Thursday, March 31, 2011


Feel so long not updating any cooking experiment in this blog. I'm afraid i would loose my interest. ;p Actually, i just have a mood to take picture of my experiment today so there it was! A hot fried fusilli with mozarella cheese. Resepi suka hati so bagi nama pun suka hati lah. :D

As usual, if i cook i will try to cook as simple as i can. ;)

The ingredients:

Small quantity of cooking oil and butter
Some paste of garlics, onions and anchovies
Some paste of chilli
3 Tbs of oyster sauce
Some of sirloin beef
Some medium size of prawns
Some carrots, baby corn, coriander leaves
Some fusilli pasta (boiled to cook n toasted)
2 eggs
a pinch of salt n black pepper
mozarella cheese

The method:

1. Preheat the cooking oil in the wok. Then saute the garlic, onion and anchovie paste until golden and smelled.

2. Pour chilli paste and beef. Fry them for a while or until the beef are cooked.

3. Put some oyster sauce and prawn and stir them evenly.

4. Put into it butter, salt and black pepper before pouring the pasta into it.

5. Then put veges into it and give them a stir.

6. After a while, put the eggs, mozarella cheese and stir them evenly.

7. Taste, and add whats should be addded..then it's ready to serve! ;)

Lastly, I'm happy that i'm sharing this humble recipe...hihihi.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Alhamdulillah, finally we had a picnic under the lovely weather after canceling it twice before. Thus last sunday, our family, Yus and Hadzley and K.Ana's family went to Southend on sea after went to car boot sales at Nevendon. Although, it was cloudy and showering lightly in the morning, finally the sun started to shine brightly towards the afternoon. ^_^

Us, at Southend seafront. :)(courtesy pic fr Yus's cammie ;))

Some of the menus were Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Kek Batik, Kek Pisang, Muffins and Kuih pau. :D

Everybody's so hungry until didn;t even care to look at the camera. Haha. So not this mak buyung. ;p

If Afifah's around, my girls won't be clingy to me. They even wanted to be fed by kakak fifah, so ummi had a lil 'me-time' that day. ;)

and Afifah who doesn't have any baby sisters love to attend the Eins everytime they meet each other. =)

and Iris was willing to be carried by Fifah like this all the time..what a very pampered lil girl she was that day..;)

Iris was in action. hihi

here Zahin's in action. happy go lucky girl that day.....:D

Before leaving, we took a family photo. My family..before we become five soon. :D (credit to uncle Hadzley. ;))

Yus and Hadzley, who are soon to be mommy and daddy! :D

Kak Ana's family..they've been living in London for 10 yrs already..;)

lastly, the kiddos...! next week if aunty don't deliver yet, we could go sightseeing again yea? :D

After solat Zuhr, we went to this adventure island..just to kill the time. :)

Zahin was excited to see the crocodile mascot but as usual afraid to go near it. Hmmmm...

not coming to play but to eat an ice-cream! hehehh..After all Mak Buyung was tired already..;p

at 5pm we called it the day..and we managed to snap some photos of us along the seaside.

including this photo of ishamizu. heh just the two of us. credit to our big girl! ;) good job, love! ummi love this pic so much and so does babah! ^_^

Phew, i was having a hard time in updating this entry because there were too many photos to choose. It drove me crazy. :D

Till then, wassalam.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


On saturday last two weeks, my x-classmate during secondary, Sarah and her family had visited us. Sarah is currently doing her PhD in management at Southampton Uni now and she will go back to Malaysia to collect some datas at the end of this month. Bestnya!!

So before that, she and her family came up to London to buy some souvenirs for family and friend in Malaysia at Central London and managed to bring her kids at London Aquarium as well had a luncheon at Malaysian Hall. Hmm, kita bila nak sampai Msian Hall ek, yang? hehe..

But Sarah will only go back with her two kids while her husband who is also my x-schoolmate will stay in Soton since he works permanently now. So tak kan nak apply cuti 2 bulan setengah ye tak. Tapi kalau sy di tempat bro Shaza, sorila mau nanges kene tinggal sorang2! :D

They finally reached at our house just after Isya'. Alhamdulillah, tuan rumah pun dah hampir siap menyediakan makan malam untuk di jamu kepada tetamu jauh ni..Jamu nasi ayam madu, air sirap bandung, hot mango tea, fried potato wedges and some grapes and clementine oranges..that's all yang mak buyung ni terdaya buat..hihi.

anak2 dpn tv..:) Amin, Zahin n Miera. Iris spt biasa dok ats riba umi. Nway, kesian Miera demam (ank sulung Sarah)

candid! mak buyung sibuk nak btul2kan tudung lg tu..;p..Iris plak pandang je Amin yg duduk sblh umi dia. hihi.

self-timer mode. spt biasa tk sempat..babah pun tk smpt tarik iris lg..hehe Zahin plak over taw! ;D

ha finally yang ni baru proper sket..kan? Sarah, in case if u tumble on my humble blog ni..TQ for coming, k ..TQ jg bg Cadbury chocolates. ^_^ we glad to have all of you. Nanti datang lg ok? ;)

haha ni gambar makanan slps tetamu pulang..maklumlah tetamu sampai pun tak siap hidang lg..huhu lps tu tk kan nak sibuk2 ambil gambar mknn dulu mst la nak jamu tetamu dulu, kan? ;) Jadilah kan..Sarah kata sedap. ye ye je Sarah, but TQ dear. ;) tapi tengok derang makan bertambah, air sirap bandung pun laku..Alhamdulillah, lega mak buyung ni. :D
Ok, Wassalam.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Oh! we love to go to car boot sales (cbs) ^_^ Just love the ambience and happy buying cheap plus still in good conditioned preloved branded stuffs which being offered there! Some new and original stuffs are being sold there too but of course with an expensive price! ;)

Thus last two weeks, Yus and Hadzley told us Dunton cbs will be opened on that weekend, we were ecstatic and so looked forward to go there! Dunton is out of London and it takes 40 minutes driving from here in Stratford. Wow, finally we thought that will be our golden chance to see the countryside. =)

When the day arrived, we departed from our house around 10a.m. It's already late actually because at first we were contemplating whether we wanted to go or not as Iris had caught fever already. But we decided to go though after seeing her active condition. :D

So when we arrived there, it's already past 11am and we were not charged for any admission fee. If we came before 11am, we just had to pay 20pence per head. Cheap, only 20p! ;) and kids as usual were free of charged. :)

just arrived

muka demam. kecian ank ummi..

yg ni muka happy dapat beli ELC dollhouse. ;p
 ni plak muka bila dah boring dan letih tunggu ummi shopping. :D

OK cepat, jom kita balik..hari nak hujan!! Iris suka eh kene tolak laju2. hihi.

huwaa penatnya menapak sampai ke kereta. so kita posing dulu! hihi. well, that's our car vauxhall astra. Dulu kt Coventry pun beli kereta mcm ni jgk. senang sbb dah tau performance baik, minyak save. tp Zahin selalu complaint kereta babah ni buruk. hihi bertuah, kan?. macam la kt Msia dulu naik keta best sgt..padahal Gen2 je pun. ;p

kasi can bebas berlari ats padang yg luas..siap bwk dollhouse tu..sorg lg ttp ngan Deli Waybuloo dia. hihi

doting dad with his beloved princesses :))

last shot fr babah, ummi and her beloved princess

We didn't get what we were looking for. so we didn't really spent that day. But we went to the same cbs on the following weekend (last sunday). this time we went a lil bit early, we paid for admission fee but we were satisfied that we got what we needed to buy. So hopefully, i still have another chance to go to Dunton cbs again this sunday since baby's head is not even engaged yet. hehe.

Till then, wassalam.


Sorry eh cerita ni dah basi. Hehe. Dah masuk musim Spring baru teringat tak update2 lagi cerita pasal snow. So sebagai entry penutup musim Winter, saya update pasal snow la! Actually, sepanjang 3 bulan Winter yang lalu, Snow turun dan bertahan cuma untuk 3 hari je kt Stratford ni. huhu itupun in December. Hancur harapan nak wat photoshoot kt park. heh.

Jadi tak ada cerita sangat, gambar pun tak banyak. Lokasinya pun biasa je, kt neighbourhood kami ni je. :D So layan je la gambar-gambar yang tak seberapa ni k. :)

Gurney Road is where we currently live. This photo was taken from our bedroom's window. :) 

The neighbour's car. Masa ni kami belum beli kereta lagi. :D

Corner News. Kalau terdesak like fresh milk tiba-tiba habis ke, hubby berlari kejapla ke kedai ni beli. Hihi.

Second day snow. how our neighbourhood was looked like..This photo taken by hubby from across of our flat.

Our princess Zahin, in front of the flat which we rent but we rent the first floor. :)

Close up sket. Sayang, Snow cap dlm kenangan. Sudah hilang laa..Zahin la ni, cicir kan kt tesco. :S

pokok di seberang jalan. Subhanallah. Cantik, kan?
and then barulah Iris, my lil princess and me turun...Iris baru je bangun tidur masa ni. :D

While waited for hubby to set up our cammie to self timer mode, we enjoyed watching some doves. eat snow, may be. :D

First trial. hubby had set the minimum second but he couldn;t make it lar. hahaha.

Finally, it's our family photo during snow/winter 2010. this is the maximum zoom in that our 70-300mm Tamron lense could go..masa ni kit lense Nikon 18-55mm tak sampai dr HK lg..huhu.

sempat lagi tu beramah mesra ngan one boy..padahal masa ni Zahin n Iris dah merengek2 dah ajak masuk dalam rumah..hihi.

See, that's all. Sikit je gambar, kan? hehe. But at least syukur dapat juga jumpa dan main snow lagi. Eh tapiIni first time experience for Iris! Kami dah kali kedua, first time dulu masa winter tahun 2007 masa hubby wat master kt Coventry UK. :)

Walaupun kt Coventry snow turun dan bertahan sehari je tapi we got to a lot momentous  photos at different interesting places in the town! and it's merrier because pegi beramai-ramai dengan kawan-kawan sepengajian hubby yang juga sama-sama kerja di UTeM. Havoc ok! hehehe really miss that moment! :)

Well, Good bye snow, good bye winter! :D Mudah2an panjang umur, berjumpa lagi pada tahun hadapan. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Since last sunday..Iris has been down with fever, cough and cold. Then on tuesday night, the virus  quickly transfered to Zahin. As a result, Zahin didn't go to nursery from wednesday until friday (this morning). But while she was at home plus unwell, she tended to be cranky like 24-7. Dalam tak sihat tu, asyik menyakat adik aje kejenya. Iris meraung, dia pun meraung sebab kene marah and so on. that made hubby and me really head-ache..

While the Eins were still sick and needed my fully attention, the bad virus had finally attacked me on wednesday night!! My body started burning, what i could do in the past two days was jus lying on a bed. huhu. then on last thursday i started to get cough..really bad one. Sampai sakit muscles around my abdomen ni.  siksanya lah! Malam org lain tidur, i batuk kong-kang2 sepanjang malam sampai ke pagi. T_T. Not to mention that i banyak kali pegi toilet..ya Allah, i felt so exhausted. Only yesterday, hubby suggested me to take some panadol..alhamdulillah tonite the fever is gone..(kalau tahu makan panadol lg awal, kn? ;p) the cough is also getting mild. Alhamdulillah.

Sakit-sakit macam ni, rasa lemah sangat seluruh badan. Makan pun tak ada selera. Kesan batuk yang teruk tu rasanya telah mencederakan tekak dan deria rasa saya lah. Nasi my favourite, 2-3 suap je boleh masuk. Yang boleh cuma makan cereal and milk je. So up to date, urat-urat satu badan ni masih sakit lagi, tenaga pun macam almost 0%. Walaupun mild cough, tetap siksa setiap kali batuk..:(

So tiga hari ini, semua hubby yang masakkan/sediakan makan minum. Kesian hubby, walaupun busy buat research, pegi uni and nak siapkan technical report lagi tetap sabar melayani ratu dan puteri2 kesayangan dia ni. hihi. (TQ Sayang! love you domo domo domo domo domo domooooo...(domo (korean) = sangat) :D. Harap virus ni tak menyangkit la kt hubby cos he's our only hero. :)) I hope the Eins n i'll recover soon too. Doakan kami ye. :)

Then i promise to watch our food intake better and not to miss to take vit c as usual daily. So far, berat maintain 62kg sama macam 3 minggu lepas, tak naik-naik risau dah start maintain? :D tapi kalau ikutkan berat sebelum pregnant hari tue, dah naik 12kg dah ni. :D. Hopefully jumpa midwife selasa ni ok jela sume. Hopefully, on the day i want to deliver lil One, i'll be fully recovered. Kalau tak that, tak ada tenaga, macam mana la nak push nanti? :( Paling penting, i always pray so that our lil One is doing fine in there. Amin.

Apapun, alhamdulillah a'la kulli haal. Allah masih panjangkan umur ini lagi. I'm so thankful. T_T. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusan kami sekeluarga. Amin.

Till then, Wassalam.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The Eins always love to 'trampoline' on our bed..No matter how we warn them not to, they just simply ignore us. Aih..lagi kita kata jangan, lagi dibuatnya tau.. I know i should divert them to other activity though but i didn't coz tak larat. Hence yesterday, Iris had ended up knocking her head on the wall! few times ok! Huhu my bad!

as a result, she got two red n swollen spots on her left-side of forehead now.. mula2 ingatkan tade pape..sob2..
Mind you, she cried loudly after knocked her head on the wall, but she still wanted to trampoline again and again! No matter how many times i have reminded her of the incident, she seems doesn't care. Lagi-lagi ada tok guru kan..sape lagi la klu bukan along dia tuh. Dia pun join je la. aihh sabo je la..tak serik2 tau! huhu.

2 orang budak notti tgh trampoline ats katil!!
So just now i had no choice except to let them doing their favourite activity but this time i had watched them very closely by sitting at the edge of the bed. (with my cammie..;p)  n even tho i had put few pillows and a duvet between them and the wall, to prevent them from falling towards the wall, still i could have a heart attack whenever iris tripped herself down.

Haish tengoklah, budak kecik yang tak reti balance kan lg badan dia tuh, aseeeek la terjatuh. mana tak tension umi dia ni ha..aihh.
Katil pun katil la jadi trampoline diorang. Pity them. How we wish to buy them a real trampoline if there would be any at car boot sales (cbs)..but the problem is there is no more space to put in this lil house. huhu. that's why hubby thinks of moving out to a new house as a solution but let's just wait and see..:)

 Till then, wassalam.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


will be a quick update. :D

This beloved back pack of mine will be my hospital bag! Tehee. Tak feminine langsung kn? tapi dlm dia byk compartment, insya Allah bley letak sekali baby's. so 2 in 1, senang tak payah bawak 2 beg!! :D
Some of mothers essential: my toiletries...tooth paste and brush, body shop lotion, for my tummy's skin..Loreal set for facial care. MAC compact powder, silky girl foundation, siky girl juicy gloss. OMG, my inhaler, i shudn;t forget about it. huhu sure berat beg nanti! tah sempat ke tak nak buat all the routine? T_T

A top, maternity towels n briefs..another are pants, towel, slipper, maternity bras, nursery bras, breast pads (not in the pics..;P) hopefully sekejap je la dok dlm ward lps bersalin..Amin!

Some material reading, magazines, will borrow hubby's pda phone bcoz it got a pocket Al-Quran intalled in it. Senang, portable compared to the book of al-Quran. and camera/video as well!! tapi kena check dulu dgn hospital, hopefully bley la bwk masuk dslr ni..itu je satu2 harapan..huhu....

My newborn's essential: bodysuit, sleepsuit, cardigan, hat and mitten...kene bawak lebih sket la kan bodysuit n sleepsuit tu just in case..huhu. lagi kene bawak newborn nappies, muslin square, towel, sleeping bag, carseat (lum bli lg..:S tp carseat tak leh la pack dlm bag kan..;p) 

Aihh, tak sabar nya nak jumpa baby boy ummi dlm tummy ni..^_^ Hopefully, ur doing fine in there, my lil prince!! Amin. :))

Oh ada lagi nak kene pack macam some food snacks, termos, hubby's essential. But not too many..insya Allah sempat packing by 36 weeks..which will be on next monday. hehe..Ok, gtg. Nak prepare some breakfast n then baru kejut big baby, Zahin. It's about time for her nursery! :D

Credit to's checklist guideline. ;)