2. Hihi, it's so fast and Anna said, it sounds good, normal so she n Linda agreed that Lil One should be fine. Alhamdulillah..logo den! hikk.

After some more further explanation from Linda about plans of pregnancy and parenthood such as antenatal class and hospital tour, and also confirmed of my next antenatal visits/appoinments..i made my way out to meet Wallace from the passport team at the hospital lobby just to confirmed my passport to be entitled for free maternity treatment and medical exemption at N.U.H. Sekejap je jumpa Wallace and he then wrote 'entitled' on my green book. And  i was done for my first appointment! Wee!

The appointments.

The appointment letters. :) Bulan ni ada 3 lagi appointment. Huhu.

OK till then, Wassalam. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Last wednesday, after hubby came back from meeting his supervisor, we took the Eins out to the playground nearby. The Eins had been super bored being at home for days. Hihi pity them..

See, how happy both of them got to play the swings. :) Zahin tak pakai winter jacket sebab jacket nya tak fully kering lagi ummi cuci.  Tapi ummi pakaikan dia dua lapis sweater yg biru dan yg purple-grey kat sebelah dalam. Alhamdulillah, so far Zahin sihat, Iris pun sihat..tak selsema walaupun waktu tu angin kuat dan sejuk sangat sampai ke tulang hitam!

Zahin's new fringe. Hee. I'd cut her fringes. Too bad it was too short. :( Nway, hubby kata Zahin nampak macam masa dia baby balik. So okla kan. hee.

Lil Iris bukan main suka lagi kene swing dengan ummi. hihi. Iris relax aje tak sejuk, ummi sampai ber'mafla', ber'glove' bagai. kekeke.

Lepas puas main swing, naik spinner ni plak. Ummi pon tumpang sekaki..padahal ummi dah tak larat berdiri lama-lama. ;D Siapa Tukang spin? sape lagi, babah la. ;)

Iris tengok babah spin, dia pun sibuk nak spin jugak. hihi. tapi kuat tau lil girl ni, berpusing jugak lah kami. hee.

Then they tried out those spring horses. Tapi Zahin tak minat sangat so sekejap je naik...tak mencabar. Dia prefer....

Ini ha. Memang feveret dia! Suka sangat sebab dapat panjat-panjat tangga..:D

Iris pun apalagi, berlari-lari anak nak join along dia. :D

Muka fokus and concentrate habis! hihihihi..

Yang ni plak Zahin beriya-iya nak bergayut ala-ala monkey tapi tak terer lagi. hihi.

As usual Iris pun nak try jugak tapi babah kata Iris kecik lagi..Kecian dia, muka kecewa je. :(

Then happy semula. Iris macam ummi, sekejap je mood berubah-ubah..;p

Tak macam Zahin, tak makan dipujuk. Haritu bila dah makin gelap, ajaklah dia balik rumah. Lgpun angin makin kuat, makin sejuk. Brr..tapi Zahin TAK NAK BALIK! Grr..sabo je la. Dah bagi extra time, pun tak puas lagi. So apalagi sepanjang jalan balik ke rumah menangis smpi rumah terkucil2. Grr...ada hati lagi nk stay main kt playground tu..! Isk3.

 Ok till then wassalam. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


GP is a general practioner who is not a specialist but treats all illnesses. GP is like a family doctor who cares for the well being of the individual and the community in National Health Service (NHS).

Since this is not our first time in the UK so we already got familiar with GP and NHS terms. It is important to register GP as soon as possible. The system here is not the same in Malaysia where we can go to any clinic and get to see the doctor straight away. Here we must to make an appointment first if we want to see a doctor. *eye-roll* But there is a walk in center if we are in emergency. But still it's hard for me to accept the fact. :(

Anyway, the first week after we had settled down, hubby went to Leytonestone Road Medical Centre alone by bringing our passports to register all of us. I think it was the coldest week in December and the Eins were already not at their best health so the three of us just stayed at home. I just reminded hubby to inform them that i'm pregnant. Alhamdulillah, the registration went well as our address was in the covered area by the medical centre and started from now on our GP is Dr. A. Q Qadri.

Then hubby told me that we both already had an appointment for a routine check up on 31st December. OK that's great. ;) Since the Eins were just had a cough, cold and fever, hubby did not make an appointment for them. Because, there would be no use as we already knew that the GP would have only prescribed them with Calpol (kind of PCM) (which we had already given to them) and advised to give them with alot of plain water, fruits and bla3. So tak da maknanya wat appointment kan. :D One more thing, kat sini kalau selsema memang tak dapat ubat selsema, they would prefer us to be healed naturally. huhu.

Below are few pictures during our appointment on 31st December 2010.

The practise or clinic.

 Hubby confirmed the appoinment at the reception

 at the waiting area.

 checking for documents.

other patients. (sorry gambar tak brapa clear sbb pakai my old digicam)

Zahin tengok apa tu?

 tengok digital board rupanya. :D

appointment pukul 10.30a.m. lambat lagi. so amik gambo kasut baru umi skali interframe kan kasut the eins. hee sorry..dah tade view menarik la. ;p

amik gambo kasut baru hubby lak. ahaks. sibuk je kasut lama pink tu nak interframe lg. hihi

OK gambo ummi la plak kan..hehe. Lepas tu sempat ummi ambil video skjp. Jom tengok!

 Video 1 :)

Then our turn came up! Since it's just a routine check up, we only consulted with a nurse. Mrs. H Tejura. Very nice lady. Starting with hubby first she then started asking our arrival date in the UK, what was the purpose we came to this country, about personal health history and the family disease history. Then she checked hubby's blood pressure, recorded his weight and height before asking him do a urine test.

Below is a clip video that I managed at the nurse's room. Obviously without her permission. So paham2 je la mcm mana. Takut2 record. haha.

Lepas hubby, turn saya plak. Sama la soalannya dengan hubby's. i was confident that she knew that i'm expecting. Unfortunately, she said she didn't know and there was nothing mentioned that i'm pregnant in the system. So I told her hubby had mentioned to the reception the day he registered but she seemed OK. Misscommunication happened right. Baiklah madam Tejura ni. Saya tak bawa inhaler athma pun dia tak marah..padahal dah terang lagi bersuluh kat dalam borang personal details tu suro bawak apa2 medication yang saya ambil. :D

After interviewing and recording my details, she had given me a flu jab. Ya Allah tak expect langsung nak kene inject tapi bukan sakit pun. ;p Here a flu jab is compulsory for pregnant women and it is free. Good eh! Lepas wat urine test, Mdm Tejura kasi satu form NHS utk di isi sebelum balik.With that I'll get maternity medical and medicine exempted including free dental treatment until a year after delivery. Alhamdulillah, rezeki Lil One. :)

For my pregnancy check up, Mdm Tejura told that the practise will fax my details to Newham University Hospital first then the hospital will post an appoinment letter as soon as possible. So I just had to wait for it. That's all.

Psst, Ini baru pasal GP, belum pregnancy check up lagi. Letih mok cik. Sape suro peram lama2 wat pekasam, kn...:D


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


At last i'd succesfully made my own curry puffs! Believe it or not. I don't believe it myself either. Hee.  Selama ini dok tolong tengok mak, nenek and mak cik buat then tolong makan je! Heh. Bila dah kahwin pulak kalau teringin, minta je hubby belikan..senang dan cepat! ;p Tapi bila dah kt London ni, mana ada orang jual, kenalah buat senirik! So deserve me rite! Huhu. But at least now i know i actually can make curry puff rite..;) My mom must be so proud of me..hee. Belum sampai 2 bulan merantau, dah boleh buat donut dan karipap anak dia! kah2.

So thank you to my new blogger friend, Nieza in Helsinki finland for sharing this marvellous recipe! I loikee..and i definitely will try other recipes from her blog too.. All the food piccas there look very tempting uol! hmm yummy! ;)

Here is the recipe. (Nieza, please allow me to share the recipe here yea! Thanks dear..)

The ingredients:

 4 cups of plain flour
 2 Tbs of butter - heat it
 1/2 cup of cooking oil - heat it
 a pinch of salt
 a cup of warm water

for the fillings:

6 potatoes
3 Tbs of beef curry powder
An onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 Tsb of dried shrimps
a cup of minced beef
some sugar and salt

The steps:

1. To make the pastry - Mix the flour with the pre-heated butter and cooking oil and stir them finely. Stir salt in a cup of warm water and pour them bit to bit into the flour mixture. Knead until it becomes a fine dough.

2. To make the filling - Peel the potatoes and diced. Then put them aside.

3. Blend onion together with garlic and dried shrimps. Heat the oil in a wok and fry them till it become soft and browned. Add the curry paste and stir it evenly. Then add in potatoes, minced beef, some water, sugar and salt to your liking. Cook them on medium heat until the potatoes tendered and water reduced.

4. Then take them out and cool them first.

5. When the filling are already cool, start rolling out the dough and pressing the edges. ;)

6. Cut out the dough into a cirle, to a size of one cury puff.

7. Fill in the beef fillings, fold the pastry over to form a half circle and start pressing the edges with fingertips. ( Proses mengelim - this part is the most challenging to me..huhu)

8. Lastly fry them in the medium heat until golden!!

Voila! Inilah ghupa nya. tak secantik dan sekemas karipap orang lain. hiks. (Aih tgn kenit tu, umi dah bagi satu pun nak amik lagi. haip2. :D)

Breakfast before off to uni. ;) Yang penting hubby kata sedap! that most matters to me..siap tapau ke uni lagi! ^_^ (TQ Darling..TQ so much too for tolong mince kan beef. XOXO). Frankly, kalau tak kerana hubby yang rajin tolong itu-ini  mungkin tak terbuat juga karipap ni sbb kalau ikutkan mak buyung ni tak larat dah! :D

Iris baby pun suka sangat makan! hehe.

along Zahin pun suka..TAPI lebih suka makan kulit karipap..adey..habis dia makan sume tang kelim tuh. :D Tp memang rangup kulit karipap Nieza  ni, krap-krup krap rup Zahin makan! hehe..

Alhamdulillah, ada rezeki the Eins and hubbby nak makan karipap. Walaupun sebenarnya umi derang ni yang mengidam! heheh. Kalini pregnant tak  habis2 lagi mengidam itu-ini sampai dah masuk 30 minggu dah ni ha. Nanti bila2 nak buat lagi karipap ni coz practice makes perfect rite. ;)

P.s  in next entry i will update about my pregnancy check up here insya Allah since our new kit lense has j ust arrived from hong Kong this morning. ^_^ Baru la boley amik gambo apa2 yg patut dari jarak dekat..;p

Last but not least, selamat bercuti sempena CNY in advance. ;)

Till then, Wassalam.