Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things To Do

Besides need to read Multimedia Design books and journals for my first homework, there are other tasks that need to be done during this weekend. It might be another spring cleaning! I just wanna list them down here so i can make a recheck later. Hence, here are the tasks:-
1. Clear out the unnecessarily things in the kitchen and send them to the store outside at the backyard. Currently, our kitchen cabinet is too full until some of the things have to put here and there and it looks messy at the moment.
2. Do laundry as much as we can since the new washing machine will be arrived tomorrow. Yes, this house is not fully-furnished so we have to equip some of the things ourselves. There goes our £100 for the machine. Before, we went to launderette twice to wash the clothes. There was abundant of them as we are five ppl in this house. Besides the washing, we also had a problem on drying all of them at the same time. Since it was winter, we cannot dry direct under the sun but put them near the heater inside the house. The problem was each of them cannot bear too much clothes ! So we had to hang the extra clothes at the staircase rail and even at the curtain rail! Huhu.
3. The Bathroom also need to be washed and cleaned. I actually make sure i do it every after three days so this time it is due on this weekend. Also I wanna buy an automatic air freshner for the bathroom but need to survey the price and the place where get the best offer. I wish we can go to Ikea but again it will depend on our budget. So far we also have to postpone to buy a sofa. But, thats ok since we dont really need it as much as we need the washing machine.
4. Also To keep all the bedrooms always in order and neat and tidy. But i guess it is just a wishful thinking since it is very difficult to maintain the bedrooms look with the two active kids around. One minute, all the books and clothes are on the shelf and wardrobe, the next minute, they could be on the bed and floor! Sigh. Also, i do have an intention to hang some pretty pictures or paintings on the wall in every bedroom but i guess we still dont have a time for it yet. Huhu.
Ok i think thats all the major tasks that i need to get my ass on it during this coming weekend. Hopefully, we can do it. Amin!
Ps. I Have to sacrifice my first class for subject Global ICT & Sustainability tomorrow to take care the kids coz hubby will have an exam from 9am-1pm. Hopefully, my millionaire lecturer will forgive me. :)
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Banana Cake

The ingredients
4 bananas (meshed)
3 eggs
1 3/4 cup of self-rising flour
1/4 cup of corn flour
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of cooking oil
1 tsp of soda bicarbonat
1 tsp of ovalette
1 tsp of vanilla essence
A pinch of salt
The methods:
1. Batter eggs and sugar until white and fluffy with hand mixer.
2. Pour the meshed bananas, vanilla essence and ovalette into the mixture and mix them throughly.
3. Then pour the flour, corn flour, soda bicarbonate and salt into the mixture. (note: use a spoon to mix them first before using the hand mixer to avoid the flour from blown all over :D)
4. Lastly, pour the cookin oil into the mixture and mix before placing the mixture into a square-shaped tin and bake in oven at 160degrees or gas 4 for 1hour. (this depend on your own oven k ;))
Alhamdulillah after three times of trying my banana cake was up to standard haha. This time i even dared to bring it to a friend's house for Yassin recitation on last saturday. Licin! Hehe.
So thank you to my friend aka my sifu Yus who left her recipe and her baking set especially the Ovalette (not sell here) before going back to Malaysia, for good!
If any of you wanna try, happy trying! It's simple and yummy! ;)
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Research Vs kids

My research methodology class officially ended yesterday. I took it seriously and i found it full of benefits indeed. It's all about guideline how to write a good quality dissertation. For example, what actually Literature Review is and how to do it right. Honestly, i gained alot of useful tips from highly experience speakers or expertise! Pergh terus bersemangat! Hehe.
Ada hikmahnya la class ni start semester ni walaupon it supposed to be done in semester C (Summer). It DID scare me in a sense that i should plan my research from now. Not to wait until next semester if not i would be in trouble coz we only have 14 weeks to do research dissertation. huhu. And i can conclude that the key advice from all the speakers was 'do research that you interested in, not some one else interest'
Starting from now, i need to think what area of study field that interested me so much before contacting potential supervisor. Mula-mula all postgrads yg buat research sem B and C proposal kene hantar on 3rd Feb, my batch tak puas hati sbb ktrg ada 2 subject lg semester ni while other postgrads dah habis all 4 subjects/modules. But yesterday, it was confirmed that we do not have to submit our proposal on this coming 3rd February! We can submit somewhere in April or May. The exact date will be determined later. Phewww, lega! Haha.
However, my kids are not in the good stage of health. Zafri got fever due to teething. Yesza, nak tumbuh gigi sudah! Tapi kelmarin tiba-tiba he ran high temperature! He was all crying, cranky and of course clingy! Huhu..after shot him with a 2.5ml of Calpol, his body temperature has cool down. But gotta monitor him closely since the temperature fluctuated on and off. I'm worried.
At the same time, Zahin's having Athma again. Sigh. Both hubby and me knew well what caused her into Athma. It's because she had refused to wear her winter jacket when he followed hubby to Kebab's shop. That's why! Dah la malam tu memang sejuk gler! Hmm..geram ok.
But looking at her in the athma state, really break my heart la. I cried last night while took care of her. I hugged and kissed her and had slow talk with her so that she will listen to our advice next time. I cant bear to see her like that. Her wheeze was so loud that made me scared to sleep. Her stomach waved fast due to her rapid but short breathing. :( Hubby and me had a sleepless night as we took turn to give her inhaled ventolin from the inhaler. I always pray a speedy recovery for her and her lil brother. Amin!
Hopefully, our weekend will be well spent! Actually We got an invitation from our friend today for Yassin recitation so we are looking forward it ONLY if my kids health condition not worsen. Allah knows best!
Take care! Wassalam.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Weekend ni weekend yang terakhir sebelum start class..tapi dah mula rasa bahang 'pressure' Huhu. Apa taknya langsung tak buat research or study pasal subject semester ni. Hmm nasib class start minggu depan tapi esok sampai jumaat ada research methodology class plak. Tak pe la ada hikmahnya sebab free slot nak pi library cari and pinjam buku. At least dapat intro pon jadilah kn.
So Weekend kalini agak stress. Dgn zahin tak sihatnya, dgn Zafri grumpy nya sebab nak tumbuh gigi dan bla3 sampai tak jadi keje apapon. Dah la ada tetamu, kesian tetamu sebab tuan rumah tade mood maka masak pon lebih kurang je. Sorry sgt. :( (tak la sedap mana masak tp klu ada mood tu mcm2 jenis jgk buat. Ni satu jenis pon bchenta..) mujur la kak Ana or kids callher Mummy Na jemput dinner smlm. Mkn bertambah2 pekena sup ekor kak Ana yg mmg fantastico, ayam honey bbq dan sayur bendi goreng. Wallaaa..! The kids pon enjoy dpt jmp friends, Nafisah and Isha Maryam ank kak Zakiah. (in the pic above)
So cuma malam ni tadi dah plan baik tp biasalah tak ikut schedule jgk. Huhu penat sgt. Lepas masak, makan, tanak bubur zafri stock utk 2 hari (minggu ni nasi+carrot+dates) sambil cuci pinggan sume, kemas dapur dh siap kemas Zahin kata tak puas makan lg (dia kuat mkn!) kene suap dia blk take over fr babah, iris pon tumpang sekaki. Aih masatu sakit belakang dah terasa tp tak bley nk landing ats katil lg. Lepas both dh puas n kenyang naik ats rehat2 dulu smbl blohwalking n nursing zafri n baca kn derg buku smpi derg sume tertido terasa nk update blog plak. ;P Hubby pon dh tido tp sempatla dia ngadap modelling dia dlm lappie. Okla jnj derg sume dh selamat Zzzz. Tapi kita ni nak kene prepare dulu apa yg patut nak bawak ke class RM kul 10am ni..tade idea langsung what n how its gonna be. Huhu tawakkal je la. Then nak prepare school uniform cik zahin kita tu lagi baru boleh tido dgn aman. hopefully. Esok nk kene bgn awal nk Prepare breakfast dgn lunch box zahin. Tatau lagi nak masak apa..huhu pressure, pressure. ;P
Apapun doa je la mudah2an ok sumenya. Hrp by the end of tomorrow dah tak pressure. IYe ker?? Hee. Okla gtg. Happy monday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Secret Artwork

It is a leisure saturday. Since the temperature has dropped abruptly to 1.5degree celcius we decided to stay indoor. After all Zahin's still not fully recovered from sick.( she started feverish last monday and missed school the rest of the week) and she still under medication. I think she's recovering now alhamdulillah.
Today, after breakfast, she played organ randomly until at one point i heard no more playing and heard the door was being shut. It's quite a while she locked herself in there. I wonder what was she doing as i was catching up with Lil Zafri in my room until she banged into my room and show the secret artwork that she and Iris had created!! Truthfully, it awed me! I know it's not that much compare to other children but for me i really like it! I think her drawing skill has improved! Well done, zahin! :) she even declared that the nice looking girl one is hers and the not so nice oned is Iris's. Haha i laughed out loud seeing it, i believe it is indeed Iris's. Habis dia conteng bagai, cheeky betul. ;D
How i wished i could do more arts with both of them..But we did canvas painting last two days! It was the first time for us. Even though i was pretty exhausted attending both of them including almost being a hulk but i still happy to see the outcomes! Hehe. Sorry darlings, cant help myself. Pls Blame my perfectionist trait in me la. heheh.
i will try to update about it k. It's just I'm too tired to upload the pics from our Dslr to lappie nowadays. Updating by iPhone is much easier for me now. I can just update on my bed while nursing lil Zafri. ;) But the only thing i dislike i cant upload more than 1 pic or is it just me who does not know? Anyone using iPhone can teach me? :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

9 Months Young

Yesterday, Zafri turned 9 months young. Now he talks alot, crawls faster, he sits more stable and he even tries to stand himself when and wherever he could. Huhu the latter really makes me worry most! Hehe. So far, he eats various kind of porridge three times a day, his weight still maintain at 11kg byt he's far slimmer than he was before. I really miss the old chubby him..hehe until i said to hubby let's make another baby one more time la! Hahaha. Apa nk buat, i love babies! But cannot la now..hubby suka je, dia mmg ada niat nk tmbh lg lps dia hbs aritu sy je yg mcm no, no, no..hehehe. We'll see..;). Kalau ada rezeki adalah kn. :)

BTW, zafri is so darling. He tends to be clingy like her sisters as well. My movement is limited. He has separation anxiety too. Dah kenal orang. Tak nak sungguh dgn orang lain selain ktrg parents dia. Huhu i'm so worried. Next week ummi ada kelas researc methodology the whole week. Another next week, my multimedia and ict class will be started for this new semester. Then clash plak dgn class hubby on that Tuesday and friday. Tatau lg nk mintak tolong sape utk jagakan zafri n iris yg clingy ni. Huhu dilemma, dilemma..nk ponteng, kelas first plak tu. Babah lg tak leh ponteng sbb ada xm on friday. Awal2 tahun lg dah diuji..sabar, sabar ada orang lg teruk ujiannya drpd kita ni. Hopefully, we can find the solution by this monday. InsyaAllah. Allah knows best and what best for us.

Happy 9 months young, Zafri! Ummi, babah, along and angah love you so much!! May Allah protect and bless you always.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Strawberry Picking 2011

Huhu please excuse me for this delay post ok. Hehe.

Anyway, we went for strawberry picking during last Summer, in July. It was the end of the strawberry season actually. We were kinda late already. Since we had promised, Zahin kept asking on it. Well, promise has to be kept so we made a trip. First, it was very difficult searching for a farm within London which was still doing strawberry picking, but we were lucky when our friend Farah who lives in Bristol reccommended us this one farm in Gloucester. Credit to her as well as she's the one who contacted the farm and asked whether there was still doing strawberry picking. Thank you Farah. (if you tumbled on my blog..:))

The Wotton farm is located in Gloucester, about 30 minutes driving from Bristol. But it took us almost five hours fr our place in Stratford. Huhu we had mistakenly took the wrong junction at Motorway. It was a long journey but we enjoyed the countryside view along the way. Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived at the farm around 3PM. Actually, you can pick other fruits like cherry, blueberry and many more including vegetables but as expected Zahin insisted us to go for strawberry. After all, the trip was made especially for her rite..? So we dídn't want to let her down..;)

I wanna pick, pick and pick..^_^

here are my strawberries

i dont wanna pick,  just wanna eat strawberry..:D

Pls take my pic picking strawberry. :D

is it enough, ummi?

this one looking so ripe n fresh ;)

Come, Let me help

 the good riped strawberries were almost hardly to find
Zafri was so round, cubby n flabby at that time! haha miss the old him. :)

the diligent strawberry pickers :P

love my boys  

hehe looked so happy



ok done with picking xtvt, let's go the shop

 more fruits and vegetables were sold at the shop

including these...yum2. ^_^

 we bought the ice cream, some cookies and chocolate toffees too. ^_^

At the end of the day, Zahin was very happy to pick her own strawberries. It was a great experience, indeed. Though the method they had planted the strawberries were the same as the one at Cameron Highlands but at this farm, it was open-aired and free admission. We just paid for our straberries according to its weight and it's not that much either. After that we headed to Bristol and also visited Farah and slept over at her place one night. We had fun in Bristol! Mucho mucho gracias, Farah and Abg Imran! You guys are so nice to us! ;) If i had free time, i will definitely update about it too k. :)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

A True Friend

Every new year, i keep trying to be a good wife, mother and even a daughter. What about trying to be a good friend? I suddenly ask myself. Don't i need a friend at all though i'm already married and have my own family? Of course i do need a friend. In fact, i have many friends and i'm so thankful of that. But am i a truly friend of them?

Well all my life, i promise i wanna be a good friend. At least to someone. I'll be there for he or she whenever they need me. I'll lend my hands, ears and anything if possible. When she's happy, i'm happy for her. When she's sad, i'm sad or even cried together with her too. When she's more successful, i will congratulate her and proud of her no matter how envied i am. (which is not hard to do, give it a try ;)). When she's down, i will always support and stay friend with her. That's what are friends supposed to be rite. But I also know what it feels like if the other way around and it hurts, believe me.

To all my besties (you know who you are ;)), i hope i have being a good friend to you all this while. I'm truly sorry if i've ever hurt your feelings that i think i had had.. I really wish i can be better and i promise i will try. ;)Though we are thousand miles apart, our friendship will always be cherished. We are friends then, now and forever. Love ya'all! To my new friends, i hope i can be a good friend to you as well! Keep in touch! :)

They're our everything
Ps. To my beloved children, be good to each other. Your brother or sister can be your truly friend too you know. Believe me. ;)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Anniversary Getaway at Snowdonia.

'The biggest, boldest mountains in Wales and England are to be found here in the Snowdonia National Park. There’s also a long coastline of sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs and glorious estuaries, which along the Llŷn Peninsula is a protected ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. - Source

That;s a brief introduction about Snowdonia. Very intriguing..isn't it? ;)

So we been there from last 23rd-25th of December. It was a treat for our 6th wedding anniversary. (Thank you Darling Xoxo :))

We safely arrived at Bangor travelodge after 7 hrs being on the road. It's supposed to be 5 hrs from London but there was massive traffic on motorway due to Christmas. We stopped at Service twice for eat, prayer and short relaxation. It was very tiring journey but the kids were at their best behavior even though lil Iris was feverish that day. When we reached the travelodge, it was already dark. As soon as we were checked in, we found our way to the room and threw ourselves immediately on the plushy bed! It's good to get lie down. After washed ourselves, prayed, ate, all of us went to Lala land. :)

See Zafri was also delighted to be on the bed :D

Alg Zahin mmg sayang adik Zafri :)

Iris demam2 pun mcm2 akal dia ada. Main mug la itu la :)

Dah besar tapi still manja lg dgn babah. Duduk ats riba babah lg ni ;)

On the very next day, we just waited until everybody was wide awaked and ready to explore Snowdonia. No planned tentatives, no pressures since we were on our own. It's a family trip so we just wanna have fun. ;) I think we went out almost at 11 in the morning, we didnt know where to head. Luckily, i managed to grab a pamphlete at the receptionist last night so we just depended on it. Hubby said that he wanted to bring us to Cardigan bay so i said that i would love to go there! hhehe. On the way there, Masya Allah the view was so beautiful and beyond our imagination. Subhanallah, cantik sgtt!!!

at the first pit stop of Snowdonia National Park

at the second pit stop

Happy 6th Anniversary. May Allah bless our marriage with love and happiness forever. Amin! :)

at the lookout point

at Lyn Gwnand

Our sporting model. Lil Iris in Action ^_^

Zahin at Portmeirion Village. Ingatkn kilang Portmeirion kt sini rupanya silap daa hahaha. Nasib tak beli pinggan kt sini..mahal. Tq K.Ibah krn mberitahu.;)

Criccieth Castle

Our shy model ;)

credit to Alg zahin. Good job love!

And the first day had gone without going to Cardigan bay. :p But for hubby, he was already satisfied get to see all the breathtaking view at Snowdonia National Park. :) Since it is Winter now, it gets darken as early as at 4pm. We had missed Snowdonia Mountain Railway as well, they close their service in this season. :( Hubby kata Issokay ada rezeki boleh pegi lg, ^_^

Just before we went back to travelodge we managed to stopped by at Tesco at Porthmadog to pray and buy Iris's winter coat (bubbles) as hers were dirty after she had puked all over it. Huhu kesian anak ummi tp walau macam manapon Iris tetap sporting. Alg Zahin n adik Zafri pon good, sume good! So anniversary tahun depan bley ikut ummi and babah lg. hehehe. (mcm la bley tgl..;p)

BTW, i dont think i will update on the second day coz it was Christmas and many places were closed due to it. So that day we just visited castles but it just from the outside before we headed to Chester. So kiranya ada pro n cons nya pegi bercuti time Krismas. ;D Kene plan baik2 dan tempah travelodge awal2 serta bawa homemade food untuk lebih jimat. Bukan nak cheapskate tp kt sini kdg lain tempat susah nk cari makanan halal. Kalau ada pon mahal atau pon tak sesuai dgn selera kita ank beranak.

Ok have a nice day. Wassalam.